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Does Fishpond allow overseas based third party sellers?

Fishpond has many overseas based third party sellers who sell items on the site.

This gives Fishpond's customers access to products at great prices because in many cases these overseas based third party sellers cut the middle man out of the supply chain. And often, these overseas based third party sellers provide access to many products that may not be available through other channels because local distributors or retailers do not import the full range of products.

However, please be aware that while all products sold by overseas based third party sellers met safety standards and regulations in their country of origin, they may not do so in this country, and the overseas based third party sellers assumes all responsibility for these listings.

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5/4/17 - Delivery Delays in Queensland & Northern NSW

Customers are advised to expect mail and parcel delivery service disruptions across Queensland and northern NSW.

Tropical Cyclone Debbie has resulted in significant damage and road closures due to weather conditions.

Delivery will be attempted when it is safe to do so, however customers may experience delays.

We extend our best wishes to everyone affected by this event and regret any inconvenience caused to our customers.

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