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Advances in Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Women in a Changing Society.- The Woman: An Anthropological View.- Changing Female Identity: A Historical and Critical Review of Psychoanalytic Aspects of Femininity.- Social-Psychological Factors in Women's Changing Self-Concepts.- Women in a Changing Society from the Aspect of Ten Women Researchers.- The Woman in Different Phases of Life.- Women in Switzerland.- The Future of Motherhood.- The Influences of Modernization and Democratization on Japanese Women.- Women in a Changing Society.- New Changes of Sociocultural Factors Which Have an Impact on Women's Behaviour, Childbearing and Fertility.- Women and Sex Education in Peru.- Women's Complaints in the Society of Today.- The Changing Situation of Women During the Past 10 Years and Its Consequences for Gynecology.- Women in a Changing Society: Australia.- Psychosomatic Problems of the Generations.- Psychological Implications in Different Periods of Life.- A Medical Perspective of Women Aged 35-45.- The Return of Mature Women to the World of Work.- Cross-cultural Perspectives of Women in the Postgenerative Phase.- Androgyny: A Model for Improving Gynecologist - Women Interactions.- The Influence of Traditional Sex-role Patterns on the Interpretation of Psychosomatic Complaints.- Psychosomatics in Gynecology.- Psychosomatics in the Gynecological Hospital.- The Frequency of Psychosomatic Disorders in a Gynecological University Clinic.- Emotional Evaluation of the Doctor-Patient Relationship in Gynecology.- Teaching Psychosomatic Gynecology to Medical Students.- Clinical Psychology in Obstetrics and Gynecology.- Changing an Obstetric Hospital by Using Psychosomatic Ideas.- Interaction Processes During the Gynecological Round.- Is Psychosomatic Obstetrics Possible Without Reflecting One's Own Professional Picture and Ego?.- The Effects of Gynecological Disorders on a Partnership.- Hormone Disturbances and Psychosomatic Gynecology.- The Psychosomatic Approach in Gynecology and Obstetrics.- Some Psychiatric Aspects of Obesity.- Obesity in Gynecology and Obstetrics: Psychological Aspects.- Nutritional Changes During the Menstrual Cycle.- Uncommon Eating/Weight Disorders Related to Amenorrhea, Infertility and Problematic Pregnancy.- Psychosomatic Symptomatology in Mature Women in Correlation with Menstrual Cycles.- Headache and Menstruation.- Endorphins as Neuroregulators of Reproduction.- Psychosomatic Problems in the Psychoendocrinology of Hyperprolactinemia.- Psychosomatic Conflicts and Gonadotropin Secretion: Diagnosis and Therapy of the Secondary Amenorrhea Syndrome.- Psychological Counceling in Secondary Amenorrhea.- Psychoneuroendocrine Aspects in Psycho- and Somatic Environmental Factors.- Function and "Usefulness" of Hormone Disturbances in the Biography of Gynecological Patients.- The Effect of Corticosterone, Cortisone, Desoxycortisone and Hydrocortisone on Rat Uterine Contractility at Oestrus.- Psychological Problems in the Treatment of Idiopathic Hirsutism with the Antiandrogen Cyproterone Acetate.- Femininity in Anorexia Nervosa.- Correlation Between Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and Hormonal Data in 14 Cases of Female Anorexia Nervosa at the Time of Maximum Emaciation.- The Anorectic Patient: Her Feelings and Conflicts as an Individual and as a Member of a Family.- Premenstrual Syndrome.- The Premenstrual Syndrome.- The Premenstrual Syndrome: A Workshop Report.- Premenstrual Syndrome and Personality Traits: A Study on 110 Pregnant Patients.- Premenstrual Tension as a Stress Condition.- Treatment of the Premenstrual Syndrome: A Double-blind Placebo-controlled Study of the Efficacy of Dydrogesterone.- Chronic Pelvic Pain.- Chronic Pelvic Pain Without Obvious Pathology in Women.- Psychological Aspects of Gynecological Pain Experience.- Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Female Patients by Multidisciplinary Approach.- Sexuality.- Body Language in Female Sexuality.- The Costly Lack of Timely Education in Human Sexuality for the Adolescent.- Cases of Sexual Disorder Experienced by Gynecological Patients.- Psychosocial Factors in Cases of Female Sexual Disorders.- On Indications and Suitability of the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions Through Focussing Description.- Psychodynamic Aspects of Female Sexual Disorders.- Psychoendocrine Response to Sexual Arousal in Human Females.- Psychological Aspects of Legal Induced Abortion.- Teaching Human Sexuality in Childbirth Classes.- The Use of Biofeedback in the Diagnosing, Monitoring and Treatment of Anxiety in Patients with Sexual Dysfunction.- Sexuality in the Husband During His Wife's Pregnancy.- Lubrication Deficiens, a Psychosomatic Symptom: Etiology and Treatment.- Sexual Crisis, Sexual Skills and Enrichment.