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Build and Program Your Own Lego Mindstorms Ev3 Robots

Build and Program Your Own LEGO (R) MINDSTORMS (R) EV3 Robots Absolutely no experience needed! Build and program amazing robots with the new LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3! With LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, you can do modern robotics without complex wiring or soldering! This step-by-step, full-color tutorial teaches all you need to know, including basic programming skills most introductory guides skip. Even better-it's packed with hands-on projects! Start by "unboxing" your new EV3 kit and getting to know every component: motors, sensors, connections, remotes, and the EV3's more powerful, easier-to-program "brick." Then walk through building your first "bots"...creating more sophisticated robots with wheels and for strength and balance..."driving" your robot...building robots that recognize colors and do card tricks...and more! LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robotics is the perfect pathway into science and technology... and this book is the easiest way to get started, even if you have absolutely no robotics or programming experience! Explore your new EV3 kit: both the retail "Home" and LEGO "Education" versions Get foolproof help with building the Track3r and other standard robots Build cars and tanks, and hack them to do even more Write programs that enable your robots to make their own decisions Improve your programs with feedback Handle more sophisticated engineering and programming tasks Troubleshoot problems that keep your robot from moving Get involved with the worldwide MINDSTORMS (R) robotics community Marziah Karch is Senior Instructional Designer at NWEA, a Google Expert at, and Senior Web Editor at GeekMom. She has more than a decade of experience in instructional technology and was senior educational technologist for Johnson County Community College, where she also taught interactive media development. She holds a master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology, and is pursuing a doctorate in Library and Information Science. Her hands-on technology experience ranges from 3D animation to multimedia learning, content management to music video creation. She has extensively explored the educational potential of LEGO robotics. She is the author of Android Tablets Made Simple. This book is not authorized or endorsed by the LEGO (R) Group.
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Table of Contents

