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Marine Mammals are amongst the most charismatic and fascinating creatures on Earth. Both mysterious and fascinating biologically they share a long relationship with man - as creatures of myth, symbolic of the conservation movement and objects of commerce and exploitation and the worst that man can do. This thorough revision of the classic first edition brings this authoritative book right up to date. Articles describe both every species in detail, based on the very latest taxonomy, and a host of biological, ecological and sociological aspects relating to marine mammals. The latest information on the biology, ecology, anatomy, behaviour and interactions with man is provided by a cast of expert authors - all presented in such detail and clarity as to satisfy the research worker and the serious naturalist. Fully referenced throughout and with a fresh selection of the best color photographs available the Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals remains at the forefront as an indispensable reference. * Over 200 articles deal with individual species-and with topics ranging from anatomy and behaviour, to conservation, exploitation and the impact of global climate change on marine mammals.* Improves on the acclaimed first edition with new and revised chapters, and better cross referencing, glossary and Index * New Illustrations in colour show every species and document the topical articles From reviews of the first edition ".this book is so good ...a bargain, full of riches .. packed with fascinating up to date information ...I recommend it unreservedly it to individuals, students, and researchers, as well as libraries". - Richard M Laws, Marine Mammal Science. "This timely encyclopedia establishes a solid and satisfying foundation for current study and future exploration" Ronald J. Shusterman, Science
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Table of Contents

Abundance EstimationStephen T. Buckland and Anne E. YorkAerial BehaviorBernd Wursig and Hal WhiteheadAge EstimationAleta A. HohnAggressive Behavior, IntraspecificClaudio CampagnaAlbinismDagmar Fertl and Patricia E. RoselAmazon River Dolphin or BotoVera M.F. da SilvaAmbergrisDale W. RiceAntarctic Fur SealArctocephalus gazellaJaume Forcada and Iain J. StanilandAntarctic Marine MammalsIan L. BoydArchaeocetes, ArchaicJ. G. M. ThewissenArctic Marine MammalsJohn J. BurnsAtlantic Spotted Dolphin Stenella frontalisWilliam F. PerrinAtlantic White-Sided DolphinLagenorhynchus acutus (Gray 1828)Frank CiprianoAustralian Sea LionNeophoca cinereaJohn K. LingAustralian Snubfin DolphinOrcaella heinsohniKelly M. Robertson and Peter W. ArnoldAzorean WhalingRichard EllisBaculumEdward H. MillerBaiji Lipotes vexilliferKaiya ZhouBalanceFred SpoorBaleenDale W. RiceBaleen Whales MysticetesJohn L. BannisterBarnaclesDagmar Fertl and William A. NewmanBasilosauridsMark D. UhenBeaked Whales, Overview ZiphiidaeJames G. Mead Bearded SealErignathus barbatusKit M. KovacsBehavior, OverviewPeter L. TyackBeluga WhaleDelphinapterus leucas Gregory M. O'Corry-CroweBiogeographyRick LeDucBlubberSara J. IversonBlue Whale Balaenoptera musculusRichard Sears and William F. PerrinBones and Teeth, Histology ofMary C. MaasBottlenose WhalesHyperoodon ampullatus and H. planifronsShannon GowansBowhead WhaleBalaena mysticetusDavid J. Rugh and Kim E. W. SheldenBow-ridingBernd WursigBrainHelmut H.A. Oelschlager and Jutta S. OelschlagerBrain Size EvolutionLori MarinoBreathingDouglas