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The Definitive Reference for Food Scientists & Engineers Completely revised and thoroughly updated Many new entries written by top experts Expanded coverage by 40 percent 375 illustrations 100 tables Highlights of the Second Edition: Applies engineering concepts and principles to production agriculture, including the design of machinery and structures used and the management of water required for these operations Gives specific attention to crop production, including the harvesting, storage, and handling of major and minor crops Focuses on animal production, including all aspects requiring engineering inputs Covers food handling, storage, processing, packaging, and distribution, with specific emphasis on the design of facilities, equipment, and processes needed to deliver safe and high-quality food products to the consumer Addresses unique processes associated with the preservation of foods, using thermal processes, refrigeration, dehydration, and similar processes Explores the more basic engineering concepts associated with biological systems Presents the common fundamentals that have evolved with other biological systems, including those in the environment and in humans ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE This Taylor & Francis encyclopedia is also available through online subscription, offering a variety of extra benefits for both researchers, students, and librarians, including: Citation tracking and alerts Active reference linking Saved searches and marked lists HTML and PDF format options For more information, visit Taylor & Francis Online or contact us to inquire about subscription options and print/online combination packages. US: (Tel) 1.888.318.2367 / (E-mail) International: (Tel) +44 (0) 20 7017 6062 / (E-mail Dennis R. Heldman speaks about his book on the CRC Press YouTube Channel.
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Table of Contents

Activation Energy in Thermal Process CalculationsMorales-Blancas; Elton F.; Torres, J. Antonio Active Packagingde Kruijf, N.; van Beest, M. D. Aerobic ReactionsDemirci, Ali Agricultural Engineering HistoryIsaacs, Gerald W. Agricultural ImplementsAgness, Jay B.Agricultural Infotronic SystemsZhang, Qin Airflow MeasurementFox, Robert D.; Derksen, Richard C. Anaerobic ReactionsYang, Shang-Tian; Zhu, Ying Animal Structures: Air QualityJacobson, Larry D. Animal Waste ManagementBurns, R. T.; Raman, D. Raj Animal Waste TreatmentBurns, R. T.; Raman, D. Raj Animal Waste UtilizationBurns, R. T.; Raman, D. Raj Applications of Numerical Analysis to High Hydrostatic Pressure ProcessingHartmann, Christoph Applications of Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors in Food ScienceMarchesseau, S.; Dupont, D. Applications of Time-Temperature Integrators to Thermal Processing of FoodsTucker, Gary Aquacultural Harvesting SystemsWheaton, Fred Aquacultural Product Storage SystemsWang, Jaw-Kai Aquacultural Production SystemsPiedrahita, Raul H. Atmospheric Non-Equilibrium PlasmaKeener, Kevin M. Batch Process ControlMacaloney, Graeme; Montague, Gary A. Bernouilli EquationOsorio, Fernando A. Biodegradation Waste TreatmentAlvarez, Pedro M.; Beltran, Fernando J., Garcia-Araya, Juan F. Biofilms in Food ProcessingFrank, Joseph F. Biological Engineering DefinitionDooley, James H. Biological Engineering EvolutionVerma, Brahm P. Biological Engineering HistoryLoewer, Otto J. Biological Reaction KineticsLima, Marybeth Bioluminescence Sensors in Food ProcessingLo, Y. Martin; Wang, Jing; Lala, Geeta Biomass EnergyWilliams, Douglas W. Biomass Harvesting SystemsLarson, Dennis L. Biomass Production SystemsJenkins, B. M. Biomass Transport