&> Chapter 1 What's In the Box? 1 Unboxing MINDSTORMS EV3 2 The LEGO Family Tree 6 LEGO DUPLO 6 LEGO System Bricks 6 LEGO Technic 6 Core LEGO Units 7 Beams 8 Angled Beams 10 Beam Frames 12 Pegs 12 Axles 15 Bushings 16 Axle Connectors 17 Ball Joints 19 Gears 20 Parts with Flair 26 Wings 26 Spikes 27 Other Decorative Parts 28 The Brains and Brawn 30 EV3 Intelligent Brick 30 Servos 34 Sensors 35 Cables 37 Summary 40 Chapter 2 What's In the LEGO Education Box? 41 Storage Box 41 Color Scheme 44 Ball Caster 45 Tank Tracks 46 Rechargeable Battery Pack 47 Sensors 48 Touch Sensors 48 Gyro Sensor 49 Sonic Sensor 50 Gears 50 The Expansion Set 53 Extra Wheels 53 Extra Beam Frame Elements 54 Gears and Joints 59 Tank Cleats 65 Wings and Other Decorative Pieces 66 Summary 70 Chapter 3 Comparing the EV3 and NXT 71 The NXT Versus the NXT 2.0 Versus the EV3 71 The Brick 73 Sensor and Motor Connections 74 The Sides 76 Programming 77 Advanced and Alternative Programming Environments 78 Part Compatibility 80 Sensors 80 Motors 80 Batteries 80 Summary 81 Chapter 4 Building Your First Bots 83 Downloading Instructions 83 The EV3 Starter Robots 84 Track3r 85 R3ptar 91 Spik3r 93 Ev3rstorm 97 Gripp3r 102 Bonus Bots 106 Summary 107 Chapter 5 Building the LEGO Education Bots 109 Educator Vehicle 109 Gyro Boy 111 Color Sorter 114 Puppy 115 Arm 116 Expansion Models 116 The Elephant 117 Tank Bot 118 Znap 119 Remote Control 119 The Stair Climber 120 Color Spinner Factory 121 Summary 123 Chapter 6 Hacking What You Have 125 Project 1: The Car 125 Testing 131 Troubleshooting the Flaws 132 Project 2: Hack Your Tank 133 Project 3: Modify the Educator Bot 137 Modify the Design 139 Substitute for the Caster Ball 141 Summary 147 Chapter 7 Make Your First EV3 Program 149 About the LEGO Education Software 149 Getting Started 150 Navigating from the Lobby 150 Creating a New Project 152 Getting to Know the Programming Canvas 153 Program List 155 Select or Pan Button 155 Comment 156 Save, Undo, or Redo 156 Zoom 156 The Content Editor 156 The Programming Canvas, Blocks, and the Palette 158 The Connection Area 159 Writing Your First Program 159 Flowcharting 160 Dragging Blocks Onto the Programming Canvas 161 Changing Modes 162 Checking Your Ports 164 Making the Bot Move 165 Moving the Wheels 166 Controlling Bot Direction 167 Adjusting Motor Power and Speed 168 Adjusting Rotation Count 168 Connecting Your EV3 to Your Computer 169 Making Decisions and Using Loops 172 Saving Your Changes 178 Alternative Programs 179 Summary 179 Chapter 8 More MINDSTORMS Programming: The Line-Following Robot 181 What Is a Program? 181 Project: The Line-Following Robot 183 Getting Started 184 Making Your Own Test Track 185 Thinking About the Instructions 187 Finding Direction 188 Calibrating the Sensor 189 Creating the Program 194 Creating New Variables 194 Calculating with Variables 200 Improving the Program with Feedback 202 Troubleshooting Your Program 206 Adding a Countdown 209 Using a Loop to Make the Robot Follow the Line 211 Adding Switches for Steering 213 Creating Custom Blocks 216 Documenting Your Work 219 Summary 219 Chapter 9 Engineering the Floor-Cleaning Robot 221 Programming a Collision-Avoiding Robot 221 Activating the Touch Sensor 223 Adding Collision Avoidance 224 Testing Your Bot 227 Navigating Corners 228 Adding a Bit of Randomness 229 Using the Education Edition's Ultrasonic Sensor 232 Controlling Your Bot with the Infrared Remote 235 Programming the Remote 236 Creating Multi-threaded Programs 241 Adding the Floor-Cleaning Functions 245 Building the Mophead Assembly 246 Adjusting the Sensor Assembly 250 Building the Floor Cleaning Program 253 Summary 256 Chapter 10 The Color Magic Card Trick 257 Brainstorming and Building the Bot 258 Building the Platform 261 Raising the Platform 265 Building the Wheel Assembly 267 Checking the Assembly 269 Placing the Intelligent Brick 270 Controlling the Cards 272 Calibrating the Color Sensor 280 Creating the Program 282 Detecting the Color 284 Playing the Sound 287 Adding the Motor Block 288 Summary 289 Chapter 11 Daisy-Chaining Projects 291 The Daisy-Chain Test 291 Numbering Your Bricks 292 Programming the Test 295 Building a Daisy-Chained Robot Car 297 Assembling the Wheels 297 Programming the Bot 307 Adding a Remote Control 309 Adding Collision Avoidance 317 Messaging Between Robots 320 Adding "Magic" to the Card Trick 321 Configuring the Sending Program 321 Configuring the Receiving Program 323 Running the "Magic" 325 Summary 325 Chapter 12 Extending Play 327 Installing leJOS 327 Preparing Your Desktop 328 Loading the SD Card 330 Working in LeJOS 333 Community-Created Models 334 DINOR3X 335 EL3CTRIC GUITAR 336 EV3D4 337 EV3MEG 338 MR B3AM 339 KRAZ3 340 RAC3R 341 EV3GAME 342 WACK3M 344 BANNER PRINT3R 344 Finding More Communities 345 Scoring Extra LEGO Parts 346 Tetrix 346 K'nex 346 Erector Sets 346 3D Printers 346 Robotics Competitions 347 First Robotics LEGO League 347 World Robot Olympiad 347 4-H 347 Decorating Your EV3 348 Summary 348 Appendix: Glossary 349 Index 363

About the Author

Marziah Karch enjoys the challenge of explaining new gadgets and complex technology to beginning audiences. She is the author of several books, including Android Tablets Made Simple. Her writing has appeared in Wired magazine,, and the GeekMom blog on Marziah is a senior instructional designer for NWEA in Portland, Oregon. She holds a master's degree in Instructional Design and is working on a Ph.D. in Library and Information Management. When she's not feeding her geek side with new gadgets or writing about technology, Marziah enjoys life in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children, all of whom are LEGO enthusiasts.

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