WartzokBreeding SitesMark A. HindellBryde's Whales Balaenoptera edeni/brydeiHedehiro Kato and William F. PerrinBurmeister's PorpoisePhocoena spinipinnisJulio C. ReyesBycatchSimon NorthridgeCalifornia, Galapagos, and Japanese Sea LionsCarolyn B. Heath and William F PerrinCallositiesMason T. WeinrichCaptive BreedingTodd R. Robeck, Justine K. O'Brien and Daniel K. OdellCaptivityPeter CorkeronCaspian and Baikal SealsNobuyuki MiyazakiThe Cephalorhynchus DolphinsStephen M. DawsonCetacean EcologyLisa T. BallanceCetacean EvolutionR. Ewan FordyceCetacean Fossil RecordR. Ewan Fordyce Cetacean Life-HistorySusan J. ChiversCetacean Prenatal DevelopmentJoy S. Reidenberg and Jeffrey T. LaitmanCirculatory SystemPaul J. PonganisClassificationDale W. Rice Climate ChangeSue Moore Clymene Dolphin Stenella clymeneThomas A. Jefferson ColorationWilliam F. Perrin Common Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops truncatusRandall S. Wells and Michael D. ScottCommon Dolphins Delphinus delphis and D. capensisWilliam F. Perrin Communication in Marine MammalsKathleen M. Dudzinski, Jeanette A. Thomas and Justin D. GreggCompetition with FisheriesEva E. Plaganyi and Douglas S. ButterworthConservation EffortsRandall R. Reeves Crabeater Seal Lobodon carcinophagaJohn L. Bengtson Culture in Whales and DolphinsHal Whitehead Cuvier's Beaked Whale Ziphius cavirostrisJohn E. Heyning Dall's Porpoise Phocoenoides dalliThomas A. Jefferson Delphinids, OverviewRick LeDuc Dental Morphology, Evolution ofMark D. Uhen DesmostyliaDaryl P. Domning DialectsJohn K.B. Ford DietNelio B. Barros and Malcolm R. ClarkeDistributionJaume Forcada Diving BehaviorBrent S. Stewart Diving PhysiologyGerald L. Kooyman Dugong Dugong dugonHelene Marsh Dusky Dolphin Lagenorhynchus obscurusKoen Van Waerebeek and Bernd WursigEared SealsOtariidae Roger L. GentryEarless Seals PhocidaeMike O. Hammill EcholocationWhitlow W. L. Au Ecological EffectsJames A. Estes Ecology, OverviewBernd Wursig Elephant Seals Mirounga angustirostris and M. leoninaMark A. Hindell and Wiliam F. PerrinEndangered Species and PopulationsJohn E. Reynolds, Richard Merrick, Gregory K. Silber, and Douglas P. DeMasterEndocrine SystemsShannon Atkinson and David St. AubinEnergeticsDaniel P. Costa Entrapment and EntanglementJon Lien Estrus and Estrous BehaviorDaryl J. Boness Ethics and Marine MammalsMarc Bekoff Extinctions, SpecificT. DuffieldFalse Killer Whale Pseudorca crassidensRobin W. Baird Feeding MorphologyChristopher D. Marshall Feeding Strategy and TacticsMichael R. Heithaus and Lawrence M. DillFemale Reproductive SystemR. E. A. Stewart and B. E. StewartFilter FeedingDonald A. Croll, Bernie R. Tershy, and Kelly M. NewtonFin Whale Balaenoptera physalusAlex Aguilar Finless PorpoiseMasao Amano Fisheries, Interference withDagmar Fertl Fishing Industry, Effects ofSimon Northridge Folklore and LegendsRochelle Constantine Forelimb AnatomyLisa Noelle CooperForensic GeneticsC. Scott Baker and Merel L. DaleboutFossil SitesR. Ewan Fordyce Franciscana Pontoporia blainvilleiEnrique A Crespo Fraser's Dolphin Lagenodelphis hoseiM. Louella and L. Dolar Gastrointestinal TractJames G. Mead Genetics for ManagementPhillip A. Morin and Andrew E. DizonGenetics, OverviewPer J. Palsboll Geographic VariationWilliam F. Perrin Giant Beaked Whales Berardius bairdii and B. arnuxiiToshio Kasuya Gray Seal Halichoerus grypusAilsa Hall and David ThompsonGray Whale Eschrichtius robustusMary Lou Jones and Steven L. SwartzGroup BehaviorAlejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez