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Concrete Solutions: 2011

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Preface Core sponsor Case studies Case study for the construction repair of destructive skeleton concrete building by lateral forces, A.S.A. Al-Ameeri Analysis of damage and repair techniques of cracked structural elements in an underground part of a high RC building, G. Dmochowski, J. Dudkiewicz & P. Berkowski The refurbishment of Bideford Longbridge, J. Drewett & N. Bott Concept of concrete slab repairs of a flood water dry reservoir, A. Duber & A. Pawlowski An innovative repair and refurbishment of an underground car park in Dresden, Germany, H. Esteves, U. Hammer, S. Mayer & P. Chess Damage evaluation and repair proposals for reinforced concrete foundations with corrosion damage, and power line towers on a lagoon, Colima, Mexico, A. Garduno & A. Reyes Diagnosis and repair of cracking to an old 1880's concrete house for Channel 4 Television, UK, M.G. Grantham, S. Pitchers & S. Jones Vulnerability assessment of the concrete tanks storage at natural hazards, H. Hammoum, K. Bouzelha, N.E. Hannachi & D. Serre From concrete repair to concrete conservation: How to preserve the heritage values of historic concrete, H.A. Heinemann, H. Zijlstra, R.P.J. van Hees & T.G. Nijland Stitching the past-"The strengthening of two heritage marine structures in Jersey with needling technology", S. Hold Strengthening and rehabilitation of two damaged bridges in the motorway M-410 in Madrid, C. Jurado Cabanes Extent of condition assessment of concrete building-practical experiences, J. Lahdensivu & S. Varjonen Fabrication technology-related cracking of prestressed concrete elements, A.-T. Mircea Proposal for the retrofit of the world heritage site of Arge Bam after earthquake damage, J. Motamed & A.M. Alani Corrosion damage of centrifuged reinforced concrete elements, I. Pepenar Investigation of a repair system in a concrete jetty in the Persian Gulf, R. Rashetnia, A. Dousti, F. Moradi-Marani & M. Shekarchi Non-destructive diagnosis and repair of 300 concrete columns beneath a shopping mall under full operation, U. Schneck Electrochemical repair Use of electrochemical migration to mitigate alkali-silica reaction in large scale concrete structures, A.F. Bentivegna, E.R. Giannini & K.J. Folliard Maintenance of transport structures using electrochemical solutions, R. Brueckner, C. Atkins, A. Foster, R. Merola & P. Lambert A new approach for the patch repair of car parks using galvanic anodes, C. Christodoulou, J. Webb, G. Glass, S. Austin & C. Goodier Short-term benefits of cathodic protection of steel in concrete, J. Pacheco, R.B. Polder, A.L.A. Fraaij & J.M.C. Mol Performance and working life of cathodic protection systems for concrete structures, R.B. Polder, D. Worm, W. Courage & G. Leegwater Galvanic corrosion protection of steel in concrete with a zinc mesh anode embedded into a solid electrolyte (EZA), W. Schwarz, F. Mullner & A. van den Hondel General repair Punching strengthening of two-way slabs using a prestressing technique, T.F. El-Shafiey & A.M. Atta Preconditioning concrete for better freeze-thaw durability, A. Badr Effect of using corrosion inhibitors on concrete properties and their activity, H.M. Al-Baghdadi & A.M.A. Amir The use of performance-based specifications to prevent repair of reinforced concrete structures, H. Beushausen An experimental study on the inhibition of calcium nitrite, amino alcohol and sodium fluorophosphate as reinforced concrete protection, A. El shami, M. Choinska, S. Bonnet, P. Mounanga & A. Khelidj Hybrid connections-the sustainable approach for prefabricated frame structures, A. Faur & C. Mircea Pumping influence on fresh properties of self-consolidating concrete, N. Ghafoori, H. Diawara, D. Nyknahad, M. Barfield & M.S. Islam A comparative study of anti-corrosion products for the protection of reinforcement in monuments, A. Gralinska-Grubecka & J.W. Lukaszewicz Comparison of concrete expansion and stiffness due to alkali-silica reactivity, M.S. Islam & N. Ghafoori Evaluation of restrained shrinkage of repair materials under the local environment of Riyadh, M.I. Khan, T.H. Almusallam, S.H. Alsayed, Y.A. Al-Salloum & A.A. Almosa Experimental research of the intensity of corrosion processes influence by tensile stress for reinforcing steel covered with polymer sulphur composites, M. Ksiazek Corrosion analysis of reinforced geopolymer concretes, K. Kupwade-Patil, E.N. Allouche, S. Vaidya & E.I. Diaz-Loya The role of ascorbic acid on the adsorption to passive iron surface, H. Tian, W. Li, B. Hou & D. Wang Geopolymer concrete: A concrete of the next