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The Blackwell Companion to Syntax


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Chapters Grouped by Author. List of Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgments. . Volume I. 1 The Accusative Plus Infinitive Construction in English: Jeffrey T. Runner. 2 Adjectival Passives: Joseph Emonds. 3 Adjectives: Order within DP and Attributive APs: Daniel Valois. 4 Adverb Classes and Adverb Placement: Denis Delfitto. 5 Affectedness: Mona Anderson. 6 Analytic Causatives: Maria Teresa Guasti. 7 A-not-A Questions: Paul Hagstrom. 8 Bare Plurals: Denis Delfitto. 9 Binding Theory: Terms and Concepts: Eric Reuland. 10 Bridge Phenomena: Nomi Erteschik-Shir. 11 Case (with Special Reference to Japanese): Kazuko Inoue. 12 Chinese Ba: Yen-Hui Audrey Li. 13 Clitic Climbing: Reineke Bok-Bennema. 14 Clitic Doubling: Elena Anagnostopoulou. 15 Comparative Deletion and Subdeletion: Norbert Corver. 16 Conditionals: Rajesh Bhatt and Roumyana Pancheva. 17 Contraction: Grant Goodall. Index to all Volumes. . Volume II . 18 Copular Sentences: Andrea Moro. 19 Derived Nominals: Bozena Rozwadowska. 20 Double Nominatives in Japanese: Koichi Tateishi. 21 Double Object Constructions: Joseph Emonds and Rosemarie Whitney. 22 Ellipsis in DP: Anne Lobeck. 23 Embedded Root Phenomena: Caroline Heycock. 24 Existential Sentences and Expletive There: Andrea Moro. 25 Extraposition: Mark Baltin. 26 Focus Movement (with Special Reference to Hungarian): Kriszta Szendr. 27 Free Relatives: Henk van Riemsdijk. 28 Freezing Effects: Norbert Corver. 29 Gapping: Kyle Johnson. 30 Gerundive Nominalizations: Gary Milsark. 31 Grammatical Verbs (with Special Reference to Light Verbs): Tara Mohanan. 32 Honorifics: Nobuko Hasegawa. 33 Icelandic Logophoric Anaphora: Eric Reuland. 34 Implicit Arguments: Rajesh Bhatt and Roumyana Pancheva. 35 Inalienable Possession: Jacqueline Gueron. 36 Inverse Linking: Robert May and Alan Bale. 37 Left Dislocation (including CLLD): Artemis Alexiadou. Index to all Volumes. . Volume III. 38 Logophoricity: Eric Reuland. 39 Long-Distance Binding in Asian Languages: Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon, and C.-T. James Huang. 40 Long-Distance Binding in Germanic Languages: Eric Reuland. 41 Long NP-Movement: Howard Lasnik and Cedric Boeckx. 42 Middles: Peter Ackema and Maaike Schoorlemmer. 43 Mittelfeld Phenomena (Scrambling in Germanic): Hubert Haider. 44 Multiple-Wh-Questions: Veneeta Dayal. 45 N-Words and Negative Concord: Anastasia Giannakidou. 46 Object Shift: Sten Vikner. 47 Partial Wh-Movement: Gisbert Fanselow. 48 (Past) Participle Agreement: Adriana Belletti. 49 Phrasal Stress and Syntax: Maria Luisa Zubizarreta and Jean-Roger Vergnaud. 50 Pied-Piping: Julia Horvath. 51 Preposition Stranding: Paul Law. 52 Properties of VOS Languages: Sandra Chung. Index to all Volumes. . Volume IV. 53 Quantifier Scope Ambiguities: Katalin E. Kiss. 54 Reconstruction, Binding, and Scope: Dominique Sportiche. 55 Resumption: James McCloskey. 56 The SE-Anaphor and its Role in Argument Realization: Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin. 57 Secondary Predicates in Australian Languages: Eva Schultze-Berndt. 58 Secondary Predication: Susan Rothstein. 59 Serial Verbs: Pieter Muysken and Tonjes Veenstra. 60 Sluicing: Jason Merchant. 61 Specificational Copular Sentences and Pseudoclefts: Marcel den Dikken. 62 Split Topicalization: Hanneke van Hoof. 63 The Spray-Load Alternation: Maya Arad. 64 Strong vs. Weak Islands: Anna Szabolcsi. 65 Stylistic Fronting: Anders Holmberg. 66 Subextraction: Norbert Corver. 67 Subject Clitics and Complex Inversion: Jean-Yves Pollock. 68 Subjunctives: Josep Quer. 69 Syntactic Haplology: Ad Neeleman and Hans van de Koot. Index to all Volumes. . Volume V . 70 The Syntax of Modal Auxiliaries: Sjef Barbiers. 71 The Syntax of Quantified Phrases and Quantitative Clitics: Anna Cardinaletti and Giuliana Giusti. 72 Temporal Reference: Fabio Pianesi. 73 Topicalization in Asian Languages: Liejiong Xu. 74 Unexpected Wide-Scope Phenomena: E. G. Ruys. 75 Verb Clusters, Verb Raising, and Restructuring: Susi Wurmbrand. 76 Verb Particle Constructions: Martin Haiden. 77 Wh-in-Situ: Josef Bayer. Consolidated References. Index to all Volumes