Habitat PressurePeter G. H. Evans Habitat UseAlejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez Hair and FurPamela K. Yochem and Brent S. StewartHarbor PorpoiseArne Bjorge Harbor Seal and Spotted Seal Phoca vitulina and P. larghaJohn J. Burns Harp Seal Pagophilus groenlandicusDavid M. Lavigne HealthJoseph R. Geraci and Valerie J. LounsburyHearingSirpa Nummela Hindlimb AnatomyPeter J. Adam History of Marine Mammal ResearchBernd Wursig and William F. PerrinHooded Seal Cystophora cristataKit M. Kovacs Hourglass Dolphin Lagenorhynchus crucigerR. Natalie P. Goodall Humpback DolphinsGuido J. Parra and Graham J. B RossHumpback Whale Megaptera novaeangliaePhillip J. Clapham Hunting of Marine MammalsRandall R. Reeves HybridismMartine Berube Identification MethodsRandall S. Wells Indo-Pacific Beaked Whale Indopacetus pacificusRobert Pitman Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops aduncusJohn Y. Wang and Shih-Chu YangIndo-West Pacific, Marine MammalsPeter Rudolph and Chris SmeenkIntelligence and CognitionBernd Wursig International Whaling CommissionJ.P. Donovan Inuit and Marine MammalsStephen A. MacLean, Anne M. Jensen and Glenn W. SheehanIrrawaddy DolphinBrian D. Smith Japanese WhalingToshio Kasuya Killer Whale Orcinus orcaJohn K.B. Ford Krill and Other PlanktonRoger Hewitt and Jessica D. LipskyLanguage Learning and Cognitive SkillsLouis M. Herman Locomotion, TerrestrialThomas A. Demere and Joshua H. YonasLeopard Seal Hydrurga leptonyxTracey L. Rogers Male Reproductive SystemsShannon Atkinson ManagementJay Barlow Manatees Trichechus manatus, T. senegalensis, and T. inunguisJohn E. Reynolds, III, James A. Powell and Cynthia R. TaylorMarine Parks and ZoosDaniel K. Odell and Loran WlodarskiMarine Protected AreasErich Hoyt Mark and Recapture MethodsPhipip S. Hammond Mass Die-offsJohn Harwood and Ailsa HallMass StrandingBrownell, PMating SystemSarah L. Mesnick and Katherine RallsMelon-headed Whale Peponocephala electraWayne L. Perryman Mesoplodont Whales Mesoplodon spp.Robert Pitman Migration and Movement PatternsS. Jonathan Stern MimicryPeter L. TyackMinke Whales Balaenoptera acutorostrata and B. bonaerensisWilliam F. Perrin and Robert L. Brownell, Jr.Molecular EcologyA. Rus Hoelzel Monk Seals Monachus monachus, M. tropicalis, and M. schauinslandi.William G. Gilmartin and Jaume ForcadaMusculatureJ. G. M. Thewissen Museums and CollectionsJohn E. Heyning Mysticete EvolutionAnnalisa Berta and Thomas A. DemeretNarwhal Monodon monocerosM. P. Heide-Jorgensen NeocetiR. Ewan Fordyce New Zealand Sea Lion Phocarctos hookeriNicholas J. Gales Noise, Effects ofBernd Wursig and W. John RichardsonNorth Atlantic Marine MammalsGordon T. Waring and Debra L. PalkaNorth Pacific Marine MammalsSergio Escorza-Trevino Northern Fur SealRoger L. Gentry Ocean EnvironmentPaul C. Fiedler OdobenocetopsChristian de Muizon Omura's whale Balaenoptera omuraiTadasu K. Yamada OsmoregulationDaniel P. Costa Otters, MarineJ.A. Estes, J.L. Bodkin and M. Ben-DavidPacific White-sided Dolphins Lagenorhynchus obliquidensNancy A. Black Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Stenella attenuataWilliam F. Perrin ParasitesJ. Antonio Raga, Mercedes Fernandez, Juan A. Balbuena, and F. Javier AznarParental BehaviorJanet Mann PathologyDaniel F. Cowan Peale's Dolphin Lagenorhynchus australisR. Natalie P. Goodall Pilot Whales Globicephala melas and G. macrorhynchusPaula A. Olson Pinnepedia, OverviewAnnalisa Berta Pinnipedia EcologyW. D. Bowen, C. A. Beck and D. A. AustinPinnipedia, EvolutionAnnalisa