decade, D.B. Raijiwala & H.S. Patil Numerical investigation on the effect of concrete-FRP bond on the flexural behavior of RC beams, S. Sajedi, F. Ghassemzadeh, M. Shekarchi, F. Faraji & M. Soleimani Evaluation of the hydration of concrete mixtures by ultrasonic testing, A.A. Shah & Y. Ribakov Self crack healing of strain hardening cementitious composite incorporating expansive agent and crystalline additive, K. Sisomphon, O. Copuroglu & E.A.B. Koenders Properties of fine cement concretes with carbonaceous nanoparticles, S.N. Tolmachev & O.A. Belichenko The search for alternative reinforcement materials for concrete, H.G. Wheat & S. Dale Determination of the crack self-healing capacity of bacterial concrete, V. Wiktor & H.M. Jonkers Degradation mechanism and repair technology of a concrete structure of a railway ballastless track, Z. Yi, H. Li, Y. Xie & Y. Tan Non destructive testing and diagnosis of problems Computerized assessment of the moisture and thermal originated deterioration of concrete facades, F. Al-Neshawy, J. Piironen & J. Puttonen Non-destructive electrical resistivity measurement technique: Evaluation of concrete strengths, N.H. El-Ashkar Applicability of an electromagnetic wave method for estimation of chloride content of coastal structures, J. Nojima & T. Mizobuchi A fundamental study on quantitative assessment of steel corrosion by a new NDT method with induction heating, K. Kobayashi, R. Nakamura, K. Rokugo & S. Nakazawa Comparative study of techniques to evaluate the corrosion activity of rebars embedded in concrete, E. Marie-Victoire, A. Proust, V. L'Hostis & F. Vallot Evaluation of mechanical parameters in repair concrete with impact-echo test method, S.R. Moghadam, M.H. Eftekhar, M. Shekarchi, S. Javidmehr, A. Dousti & M. Valipour Wireless localization of areas with a high corrosion risk on reinforced concrete structures, K. Reichling & M. Raupach Automated multi-sensor systems in civil engineering for condition assessment of concrete structures, M. Stoppel, A. Taffe, H. Wiggenhauser, J.H. Kurz & C. Boller A study on non-destructive measurement using Prompt Gamma-ray Analysis of chloride profile in concrete, I. Ujike, S. Okazaki, M. Yamate & H. Matsue NDT based evaluation of rubber modified self-compacting concrete, M. Usman, M. Rahman & A. Al-Ghalib Evaluation of bridge decks using Ground Probing Radar (GPR), V. Utsi & A. Birtwisle Structural life management system of box culverts for power transmission lines, S.K. Woo, Y.C. Song, J.H. Jo, J.H. Park & Y. Lee Modular Corrosion Measurement System (CMS) for electrochemical NDT, K. Ahlborn, F. Berthold, W. Vonau, H. Grunzig, U. Schneck, H. Jahn & J. Koehler Patch repair Application of polymer concrete in repair of concrete structures: A literature review R. Allahvirdizadeh, R. Rashetnia, A. Dousti & M. Shekarchi Benchmarking laboratory investigated locally available repair materials against their manufacturer's data sheets, M.I. Khan, T.H. Almusallam, S.H. Alsayed, Y.A. Al-Salloum & A.A. Almosa Influence of selected aspects of the mixture proportioning on the performance of repair mortars, P. Ramge, H.-C. Kuhnen & B. Meng A rational method for calculation of restrained shrinkage stresses in repaired concrete members, S. Sajedi, A. Razavizadeh, Z. Minaii, F. Ghassemzadeh & M. Shekarchi Discussion on crack path of interface between concrete and polymer cement mortar, K. Yamada, A. Satoh, T. Homma, S. Ishiyama & Y. Shinohara Scaling resistance and application of cementitious repair mortars for concrete barriers, W. Yang, Y. Ge, X. Cai & X. Chen Repair of fire damage Basic techniques for the damage assessment of concrete members after fire, E. Annerel & L. Taerwe Behaviour of concrete containing lightweight expanded clay aggregates under high temperatures, H. Kew, T. Donchev & N. Petkune Fire damaged concrete-the potential for on-going deterioration post-fire in concrete heated to temperatures of less than 300 DegreesC, M.A. Eden Flexural behavior of partially restrained beams of self compacting concrete exposed to fire flame, G. Habeeb & A. Al-Juborry Assessment of fire damage of an old RC structure, Gh. Petrovay & C. Mircea Assessing concrete repair after thermal exposure: Effect of aggregates on 3D response, G. Xotta, V.A. Salomoni & C.E. Majorana Service life modelling The application of simple modeling techniques to corrosion induced deterioration of reinforced concrete, J.P. Broomfield A critical examination of the chloride migration test to assess the resistance of concrete against chloride ingress, J.J.W. Gulikers Calculating the need for repair of concrete facades in the Finnish climate, A. Koelioe & J. Lahdensivu Prediction