SystemsBadger, Phillip C. Bioprocess Residence Time DistributionSu, Wei Wen Bioreactor LandfillsHughes, Kerry L.; Christy, Ann D. BioremediationBajpai, Rakesh; Kim, Joong; Qasim, Mohamed BiosensorsDe Corcuera, Jose I. Reyes; Cavalieri, Ralph P. Biosensors for Pathogen Detection in Food Subramanian, Anand; Irudayaraj, Joseph Biosensors: Harnessing Biology for the Detection of Biological AgentsRickus, Jenna L. Bioseparation of Proteins Expressed in Plant/Animal ProductsWoodard, Susan L.; Nikolov, Zivko Biot NumberHsu, Chuan-liang Blanching of FoodsDe Corcuera, Jose I. Reyes; Cavalieri, Ralph P.; Powers, Joseph R. CentrifugationBhatnagar, Sandeep; Hanna, Milford A. ChemigationWaller, Peter M. CIP of Solids Handling EquipmentTrinh, Khanh Tuoc Cleaning Chemistry and PhysicsFryer, Peter; Christian, Grace Cohesive and Adhesive Forces during Cleaning Christian, Grace; Fryer, Peter Colloidal Interactions and Stability of Food DispersionsNarsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin Commercial Sterilization SystemsHardt-English, Pamela K. Concentration Using Osmotic EvaporationRodrigues, R. B.; Cabral, L. M. C.; Menezes, H. C.; Matta, V. M.; Dornier, M. Continuous Process ControlLi, Yanbin Continuous Processing of Agricultural-Based FilmsKozempel, Michael F.; Tomasula, Peggy M. Controlled Atmosphere StorageRaghavan, G. S. V.; Gariepy, Y.; Vigneault, C. Controlled Environment Agriculture/Greenhouse Productionoth, A. J. Convection Heat Transfer in FoodsMcKenna, Brian M. Convective Heat Transfer CoefficientsDelgado, Adriana E.; Sun, Da-Wen Convective Heat Transfer in Porous MaterialsRanjan, Rakesh; Reddy, J. N. Cooling TunnelsTaylor, Timothy A.; Kramer, Heather L. Corn Processing for Ethanol ProductionRausch, Kent D.; Belyea, Ronald L.; Singh, Vijay; Tumbleson, M. E. Cutting Time Prediction Methods in Cheese MakingCastillo, Manuel Dairy Production SystemsBickert, William G. Decimal Reduction TimesDavidson, P. Michael; Weiss, Jochen Deep-Fat FryingMoreira, Rosana G. Dehydration Process Energy BalancesGuu, Yuan-Kuang Dehydration System DesignLazarides, Harris N. Dew Point TemperatureRoberts, John S. Dielectric Sensing of Salt ConcentrationsFagan, C. C.; O'Donnell, C. P. Diesel Engine Emission ControlWang, Xinlei Diesel Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment TechnologiesWang, Xinlei Diffusion of AntimicrobialsCarnet-Pantiez, Anne Distillation System DesignKrokida, M.; Gekas, V.; Maroulis, Z. B. Drainage MaterialsZimmerman, Tommy L. Drip IrrigationThompson, Allen L. Drum DryingTang, Juming; Feng, Hao; Shen, Guo-Qi Dry Air PropertiesShilton, NicholasDry Bulb TemperatureSokhansanj, Shahab Dry Food TransportMuthukumarappan, K. Drying of AirCourtois, Francis Drying TheoryYang, Wade; Siebenmorgen, Terry J. Drying Time PredictionKerkhof, Piet J. A. M. Electrical Conductivity of FoodsVicente, Antonio A. ElectrodialysisVidal-Broto'ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M. ElectroheatingReznik, David Enhancement of Mass Transfer Using Alternating Electric FieldsSamprovalaki, Konstantina; Fryer, Peter Enhancing of Dehydration Using Pulsed Electric FieldVorobiev, Eugene Enzyme Immobilization Process for Hydrolysis ReactionsChen, Xiao Dong Enzyme KineticsRiley, Mark R. Equilibrium Moisture ContentJayas, Digvir S. Equilibrium Moisture Contents of FoodIglesias, Hector A. EvaporatorsFasina, Oladiran O. EvapotranspirationHatfield, J. L.; Prueger, J. H. Extensional RheologyPadmanabhan, Mahesh Extraction System DesignErickson, Larry Extrudate RheologyFaller, James; Unlu, Emine Extruder Power RequirementsHsieh, Fu-hung Extrusion Cooking of Legumes: Dry Bean FloursBerrios, Jose De J. Extrusion System ComponentsFang, Qi; Hanna, Milford A.; Lan, Yubin