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Animal Sonar

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Memories and Reflections on Biosonars.- Section 1: Echolocation Signals and Their Production.- Echolocation Signal Types of Odontocetes.- The Production of Echolocation Signals by Bats and Birds.- Propagation of Beluga Echolocation Signals.- Nasal Pressure and Sound Production in an Echolocating White Whale, Delphinapterus leucas.- The Study of the Sound Production Apparatus in the Harbour Porpoise, Phocoena phocoena, and the Jacobita, Cephalorhynchus commersoni by Means of Serial Cryo-Microtome Sectioning and 3-D Computer Graphics.- The Anatomy of Acoustic Structures in the Spinner Dolphin Forehead as Shown by X-Ray Computed Tomography and Computer Graphics.- Whale Heads, Magnetic Resonance Images, Ray Diagrams and Tiny Bubbles.- Individual Variation in Vocal Tract Resonance May Assist Oilbirds in Recognizing Echoes of Their Own Sonar Clicks.- Midbrain Areas as Candidates for Audio-Vocal Interface in Echolocating Bats.- The Sounds of Sperm Whale Calves.- Apparent Sonar Clicks from a Captive Bottlenosed Dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, When 2, 7 and 38 Weeks Old.- Ontogeny of Vocal Signals in the Big Brown Bat, Eptesicus fuscus.- Observations on the Development of Echolocation in Young Bottlenose Dolphins.- The Short-Time-Duration Narrow-Bandwidth Character of Odontocete Echolocation Signals.- Section 2: Auditory Systems of Echolocating Animais.- Parallel-Hierarchical Processing of Biosonar Information in the Mustached Bat.- Dolphin Echolocation and Audition.- Parallel Auditory Pathways I: Structure and Connections.- Parallel Auditory Pathways II: Functional Properties.- Cochlear Physiology and Anatomy in Bats.- Ascending Pathways to the Inferior Colliculus via the Superior Olivary Complex in the Rufous Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus rouxii.- Pattern of Projections to the 60 KHz Isofrequency Region of the Mustache Bat's Inferior Colliculus.- Target Range Processing Pathways in the Auditory System of the Mustached Bat.- Processing of Paired Biosonar Signals in the Cortices of Rhinolophus rouxi and Pteronotus P. parnellii: A Comparative Neurophysiological and Neuroanatomical Study.- Central Control of Frequency in Biosonar Emissions of the Mustached Bat.- Frontal Auditory Space Representation in the Cerebellar Vermis of Echolocating Bats.- Directional Emission and Time Precision as a Function of Target Angle in the Echolocating Bat Carollia perspicillata.- The Jaw-Hearing Dolphin: Preliminary Behavioral and Acoustical Evidence.- Acoustical Aspects of Hearing and Echolocation in Bats.- The Perception of Complex Echoes by an Echolocating Dolphin.- Morphometric Analysis of Cochlear Structures in the Mustached Bat, Pteronotus p. parnellii.- The Efferent Auditory System in Doppler-Shift Compensating Bats.- Some Comparative Aspects of Auditory Brainstem Cytoarchitecture in Echolocating Mammals: Speculations on the Morphological Basis of Time-Domain Signal Processing.- Temporal Order Discrimination within the Dolphin Critical Interval.- Detection Abilities and Signal Characteristics of Echolocating False Killer Whales (Pseudorca crassidens).- Binaural Neurons in the Mustache Bat's Inferior Colliculus: Physiology, Functional Organization, and Behavioral Implications.- Ontogeny of the Echolocation System in Rhinolophoid CF-FM Bats: Audition and Vocalization in Early Postnatal Development.- Lightmicroscopic Observation of Cochlear Development in Horseshoe Bats (Rhinolophus rouxi).- Only One Nucleus in the Brainstem Projects to the Cochlea in Horseshoe Bats: The Nucleus Olivo-Cochlearis.- Section 3: Performance of Animal Sonar Systems.