of reliability of utility tunnel structures subject to dynamic loads, M. Kurgansky, V. Gaponov & S. Pavlov Service life prediction of underground concrete pipes subjected to corrosion, M. Mahmoodian & C.Q. Li Repairing structures for nuclear facilities: A numerical approach by means of FEM and Monte Carlo techniques, B. Pomaro, V.A. Salomoni, C.E. Majorana, F. Gramegna & G. Prete Multi-physics numerical model for the repair of concrete structures, G. Sciume & B.A. Schrefler Strengthening materials and techniques/repair with composites Damage and repair quantification in reinforced concrete beams using vibration data, A. Al-Ghalib, F. Mohammad, M. Rahman & J. Chilton Flexural behaviour of concrete beams reinforced with CFRP composites, M.K. Ali, D.B. Tann & A.I. Abu-Tair Safety of RC highway bridges strengthened with CFRP; flexural and shear limit states, O. Ali & D. Bigaud Strengthening of rectangular reinforced concrete columns using fiber glass reinforced polymers, A.H. Elzanaty, H.M. Allam & A. Fawzi FRP strengthening of shear walls with openings, K. Behfarnia, A. Sayah & Sh. Eghtesadi Using mineral based composites for shear strengthening concrete members, T. Blanksvard & B. Taljsten Behaviour of RC elements internally reinforced with BFRP at elevated temperatures, T. Donchev, P.L. Blanco & P.S. Shah Rehabilitation of reinforced concrete beams with insufficient longitudinal reinforcement lap-splice length using FRP sheets, M.M. Sayed & T.M. Elrakib Strengthening of T section RC beams in shear using CFRP, E.E. Etman Concrete repair and strengthening with ultra ductile micro-mesh reinforced mortar, C. Flohrer, M. Tschoetschel & S. Hauser Applied research and recent developments on composite material technology for structural strengthening, E. Fyfe, M. Karantzikis & C. Kolyvas Flexural behavior of CFRP-strengthened and corroded reinforced concrete beams, M. Hussein Using steel fibred high strength concrete for repairing normal strength concrete beams and slabs, I. Iskhakov, Y. Ribakov, K. Holschemacher & T. Mueller Improving the flexural performance of reinforced concrete one-way slabs, K.K. Shadhan, A.S.A. Al-Ameeri & N.H. Ali Time-dependent behaviour of CFRP-strengthened reinforced concrete beams, M. Kaminski, E. Kusa & D. Demski Behaviour of damaged RC beams repaired with NSM CFRP rods, A. Kreit, A. Castel, R. Francois & F. Al-Mahmoud Strengthening of reinforced concrete beam-column joints using ferrocement, B. Li & E.S.S. Lam Engineered Cementitious Composite as a durability protective layer for concrete, Y. Lin, L. Wotherspoon, J.M. Ingham, A. Scott & D. Lawley Three-dimensional modeling of externally repaired beams using FRP sheets during short and long term loading, G. Mazzucco, V.A. Salomoni & C.E. Majorana Strengthening/retrofitting of masonry by using thin layers of Sprayed Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites (SSHCC), V. Mechtcherine, A.-E. Bruedern & T. Urbonas A comparative study for shear strengthening techniques of reinforced concrete beams using FRP, A.M. Morsy, N.H. El-Ashkar & K.M. Helmi Repairing reinforced concrete rectangular columns using ferrocement laminates, S.M. Mourad & M.J. Shannag Residual strength of CFRP strengthened beams after heating and cooling, D. Petkova & T. Donchev Strain hardening cement-based composites for repair layers on cracked concrete surfaces, C. Wagner & V. Slowik Flexural strengthening of RC-structures by textile reinforced concrete in practical application, S. Weiland, E. Lorenz, Ch. Hankers & D. Matzdorff Restoring the bearing capacity of circular tunnel linings with the help of high-strength carbon fibre mesh, A.A. Shilin, V. Gaponov, E.Z. Axelrod & S.S. Zalomov UHPFRC composition optimization for application in rehabilitation of RC structures, M. Skazlic, K. Ille & M. Ille Surface protection methods and materials Quality control of hydrophobic coatings with an integrated marker element by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), K. Bienert, H. Schalk, A. Molkenthin, G. Wilsch, S. Goldschmidt & E. Niederleithinger Surface protection of high performance architectural concrete, V.R. Falikman, Yu. V. Sorokin & V.V. Deniskin Coatings and overlays for concrete affected by alkali-silica reaction, E.R. Giannini, A.F. Bentivegna & K.J. Folliard Whole life costing Life cycle cost analysis of reinforced concrete structures cast with self-compacting concrete and normally vibrated concrete, K.K. Sideris, A. Georgiadis, N. Anagnostopoulos, P. Manita & E. Skarlatos Epoxy-coated reinforcement-life cycle cost considerations, M. Zintel, C. Gehlen & B. Prust Author index

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