Extrusion System DesignFang, Qi; Hanna, Milford A.; Lan, Yubin Extrusion System Residence Time DistributionLevine, Leon; Miller, Robert C. Fermentation Process Material and Energy BalancesBoudrant, Joseph Fermentation Residence Time DistributionsCuello, Joel L.; Ono, Eiichi Fiber-Optic Measurement Systems: Microwave and Radio Frequency Heating ApplicationsTang, Juming FiltrationRaghavan, G. S. V.; Sanga, E. C. M. Fine Wet Milling: DevelopmentsAnderson, Scott Flexible PackagingShellhammer, Thomas H. Flow MeasurementMeyer, George E.; Brand, Rhonda M.; DeBerg, Gary Fluid Flow in Porous Materials: Numerical AspectsRanjan, Rakesh Fluid Flow in Porous Materials: Transient SolutionsRanjan, Rakesh Food Engineering EducationSilva, Juan L.; Kim, Taejo Food Engineering HistoryFarkas, Daniel F. Food Freezing HistoryHeldman, Dennis R.; Nesvadba, Paul Food Processing Plant DesignClark, J. Peter Food TextureBourne, Malcolm C. Forage Harvesting SystemsBuckmaster, Dennis R. Forage Production Systems-Machine DesignKoegel, Richard G. Forage Storage SystemsMuck, Richard E. Forage Transport SystemsStraub, Richard J. Forest Harvesting SystemsBrinker, Richard W. Forest Products Transport SystemsDavis, Craig J. Fossil Fuel EnergyWalker, Joel T. Fouling Phenomena Using Hot Wire MethodsFillaudeau, L. Fractal Geometry and Natural Sciences ApplicationsSantacruz-Vazquez, Veronica; Santacruz-Vazquez, Claudia; Chanona-Perez, J.; Alamilla-Beltran, Liliana; Welti-Chanes, J.; Gutierrez-Lopez, Gustavo Fractal Theory Applied to Food ScienceSantacruz-Vazquez, Claudia; Santacruz-Vazquez, Veronica; Chanona-Perez, J.; Jaramillo-Flores, Ma. Eugenia; Welti-Chanes, J.; Gutierrez-Lopez, Gustavo Freeze ConcentrationMiyawaki, Osato Freeze DryingAraki, Tetsuya; Sagara, Yasuyuki Freezing System DesignHung, Yen-Con Freezing Time CalculationsCleland, D. J. FrictionCastell-Perez, Maria Elena Frozen Food Enthalpyvan Sleeuwen, Rutger M. T.; Heldman, Dennis R. Frozen Food PropertiesNesvadba, Paul Frozen Food ThawingKolbe, Edward Frozen Foods Shelf LifeReid, David S. Fruit Juice PackagingAbadio, Fernanda Dias Bartolomeu Fruit Storage SystemsHellickson, Martin L. Fruit Transport SystemTao, Yang Gas Exchange Properties of FoodsNicolai, Bart M.; Hertog, Maarten L. A. T. M.; Ho, Quang T.; Lammertyn, Jeroen; Verboven, Pieter; Verlinden, Bert E. Gas Phase KineticsRichard, Tom L. Glass ContainersBarron, Felix H.; Burcham, Joel D. Glass Transition TemperaturesRoos, Yrjoe H. Global Positioning SystemsCasady, William W.; Adamchuk, Viacheslav I. Grain Harvesting SystemsCasady, William W. Grain Production SystemsHanna, H. Mark Grashof NumberKarwe, Mukund V.; Deo, Indrani Heat Exchangers for Liquid FoodsAthanasopoulos, Pete E. Heat TransferKeener, Kevin M. Heating and Cooling in Agitated VesselsMittal, Gauri S. Heating and Cooling Lag ConstantsStoforos, Nikolaos G. Heating of AirGongora-Nieto, M. Marcela; Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo V. High Pressure Food PreservationBalasubramaniam, V. M. High Pressure Injection TechnologiesHansen, Conly L. High Pressure Supported Thawing of Plant TissueSchluter, Oliver; Knorr, Dietrich High-Pressure Treatment of Food PackagingLopez-Rubio, Amparo; Lagaron, J. M.; Catala, R.; Gavara, R. Homeostasis in Animal EnvironmentAlbright, Louis Human Factors and ErgonomicsBaker, L. Dale Hydrology in Drainage SystemsParsons, John E. Ice Crystal KineticsBoonsupthip, Waraporn; Lee, Tung-Ching Image AnalysisHatem, Iyad; Tan, Jinglu Indirect Contact Freezing SystemsScott, Elaine P. Intelligent PackagingRodrigues, Evangelina T.; Han, J. H. Ionizing Irradiation, Treatment of FoodThayer, Donald W. Irreversible Protein Aggregation: Principles and Rationale for Common Stabilization