- Infertility and Sterility.- Psychosomatic Aspects in Pregnancy and Delivery of Former Sterility Patients.- Psychological Reactions of Ethnic Couples to Infertility.- A Diagnostic Instrument to Evaluate the Psychosomatic Background of Gyneco-Endocrinological Disturbances and Functional Sterility.- The Realization of the Desire for a Child: The Point of View of Women at the End of Their Fertile Period.- Psychological Counceling with Couples Requesting AID.- Heterologous Insemination and Its Medical and Psychological Indications.- The Big Secret: Male Infertility.- Abortion Problems.- Psychoanalytical Interpretation and Social Reality: Illustrated by the Practice of Giving Indications for Abortion.- Abortion from the Viewpoint of Unresolved Separation Conflicts: A Psychoanalytical Study.- The Self-Concept of Women After Induced Abortion.- Pregnancy Conflicts and Induced Abortion in Families of Alien Employees.- Hysterectomy.- Risk Factors Amongst Hysterectomy Patients.- Clinical and Psychodynamic Considerations of Sexual Behaviour in a Group of Women Subject to Hysterectomy.- Self-perception of Femininity and Depression in Posthysterectomy Women.- Psychology of Contraception.- The Situation of Contraception in Families of Alien Employees: With Special Consideration of Sterilization.- Psychological Adjustment to Laparoscopy for Sterilization and Infertility Investigation: The Need for Preparation.- Patterns of Reproduction and Family Planning in Two Urban Neighborhoods in Jaffa.- On Psychology of Sterilization in Family Planning.- Report on Experience and Data Evaluation of 274 Sterilization Consultations at the Women's Hospital of the Free University of Berlin.- On Psychology and Psychodynamics of Refertilization.- Why 70 Women "Regret" Their Sterilization.- Psychosomatic Aspects of Contraception.- Psychosocial Aspects of Fertility and Sterility.- Summary of the Session "Contraception".- Psychic Changes with Hormonal Contraception by Women.- Psychology of the Subconscious and Tube Sterilization for Contraceptive Purposes.- Contraceptive Behaviour: Observations with 222 Female Students.- Contraception as Social Action: A Criticism of the Concept of the Unconscious Wish for a Child.- Psychosomatic Aspects of Cancer.- The Psychosomatic Approach to Gynecologic Cancers.- Cancer as a Psychosomatic Disease in Man.- The Reaction of the Cancer Patient to the Diagnosis.- Psychosomatics of Women with Tumors of the Genital Organs.- Psychometric Investigation of Breast Cancer Patients in Comparison with Those with Benign Breast Diseases.- Hospitalization from the Point of View of the Carcinoma Patient.- The Psychological and Sexual Situation of Women Following a Mastectomy: first Results.- Psychosomatic Aspects of Subcutaneous Mastectomy.- Psycho-Social Care After Cancer of the Breast.- Psychological Study with Carcinoma In Situ of the Cervix Uteri.- The Effect of Gynecological Cancer and Its Treatment on the Sex Life of Women.- Psychological and Psychosomatic Aspects in the Sexual Life of Women Following Radical Hysterectomy for Carcinoma of the Cervix.- Psychosomatic Aspects of Fatal Cancers in Women: A Study from General Practice.- Group Therapy and Cancer.- Establishment of a Self-Experience Group After Radical Surgery of Cervical Carcinoma.- Group Therapy in Patients with Gynecologic Cancer.- The Bremen Model for Cancer Aftercare.- Menopause.- Socio-Medical Interrelations in Climacterium.- The Menopause: The Confidence Trick of the Century.- The Effect of the Mother-Child Relationship on Geriatrics.- The Effects of Estrogen Therapy on the Sex Life of Postmenopausal Women.- Psychosomatics in Obstetrics.- Developmental Aspects of Expectant and New Parenthood.- Healthy Pregnancy.- Psychophysical Well-Being Throughout Pregnancy and the Child's Development.- Idealized Motherhood and the Later Reality.- Self-Evaluation and Attitudes of Pregnant Women.- Fear of Childbirth in Pregnant Women.- The Influence of Psycho-Social Factors on the Course of Delivery and Its Subjective Experience: An Empirical Study.- Emotions During Pregnancy and the Relationship of the Age of the Fetus to the Subjective Ratings by Pregnant Women.- The First Pregnancy: Emotions and. Fantasies.- The Psychological Effects of Ultrasound Scanning in Pregnancy.- Prenatal Preparation of the Child for Survival After Birth.- Toward a Theory of Intrauterine Bonding.- Psychosomatic Aspects of Toxaemia of Pregnancy.- Some Psychological Characteristics of the Personality of Women with High-Risk Pregnancies.- Psychological Experience of Pregnancy and Delivery in a Group of 93 Married Women.- Psychoprophylactic Pregnancy. Self-Experience Groups: A Total Concept in Prenatal Care.- Personality Traits and Attitudes Towards Pregnancy in Couples Seeking Amniocentesis Because of High Risk for Chromosomal Aberration.- Premature Labor.