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Preface Note to the Reader Glossary CHEMIOSMOTIC ENERGY TRANSDUCTION Introduction The Chemiosmotic Theory: Fundamentals The Basic Morphology of Energy-Transducing Membranes Overview ION TRANSPORT ACROSS ENERGY-CONSERVING MEMBRANES Introduction The Classification of Ion Transport Bilayer-Mediated Transport Protein-Catalyzed Transport Swelling and the Co-ordinate Movement of Ions Across Membranes QUANTITATIVE BIOENERGETICS: THE MEASUREMENT OF DRIVING FORCES Introduction Gibbs Energy and Displacement from Equilibrium Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Potentials Ion Electrochemical Potential Differences Photons Bioenergetic Interconversions and Thermodynamic Constraints on their Stoichiometries The Equilibrium Distributions of Ions, Weak Acids and Weak Bases Membrane Potentials, Diffusion Potentials, Donnan Potentials and Surface Potentials THE CHEMIOSMOTIC PROTON CIRCUIT Introduction The Measurement of Protonmotive Force The Stoicheiometry of Proton Extrusion by the Respiratory Chain The Stoicheiometry of Proton Uptake by the ATP Synthase Proton Current and Respiratory Control Proton Conductance Mitochondrial Respiration Rate and Metabolic Control Analysis Overall Parameters of Energy-Transduction Reversed Electron Transfer and the Proton Circuit Driven by ATP Hydrolysis ATP Synthesis Driven by an Artificial Protonmotive Force Kinetic Competence of AEp in the Proton Circuit Light-dependent ATP Synthesis by Bovine Heart ATP Synthase RESPIRATORY CHAINS Introduction Components of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain The Sequence of Redox Carriers in the Respiratory Chain The Mechanism of Electron Transfer Proton Translocation by the Respiratory Chain; "loops" or "conformational pumps" or both? Complex I (NADH-UQ Oxidoreductase) Delivering Electrons to Ubiquinone without Proton Translocation Ubiquinone and Complex III (bc1 or UQ-Cyt c Oxidoreductase) Cytochrome c and Complex IV (Cytochrome c Oxidase; Ferrocytochrome c; O2 Oxidoreductase) Overall Proton and Charge Movements Catalysed by the Respiratory Chain: Correlation with the P/O Ratio Superoxide Production by Complex I and III Oxidative Stress The Nicotinamide Nucleotide Transhydrogenase Electron Transport in Mitochondria of Non-Mammalian Cells Bacterial Respiratory Chains PHOTOSYNTHETIC GENERATORS OF PROTONMOTIVE FORCE Introduction The Light Reaction of Photosynthesis in Rhodobacter sphaeroides and Related Organisms The Generation by Illumination or Respiration of AEp in Photosynthetic Bacteria The Electron-Transfer and Light-Capture Pathway in Green Plants and Algae Bacteriorhodpsin and Halorhodopsin THE ATP SYNTHASE Introduction F1 and F0 The Subunits of the F1F0-ATPase The Structure of F0 F1 Enzymology of ATP Synthase Relating the Structure to Function for ATP Synthase Non-Thermodynamic Regulation of the ATP Synthase Proton Translocation by Other ATPases and Pyrophosphatases METABOLITE AND ION TRANSPORT Introduction Mitochondrial Cation Transporters Mitochondrial Metabolite Transporters The Transfer of Electrons from Cytoplasmic NADH to the Respiratory Chain The Phosphate and Adenine Nucleotide Transporters The Uncoupling Protein Family Bacterial Transport Transport (Movement) of Bacterial Cells Transport of Macromolecules Across Membranes MITOCHONDRIA IN THE CELL Introduction Monitoring AEOm and ATP Synthesis in Intact Cells Mitochondria and Cellular Ca2+ Homeostasis Mitochondria and Programmed Cell Death Mitochondria and Necrotic Cell Death The Mitochondrial Genome Import and Assembly of Mitochondrial Proteins Mitochondrial Genetic Diseases Mitochondrial Involvement in Neurodegenerative Diseases References Appendix Index

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Key Features * Chapter on the study of bioenergetics of mitochondria in the intact cell * Appendix listing protein structure resources * Additional colour plates of protein structures * Many newly drawn illustrations * Website


"Not only is Bioenergetics 3 comprehensive, but the material is presented in a reassuringly accessible form. ...this text is supremely successful." -THE BIOCHEMIST (December 2003) "Bioenergetics 3 is a worthy successor to the second edition, and one that I can enthusiastically recommend." -Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey University of Cambridge for MITOCHONDRION (2002)

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