StrategiesRoberts, Christopher J. Irrigation System ComponentsEvans, Robert G. Irrigation System EfficiencyYoder, R. E. Irrigation System OperationsAyars, James E. Irrigation Water RequirementsBarnes, Edward M.; Hunsaker, Douglas J. Kinetic Response of Time-Temperature Integrators for Applications in Food ProcessingGuiavarc'h, Yann P.; Van Loey, Ann M.; Claeys, Wendie; Hendrickx, Marc E. Kinetics of Soil Removal During CleaningNakanishi, Kazuhiro; Sakiyama, Takaharu; Imamura, Koreyoshi Laminar FlowBelkacemi, K.; Arul, J. Light Backscatter Sensor Applications in Milk CoagulationPayne, Fred A.; Castillo, Manuel Liquid Food TransportSandeep, K. P. Machine Area NetworksZhang, Qin Machine Vision in Precision AgricultureDickson, Monte; Reid, John F. Magnetic Field Applications to FoodsMartin, Fernanda San; Harte, Federico; Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo V.; Swanson, Barry G. Managing Aquatic Systems at the Watershed ScaleMatlock, Marty D.; Morgan, Robert A.; Haggard, Brian E.; Chaubey, Indrajeet Mass Transfer in Biological MembranesJohnson, Arthur T. Mass Transfer, Steady-StateMoreira, Rosana G. Measurement of Drying KineticsClemente, Gabriela; Bon, Jose; Mulet, Antonio Measurement of Effective Moisture DiffusivityTrujillo, Francisco Javier Mechanical Energy BalanceZhao, Yanyun Mechanical RecompressionKerr, William Mechanical Separation Systems DesignClark, J. Peter Membrane Concentration SystemsCheryan, MunirMembrane Separation Mass TransferVidal-Broto'ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M. Membrane Separation System DesignLiu, Sean X. Membrane StructureZiegler, Gregory R. Membrane System OperationVidal-Broto'ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M. Membrane Transport ModelsMatsuura, Takeshi Metabolic Engineering of BacteriaMurarka, Abhishek; Gonzalez, Ramon Metal ContainersBarron, Felix H.; Burcham, Joel D. Microbial GeneticsStark, Benjamin C. Microbial Growth ModelingSchaffner, Donald W. Microbial MetabolismSmerage, Glen H.; Teixeira, Arthur A. Microbial Population DynamicsTeixeira, Arthur A.; Smerage, Glen H. Microencapsulation Systems with Emphasis on Successful Applications in FoodsWeiss, Jochen; Vladisavljevic, Goran MicrofiltrationVidal-Broto'ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M. Microwave Food PreservationDatta, Ashim K. Microwave Modification of Wood PropertiesBrodie, Graham Milk Pasteurization with Pulsed Electric FieldsOrtega-Rivas, Enrique Minimal Processing Using High PressureButz, Peter Mixing of AirLi, Yanbin Modified Atmosphere PackagingBrody, Aaron L. Moisture and Humidity Control in Refrigerated StorageCleland, Donald J. Moisture Content MeasurementBern, Carl J.; Brumm, Thomas Moisture Sorption IsothermsAguilera, Jose Miguel Multiple-Effect EvaporatorsBakshi, Amarjit S. Multispectral Imaging Technology for Site-Specific Crop FertilizationKim, Yunseop; Reid, John F. Nanoparticle Risk AssessmentCummins, Enda Nanoscale Biology: Engineering ApplicationsBhalerao, Kaustubh; Nistala, Goutam Nanoscale Prion Detection StrategiesDhruv, Harshil; Turner, Nicholas; Britt, David; Britt, David Natural ConvectionHahn, John J.; Jacoby, William A. Neural NetworksChao, K.; Ting, K. C. New Applications in Food IrradiationNiemira, Brendan A.; Sommers, Christopher H. Newtonian ModelsChamberlain, Ellen K. NIR Chemical Imaging for the Food IndustryTaghizadeh, Masoud; Gowen, Aoife; O'Donnell, Colm P.; Cullen, P. J. Non-Newtonian ModelsCastell-Perez, Maria Elena Nusselt NumberCronin, Kevin; MacCarthy, Diarmuid Ohmic HeatingSastry, Sudhir K. Ohmic Heating: Quality ImprovementsLima, Marybeth Operating Principles of BiosensorsStine, Rory; Pishko, Michael V. Operator Process TimeToledo, Romeo