Berta Pinnipedia Life HistoryIan L. Boyd Pinnipedia PhysiologyDaniel E. Crocker Daniel P. CostaPlayful BehaviorBernd Wursig Polar Bear Ursus maritimusIan Stirling Pollution and Marine MammalsPeter J.H. Reijnders Popular Culture and LiteraturePaul H. Forestell Population DynamicsPaul R. Wade Population Status and TrendsJay Barlow and Randall R. ReevesPorpoises, OverviewAndrew J. Read Predation on Marine MammalsDavid W. Weller Predator-Prey RelationshipsAndrew W. Trites Pygmy and Dwarf Sperm Whales Kogia breviceps and K. simaDonald F. McAlpine Pygmy Killer Whale Feresa attenuataMeghan A. Donahue and Wayne L. PerrymanPygmy Right Whale Caperea marginataCatherine Kemper RemorasDagmar Fertl and Andre M. Landry, JrReproductive BehaviorMichael A. Fedak, Ben Wilson and Paddy P. PomeroyRibbon SealHistriophoca fasciata Lloyd Lowry and Peter BovengRight Whale Dolphins Lissodelphis borealis and L. peroniiJessica D. Lipsky Right Whales Eubalaena glacialis, E. japonica, and E. australisRobert D. Kenney Ringed Seal Pusa hispidaM.O. Hammill Risso's Dolphin Grampus griseusRobin W. Baird River DolphinsRandall R. Reeves and Anthony R MartinRiver Dolphins, Evolutionary History and AffinitiesChristian de Muizon RookeriesGeorge Anthony Antonelis Ross SealJeanette A. Thomas and Tracey RogersRough-toothed DolphinThomas A. Jefferson ScrimshawStuart M. Frank Sealions, OverviewDaryl J. Boness Sei Whale Balaenoptera borealisJoseph Horwood Sensory Biology, OverviewJ. G. M Thewissen Sexual DimorphismKatherine Ralls and Sarah MesnickShepherd's Beaked Whale Tasmacetus shepherdiJames G. Mead Signature WhistlesLaela S. Sayigh and Vincent M. JanikSirenian EvolutionDaryl P. Domning Sirenian Life HistoryDaniel K. Odell Skeletal AnatomySentiel Rommel and John E. ReynoldsSkull AnatomySentiel Rommel, D. Ann Pabst, and William A. McLellanSociobiologyFritz Trillmilch SongJim Darling Sound ProductionAdam S. Frankel South American Marine MammalsEnrique A. Crespo South American Sea Lion Otaria flavescensHumberto Luis Cappozzo and Wiliam F. PerrinSouthern Fur Seals ARCTOCEPHALUS SPPJohn P. Y. Arnould SpeciesWilliam F. Perrin Spectacled Porpoise Phocoena dioptricaR. Natalie P. Goodall SpeedFrank E. Fish Sperm Whale Physeter macrocephalusHal Whitehead Sperm Whales, EvolutionGuram A. Mchedlidze SpermacetiDale W. Rice Spinner Dolphin Stenella longirostrisWilliam F. Perrin Steller's Sea Cow Hydrodamalis gigasPaul K. Anderson and Daryl P. DomningSteller's Sea Lion Eumetopias jubatusThomas R. Loughlin Stock AssessmentJeffrey M. Breiwick and Anne E. YorkStock IdentityJohn Y. Wang StrandingWilliam F. Perrin and Joseph R. GeraciStreamliningFrank E. Fish Striped Dolphin Stenella coeruleoalbaFrederick I. Archer II SurveysKarin A Forney SustainabilityCharles W. Fowler and Michael A. EtnierSusu and Bhulan Platanista gangetica gangetica and P. g. minorBrian D. Smith and Gillian T. BraulikSwimmingTerrie M. Williams Systematics, OverviewAnnalisa Berta TelemetryAndrew J. Read Territorial BehaviorEdward H. Miller ThermoregulationMichael Castellini Thorax and Abdomen AnatomyJohn E. Reynolds and Sentiel RommellTool-use in Wild Bottlenose DolphinsJanet Mann and Brooke SargeantToothed Whales, OverviewSascha K. Hooker TrainingTed Turner, Todd Feucht, and Tyler TurnerTucuxiPaulo A. C Flores and Vera M. F. Da SilvaTuna-Dolphin IssueTim Gerrodette Vaquita Phocoena sinusLorenzo Rojas-Bracho and Armando M. Jaramillo-LegorretaVisionAlla M. Mass and Alexander Ya. SupinWalrus Odobenus rosmarusRonald A. Kastelein Weddell Seal Leptonychotes weddelliiJeanette A. Thomas and Jack TerhuneWhale LiceCarl J. Pfeiffer Whale WatchingErich Hoyt Whaling, Early and AboriginalRichard Ellis Whaling, in the AzoresRichard Ellis Whaling, Illegal and PirateRobert L. Brownell and Alexey V. YablokovWhaling, ModernPhillip J. Clapham and C. Scott BakerWhaling, TraditionalRichard Ellis White-beaked Dolphin Lagenorhynchus albirostrisCarl Christian Kinze