- The Performance of Echolocation: Acoustic Images Perceived by Echolocating Bats.- Designing Critical Experiments on Detection and Estimation in Echolocating Bats.- Target Discrimination and Target Classification in Echolocating Bats.- Target Detection by Echolocating Bats.- Sonar Target Detection and Recoginition by Odontocetes.- Prey Interception: Predictive and Nonpredictive Strategies.- A Mechanism for Horizontal and Vertical Target Localization in the Mustache Bat (Pteronotus p. parnellii).- Echoes of Fluttering Insects.- Encoding of Natural Insect Echoes and Sinusoidally Modulated Stimuli by Neurons in the Auditory Cortex of the Greater Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus ferrumeauinum.- Do Signal Characteristics Determine a Bat's Ability to Avoid Obstacles?.- Greater Horseshoe Bats Learn to Discrimate Simulated Echoes of Insects Fluttering with Different Wingbeat Rates.- Predictive Tracking of Horizontally Moving Targets by the Fishing Bat, Noctilio leporinus.- Discrimination of Target Surface Structure in the Echolocating Bat, Megaderma lyra.- A Time Window for Distance Information Processing in the Bats, Noctilio albiventris and Rhinolophus rouxi.- Section 4: Natural History of Echolocation.- Natural History Aspects of Marine Mammal Echolocation: Feeding Strategies and Habitat.- Behaviour and Foraging Ecology of Echolocating Bats.- Interaction between Echolocating Bats and Their Prey.- Loud Impulse Sounds in Odontocete Predation and Social Behavior.- Harmonic Structure of Bat Echolocation Signals.- Acoustical VS. Visual Orientation in Neotropical Bats.- Echolocation Strategies of Aerial Insectivorous Bats and Their Influence on Prey Selection.- Foraging Behavior, Prey Selection and Echolocation in Phyllostomine Bats (Phyllostomidae).- Variation in Foraging Strategies in Five Species of Insectivorous Bats - Implications for Echolocation Call Design.- Detection of Prey in Echocluttering Environments.- How the Bat, Pipistrellus kuhli Hunts for Insects.- The Communication Role of Echolocation Calls in Vespertilionid Bats.- Auditory Input to the Dorsal Longitudinal Flight Motor Neurons of a Noctuid Moth.- Disrupting Foraging Bats: The Clicks of Arctiid Moths.- The Echolocation Assemblage: Acoustic Ensembles in a Neotropical Habitat.- Microbat Vision and Echolocation in an Evolutionary Context.- Future Directions.- Section 5: Echolocation and Cognition.- On the Evolution of Acoustic Communication Systems in Vertebrates Part I: Historical Aspects.- On the Evolution of Acoustic Communication Systems in Vertebrates Part II: Cognitive Aspects.- Cognitive Aspects of Echolocation.- Cognition and Echolocation of Dolphins.- Loud Sounds during Feeding in Indian Ocean Bottlenose Dolphins.- Attention and Detection in Dolphin Echolocation.- Odontocete Sonar Systems Research - Future Directions from a Ethologist's Personal Point of View.- Section 6: Echolocation Theory and Applications.- Some Theoretical Concepts for Echolocation.- Detection and Recognition Models of Dolphin Sonar Systems.- A Brief History of Bionic Sonars.- Biosonar Signal Processing Applications.- Take off Signals Emitted by Myotis mystacinus: Theory of Receivers and Modelling.- Noseleaves and Bat Pulses.- Time-Frequency Processing of Bat Sonar Signals.- Echoes from Insects Processed Using Time Delayed Spectrometry (TDS).- Sonar Discrimination of Metallic Plates by Dolphins and Humans.- Echoes from Solid and Hollow Metallic Spheres.- Target Identification in a Natural Environment: A Statistical View of the Inverse Problem.- An Automatic Target Recognition Algorithm Using Time-Domain Features.- A Matched Filter Bank for Time Delay Estimation in Bats.- Participants.

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