T. Osmotic Dehydration ProcessesVargas-Ugalde, Maria Elena Osmotic PressureTollner, Ernest W. Ozone Technologies in Food ProcessingYuan, James Ozone UtilizationMuthukumarappan, K.; O'Donnell, Colm P.; Cullen, P. J. Package FunctionsSteven, Matthew D.; Hotchkiss, Joseph H. Package PermeabilityKrochta, John M. Package PropertiesBarron, Felix H.; Burcham, Joel D. Pasteurization SystemsGilmore, Thomas M. Pesticide ApplicationHewitt, Andrew J. Phase DiagramsKaletunc, Goenul Physical Properties of Agricultural ProductsLan, Yubin; Fang, Qi Physical StatesChinachoti, Pavinee PlasticizationCornillon, Paul Plate Heat ExchangersSimpson, R.; Almonacid, S. Polymer Packaging for Foods: DevelopmentsRobertson, Gordon L. Poultry Production SystemsZulovich, Joseph M. Power MeasurementShell, Lon R. Power Ultrasound in Food ProcessingFeng, Hao ; Weiss, Jochen Prandtl NumberRamaswamy, H. S.; Awuah, G. B.; Chen, C. R. Pressure Impact on Microbial Populationsde Maranon, I. Martinez; Perez, I. Primary PackagingChinnan, Manjeet S.; Cha, Dong S. Process Control SystemsHuang, Yanbo; Lan, Yubin Processing Waste Land ApplicationDeWitt, Christina A. Mireles; Morrissey, Michael T. Processing Waste PretreatmentKim, Sang Hun Processing Waste Primary TreatmentMiller, Christopher C. Processing Wastewater RecoveryRaman, D. Raj Produce Quality SimulatorAggarwal, Deepak; Prussia, Stanley E.; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Lynd, Don Produce Retailing SimulationAggarwal, Deepak; Prussia, Stanley E.; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Lynd, Don Properties of Concentrated FoodsBuffo, Roberto A. Properties of Food Materials During High-Pressure ProcessingRamaswamy, Raghupathy; Balasubramaniam, V. M.; Sastry, S. K. Properties of Food PowdersHayashi, Hiromichi Protein StabilityStoner, Michael R.; Randolph, Theodore W. Psychrometrics of Animal EnvironmentHoff, Steven J. Pulsed Electric Fields Food PreservationSepulveda, David R.; Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo V.; Swanson, Barry G. Pulsed Magnetic Field Inactivation of MicroorganismsGrattepanche, Franck; Marrec, Claire Le; Caubet, Roland; de Sauvage, Renaud Charlet; Audet, Pascal; Moreau, Jacques Pulsed X-Ray Treatments of FoodsKerr, William Q10Taoukis, Petros S. Radio Frequency Heating and Other RF Applications Relevant to the Food IndustryAwuah, George B.; Economides, Athanasia; Ramaswamy, Hosahalli S. RefrigerantsGhosh, Vikram; Anantheswaran, R. C.; Floros, John D. Refrigerated Foods HistoryLim, Miang Refrigeration System ComponentsPham, Q. T. Rehydration of Dried Food ParticulatesSaguy, I. Sam; Marabi, Alejandro Remote Sensing in AgricultureThomasson, J. Alex Residence Time Distribution-Biomedical, Food,and Environmental ApplicationsSu, Wei Wen Retortable PouchesBlakistone, Barbara Reverse OsmosisBerk, Zeki Reynolds NumberDaubert, Christopher R. Rheology of Wheat Flour Doughs: MeasurementLaunay, Bernard L.; Michon, Camille RheometersBarringer, Sheryl; Ratanatriwong, Puntarika Rice Kernel PropertiesSiebenmorgen, Terry J.; Cooper, Nora T. W. Risk Assessment Models for Microbiological Food SafetyBakalis, Serafim; Hoonstra, Erik; Taoukis, Petros S. Robotics in Crop ProductionGrift, Tony E. Role of Statistics in Evaluation of Kinetic Modelvan Boekel, Martinus A. J. S. Role of the Dough Mixing Process in Bread ProductionMillar, Sam Schmidt NumberHallstroem, Bengt Scraped Surface Heat ExchangersFryer, Peter; Rodriguez, Sandrine Secondary PackagingBourque, Raymond A. Shear Rheology of Liquid FoodsRao, M. A. Shear Viscosity MeasurementRao, M. A. Sheep Production SystemsHirning, Harvey J. Sherwood NumberOliveira, Fernanda A. R.; Oliveira, Jorge C. Soil Compaction ManagementRaper, Randy