About the Author

Bernd Wursig, his students, and postdocs have studied marine mammals and sea birds on all continents, with present work mainly on dusky dolphins in diverse habitats of New Zealand, and beleaguered Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins of Hong Kong. His specialties are questions of behavior and social strategies, especially as related to human disturbance. He has published and co-published about 190 peer review papers and book chapters, 55 popular articles, and 8 books. The most recent book is "Dusky Dolphins; Master Acrobats off Different Shores" (with Melany Wursig, 2010, Academic/Elsevier). He is a past-president of the Society for Marine Mammalogy, and was the inaugural chair of the Texas A&M Marine Biology Graduate Program. He is now Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M. Bernd and Melany enjoy their natural gardens in New Zealand, the Arizona desert, and coastal south Texas, three marvelously-different biomes. J. G. M. 'Hans' Thewissen studies the evolution, anatomy and embryology of marine mammals, and has traveled the world to study fossil and living whales. Working in Pakistan and India, he discovered some of the earliest, amphibious, cetaceans and sirenians. His work with the sense organs of modern whales explores the impact of global change on marine mammal populations. He has published more than 100 scientific papers, nine of which in the prestigious journals Science and Nature. A native of the Netherlands, he holds degrees in biology and geology from the University of Utrecht and the University of Michigan and teaches anatomy and embryology to medical students at Northeast Ohio Medical University. He also has appointments at Kent State University and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.


"This book's encyclopedic coverage of marine mammals has been fully revised and updated. Despite its size, it is easy to use. I recommend this book for anyone interested in marine mammals!" - The Birdbooker Report "Its ease of use and interesting look will assure that it is a handy, and well-used, reference book for scientists in the field as well as for students looking for interesting topics for term papers. The second edition's new colorful look expands it's consumer base and makes it an excellent choice for high school and undergraduate university libraries." --Paul E. Nachtigall, University of Hawaii "This revision of the well-received first edition adds several new chapters in areas of marine mammal science that have changed significantly, e.g., climate change and the 'interface of ecology and conservation.' Somewhat fragmented topics are now combined into more comprehensive ones. Additionally, almost all entries are updated, and color photographs appear throughout. Each of the 260 chapters is authored by an acclaimed contributor and covers species and topics relating to anatomy, physiology, behavior, conservation, ecology, and more. Overall, this encyclopedia's content serves as an important reference source for marine mammals." -- CHOICE

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