About the Author

Martin Everaert is Professor of Linguistics and director of the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS at Utrecht University and director of the Netherlands Graduate School in Linguistics (LOT). His books include The Unaccusativity Puzzle: Explorations of the Syntax?Lexicon Interface (co-edited with A. Alexiadou and E. Anagnostopoulou, 2004), Lexical Specification and Insertion (co-edited with P. Coopmans and J. Grimshaw, 2000), Idioms: Structural and Psychological Perspectives (co-edited with E. van der Linden, A. Schenk, and R. Schreuder, 1995), Morphology and Modularity (co-edited with M. Trommelen, A. Evers, and R. Huijbregts,1988), and The Syntax of Reflexivization (1986). He is on the editorial boards of Linguistic Inquiry and the Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics. Henk van Riemsdijk is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Language and Literature, Tilburg University. His books include Triggers (co-edited with A. Breitbarth, 2004), Semi-Lexical Categories: The Content of Function Words and the Function of Content Words (co-edited with N. Corver, 2001), Rightward Movement (co-edited with D. Beermann and D. LeBlanc, 1997), Materials on Left Dislocation (co-edited with E. Anagnostopoulou and F. Zwarts, 1997), Studies on Scrambling (co-edited with N. Corver, 1994), and Introduction to the Theory of Grammar (with E. Williams, 1986). He is co-editor of the Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics and is a consulting editor for the Linguistic Review.


"The Blackwell Companion to Syntax, unique in character and designed with great skill and care, is sure to be a rich source of high-quality information on critically important topics, and an invaluable research tool for the study of language." Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology "For any serious researcher interested in theoretical linguistics, this incredible Companion will remain an important and extremely useful source of reference for years to come." Yukio Otsu, Keio University, Tokyo "These volumes provide a comprehensive overview of the progress and achievements made in syntax over the last forty years. A galaxy of international stars under the leadership of two distinguished linguists, Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk, has constructed an unparalleled and monumental survey of empirical facts and theoretical insights covering the entire field. Whether you are interested in parasitic gaps, Icelandic logophors, or quantifier scope ambiguity, you will find here the essential background to your own contribution. This is a major achievement and the Companion will rapidly become essential reading for all serious linguists." Neil Smith, University College London "The flow of linguistic theory is shaped by the empirical puzzles of the rocks and the banks of the river bed. Any particular rock will have different effects at different points in the river. This Companion assembles the empirical puzzles and that is an enormously valuable service: it enables readers to understand why particular puzzles were of interest at particular stages in the development of theory and it assembles the puzzles into a compendium, in the belief that puzzles need solutions at every point in the development of theory, even if the shape of the solutions changes significantly at different stages of theoretical development. The compendium of puzzles will be a great resource for young investigators, joining the river at some point and wanting to know what was upstream as they find their way downstream." David Lightfoot, Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA "Pioneering, illuminating work, readily accessible by anyone willing to apply their minds. Essential, long term stock for all academic libraries" Reference Reviews

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