L. Soil DynamicsTollner, Ernest W. Soil PropertiesCooke, Richard Solar EnergyBartok, John W. Solid Food RheologyRao, V. N. Mohan; Quintero, Ximena Solid Food TransportBriggs, Jenni L. Specific Heat Capacity MeasurementHwang, Chang Hwan; Gunasekaran, Sundaram Spray DryingYoshii, Hidefumi; Furuta, Takeshi; Soottitantawat, Apinan; Linko, Pekka Stability of Food EmulsionsNarsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin Starch-Based Biodegradable PackagingHanna, Milford A.; Guan, Junjie; Xu, Yixiang Steady-State Heat Transfer in Food ProcessingChen, Xiao Dong Steady-State Mass Transfer in Biological SystemsKisaalita, William S. Steam Infusion HeatingBowser, Timothy J. Steam Injection HeatingBowser, Timothy J. Stem Cell-Based Tissue EngineeringLi, Yan; Yang, Shang-Tian Sterilization of Biological MaterialsRodriguez, Alfredo C. Storage Vessels for Suspensions and ConcentratesLozano, Jorge E. Stress and Thermal Tolerance of PathogensPardey, Kevin Karsten; Schubert, Helmar Substrate KineticsBower, C. K.; McGuire, J.; Bothwell, M. K. Subsurface Drainage SystemsIzuno, Forrest T.; Garcia, Raymond M. Supercritical Fluid Extraction of FoodsTomasula, Peggy M. Surface ActivityNarsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin Surface Drainage SystemsWillardson, Lyman S. Surface Fouling During HeatingChen, Hongda Surface IrrigationYonts, C. Dean Surface TensionNarsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin Techniques for Screening ToxinsRiley, Mark R. Temperature MeasurementWang, S.; Tang, Juming; Younce, F. Temperature Sensing During Microwave Heating Using Magnetic Resonance ImagingKnoerzer, K.; Regier, M.; Schubert, H. Texture and Cellular Structure of ExtrudatesAgbisit, Roderick; Alavi, Sajid The Psychrometric ChartPham, Q. T. Therapeutics-Biomedical BiomaterialsBumgardner, Joel D. Thermal Conductivity of FoodsChoi, Yonghee; Okos, Martin R. Thermal Death TimeJuneja, Vijay K.; Huang, Lihan Thermal DefoliationFunk, Paul Thermal Design of Heat ExchangersSingh, Pawan P. Thermal DiffusivityMurakami, Edgar G. Thermal Inactivation of BacteriophagesMuller-Merbach, Mareile; Hinrichs, Joerg Thermal Process CalculationsVerboven, Pieter; Scheerlinck, Nico; Nicolai, Bart M. Thermal Processing of Meat ProductsWang, Pie-Yi Thermal Resistance ConstantMorales-Blancas, Elton F.; Torres, J. Antonio Thermal Resistance Parameters, Determination ofMorales-Blancas, Elton F.; Torres, J. Antonio Thermochemical Conversion of Swine Manure into Crude OilZhang, Yuanhui Thermodynamics of Food FreezingSchwartzberg, Henry G. Thermodynamics of RefrigerantsRahman, M. Shafiur; Sablani, Shyam S. Thermomechanical Processing of StarchJan, Atze; Einde, Rene R.M. van den Time-Temperature Integrator Applications for Shelf-Life ManagementTaoukis, Petros S. TransducersLan, Yubin; Huang, Yanbo Transient Heat Transfer ChartsSharma, Shri K. Tubular Heat ExchangersSagara, Yasuyuki Tunnel DryingKincal, N. Suzan Turbulent FlowMarks, Jay UHT Processing-Impact on Dairy Product QualityHansen, Arthur P. UltrafiltrationTragardh, Gun Ultrasonic Pasteurization of FoodsFeng, Hao; Martin, Scott E. Ultrasound Modulated Optical Tomography for Tissue ImagingYao, Gang Unsteady-State Heat Transfer in Biological SystemsHsieh, Fu-hung Unsteady-State Heat Transfer in FoodsGhosh, Vikram; Anantheswaran, R. C. Unsteady-State Mass Transfer in Biological Systems Ranjan, Rakesh; Irudayaraj, Joseph Unsteady-State Mass Transfer in FoodsWelti-Chanes, J.; Vergara, F.; Bermudez, D.; Mujica-Paz, H.; Valdez-Fragoso, A. Unsteady-State Mass Transfer: Coupled and Nonlinear ProblemsRanjan, Rakesh; Irudayaraj, Joseph Use of Impedance for Measurement of Microbial ActivityRibeiro, Thierry Use of Ultrasound for the