- A Prospective Study of Psychological and Social Factors in Pregnancy Related to Preterm and Low-Birthweight Deliveries.- Childbirth Education for High-Risk Mothers.- Psychosomatic Aspects of Premature Labor.- Personality and Psychodynamics in Tokolysis Patients.- Premature Labor and Hypnosis.- Respiratory Biofeedback (Leuner) in the Treatment of Premature Labor.- Childbirth Preparation.- Effect of Yogic Asanas in Obstetrics and Gynecology.- Transcendental Meditation for Obstetric Psycho-prophylaxis.- Respiratory Biofeedback (Leuner) in Psychological Birth Preparation.- Application of Different Methods of Relaxation in Pregnancy, Labor and Puerperium.- Childbirth: Confidence or Chaos?.- A Behavioral Treatment of Childbirth Anxieties and Preparation for Childbirth.- Risk Modulation in Holistic Pregnancy Care.- Obstetric Psychoprophylaxis Has now Come into Its Own.- On the Effects of Psychoprophylaxis on Perinatal Mortality, Morbidity, Frequency of Malformation and Premature Births.- Humanized, Joyous Hospital Birth.- Implications of Information and Information Processing by the Recipient in Preparation for Childbirth.- Characterology in Obstetric Psychoprophylaxis.- Our Experiences in Psychoprophylaxis.- Psychosomatic Aspects of Maternal Education and Delivery.- Application of Behaviour Therapy in Psychoprophylaxis Given to a Group of Women in Caracas.- Participation of the Pediatrician in Childbirth Preparation: A Concept and First Experiences.- Preparation for Parenthood: The Role of the Health Visitor.- Self-Concept and Role of Those Who Prepare Mothers for Birth.- Presumption of an Obstetrical Psycho-Prophylaxis Involving the Partner in the Pregnancy and Delivery.- Importance of the Sense of Pathology in Pregnancy and Delivery in View of a Realistic Curative and Preventive Attitude in Perinatalogy.- Lamaze in America: 20 Years Later.- Having a Baby After 30, a Social Phenomenon in the United States of America.- The New Obstetrics.- Psychosomatic Disturbances in the Course of Labor.- Psychosomatic Studies During Labor (I): Emphasis on Electrophysiological Studies During Dilatation.- Psychosomatic Studies During Labor (II): Emphasis on Transactional Analysis.- Interactions in the Delivery Room.- Immunizing Against Helplessness in Labor and Parturition: An Experimental Study.- How Do Psychosomatic Aspects Agree with Modern Obstetrics?.- Some Psychological Aspects of Epidural Analgesia.- Alternative Obstetrics: Background and Practice of a Model of Natural Childbirth.- Korea: A Traditional Obstetric System in Confrontation with Modern Obstetrics.- The Cultural Desexing of Childbirth: Birth as a Clinical Crisis.- Changing the Psychosocial Structure of an Obstetric Hospital According to the Wishes of the Patients: An Investigation of 565 Women in Childbed.- Consultation for Pregnant Women Who Want a Home or Ambulatory Birth.- Experiences with Outpatient Deliveries in the Doctor's Office.- Psychosomatic Prenatal Care and Child Development: The Pediatrician's Role.- Birth of Siblings: Children's Perceptions and Interpretations.- Mother-Child Relationship.- The Human Newborn and His Mother: Two Mutually Regulating Organisms as One System.- Neonatal Capacity for Early Interaction and Its Long-Term Consequences.- Pregnancy as Latent Decision-Making Process: A Study of the Psychological and Social Determinants in Decision-Making.- Psychological and Personality Related Aspects in the Acceptance of the Rooming-in System.- The Importance of Attitudes During Pregnancy and Early Mother-Child Contact for Breastfeeding Behavior: An Empirical Study.- Rooming-in and Breastfeeding.- A Prospective Study of Breastfeeding Post Partum.- Successes and Limits of Intensive Psychosomatic Perinatal Care Under the Special View of Long-Term Breastfeeding.- Frequency and Duration of Breastfeeding in Relation to Psychosocial Factors.- Help for the Breastfeeding Mother: The Situation in Germany.- The Effect of the Mother's Personality Upon the Early Mother-Child Relationship.- The Development of the Parent-Infant Relationship.- Modifications in Obstetrics Management: The Effect on Postpartum Maternal-Infant Adjustment.- The Prognosis of Poor Mental Health Post Partum: A Study of the Long-Term Consequences for the Family.- Tenderness Towards the Newborn After Early Post Partum Contact.- Aspects of Post Partum Depression: A Study with the Beck Inventory.- Catamnestic Explorations of Post Partum Women with Rooming-in Children Compared to Women with Children in Nursing Rooms.- The Responsibility of the Gynecologist for a Successful Mother-Child Relationship.- Psychosomatic Disorders Following Pregnancy Among Women Having a Neurotic Relationship with the Child.- The Effect and Drug Addiction on Pregnancy, Labor, the Newborn Infant, and the Early Mother-Child Relationship.- Suicide in Pregnancy.

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