Non-Destructive Evaluation of FoodCoupland, John N. Vacuum CoolingOzen, Banu F.; Singh, Rakesh K. Vegetable Production Machine DesignER - AU - Glancey, James L. Vegetable Storage SystemsHellevang, Kenneth Viscosity of Suspensions and ConcentratesCullen, P. J.; O'Donnell, C. P. Water ActivityPadua, Graciela W. Water Quality in Biological SystemsHall, Steven G.; Drapcho, Caye Water Quality in Precision AgricultureTim, U. Sunday Water Table ManagementEvans, Robert O. Water Vapor PropertiesThorpe, Graham Wet Bulb TemperatureWeller, Curtis L.; Amezquita, Alejandro WLF EquationYildiz, M. Erhan; Kokini, Jozef L. Wood-Plastic CompositesHarper, David P.; Rials, Timothy G.

About the Author

DENNIS R. HELDMAN is currently Principal, Heldman Associates in San Marcos, California. In addition, he is Adjunct Professor at the University of California-Davis and Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri. Previously, Heldman has been Director of the Cooperative Research and Development Program at the Center for Advanced Food Technology and Professor of Food Process Engineering, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. The author, coauthor, editor, or coeditor of numerous professional publications, including the Handbook of Food Engineering (Marcel Dekker, Inc.), he is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, the Institute of Biological Engineering, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the American Association of Cereal Chemists, among other organizations. Professor Heldman currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Council for the World Food Logistics Organization.


The scope has expanded to include new processes developed at the micro- and nanoscales, applications of new sensory technologies, and sustainability issues related to food and agricultural security. Readers do not need extensive technical backgrounds in order to understand the articles, written by experts from around the world. Useful illustrations, graphs, and formulas continue to enhance the narrative entries. In addition to an excellent index and alphabetical table of contents, a topical table of contents groups articles across both volumes under agricultural, biological, and food engineering taxonomies. ... Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and above; general readers. --K.L. Carriveau Jr., Baylor University, in CHOICE, July 2011, Vol.48, No.11 The concept of a reference on this field of engineering is an important step in recognizing the importance of not only engineers but all scientists in the food and agricultural industries. --John J. Classen, Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA ! a valuable resource [for] any library in our field. --Mark R. McLellan, Professor and Director, Institute of Food Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA ! covers a wide ranging set of technical topics and contemporary perspectives. --Bernard Y. Tao, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA ! one of the best encyclopedias I have seen in the area of agricultural, food and biological engineering. Dr. Heldman is to be commended. --Daryl Lund, Professor of Food Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA ! an exhaustive, in-depth and professionally thorough resource. --MBR: Internet Bookwatch This is the first publication to bring together authoritative information in this discipline ! highly recommended. --CHOICE ! articles are carefully written and peer-reviewed ! this title fills an existing need. I would recommend it to public, academic, special libraries with programs in agriculture, engineering, and food science. --E-Streams

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