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English Grammar in Use Third Edition is a fully updated version of the classic grammar title. It retains all the key features of clarity and accessibility that have made the book so popular with students and teachers. This new edition is designed to be flexible. The book is available both with and without answers, so can be used in class or for homework. The books come with a handy pullout reference panel, which allows students to review key grammar points. The 'with answers' version of the book is also available packaged with a brand new CD-ROM. Key Features Ten completely new units, including nine new units on phrasal verbs to extend this important area for intermediate students. Includes even more Additional Exercises, to offer more contrastive practice. Informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure all the language taught is authentic and up-to-date. In full colour and has a slightly larger format to appeal to students.
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Table of Contents

Present and past 1 Present continuous (I am doing) 2 Present simple (I do) 3 Present continuous and present simple (1) (I am doing and I do) 4 Present continuous and present simple (2) (I am doing and I do) 5 Past simple (I did) 6 Past continuous (I was doing) Present perfect and past 7 Present perfect (1) (I have done) 8 Present perfect (2) (I have done) 9 Present perfect continuous (I have been doing) 10 Present perfect continuous and simple (I have been doing and I have done) 11 How long have you (been) ? 12 For and since When ? and How long ? 13 Present perfect and past (1) (I have done and I did) 14 Present perfect and past (2) (I have done and I did) 15 Past perfect (I had done) 16 Past perfect continuous(I had been doing) 17 Have got and have 18 Used to (do) Future 19 Present tenses (I am doing / I do) for the future 20 (I'm) going to (do) 21 Will/shall (1) 22 Will/shall (2) 23 I will and I'm going to 24 Will be doing and will have done 25 When I do / When I've done When and if Modals 26 Can, could and (be) able to 27 Could (do) and could have (done) 28 Must and can't 29 May and might (1) 30 May and might (2) 31 Have to and must 32 Must mustn't needn't 33 Should (1) 34 Should (2) 35 Had better It's time 36 Would 37 Can/Could/Would you ? etc. (Requests, offers, permission and invitations) Conditionals and 'wish' 38 If I do If I did 39 If I knew I wish I knew 40 If I had known I wish I'd known 41 Wish Passive 42 Passive (1) (is done / was done) 43 Passive (2) (be/been/being done) 44 Passive (3) 45 It is said that He is said to (be) supposed to 46 Have something done Reported speech 47 Reported speech (1) (He said that ) 48 Reported speech (2) Questions and auxiliary verbs 49 Questions (1) 50 Questions (2) (Do you know where ? / She asked me where ) 51 Auxiliary verbs (have/do/can etc.) I think so / I hope so etc. 52 Question tags (do you? isn't it? etc.) -ing and the infinitive 53 Verb + -ing (enjoy doing / stop doing etc.) 54 Verb + to (decide to do / forget to do etc.) 55 Verb (+ object) + to (I want to do / I want you to do) 56 Verb + -ing or to (1) (remember/regret etc.) 57 Verb + -ing or to (2) (try/need/help) 58 Verb + -ing or to (3) (like / would like etc.) 59 Prefer and would rather 60 Preposition (in/for/about etc.) + -ing 61 Be/get used to something (I'm used to ) 62 Verb + preposition + -ing (succeed in -ing / accuse somebody of -ing etc.) 63 Expressions + -ing 64 To , for , and so that (purpose) 65 Adjective + to 66 To and preposition + -ing (afraid/interested/sorry) 67 See somebody do and see somebody doing 68 -ing clauses (Feeling tired, I went to bed early.) Articles and nouns 69 Countable and uncountable (1) 70 Countable and uncountable (2) 71 Countable nouns with a/an and some 72 A/an and the 73 The (1) 74 The (2) (School / the school) 75 The (3) (Children / the children) 76 The (4) (The giraffe / the telephone / the piano etc., the + adjective) 77 Names with and without the (1) 78 Names with and without the (2) 79 Singular and plural 80 Noun + noun (a tennis ball / a headache etc.) 81 -'s (your sister's name) and of (the name of the book) Pronouns and determiners 82 Myself/yourself/themselves etc. 83 A friend of mine My own house On my own / by myself 84 There and it 85 Some and any 86 No/none/any Nothing/nobody 87 Much, many, little, few, a lot, plenty 88 All / all of most / most of no / none of etc. 89 Both / both of neither / neither of either / either of 90 All, every and whole 91 Each and every Relative clauses 92 Relative clauses (1): clauses with who/that/which 93 Relative clauses (2): clauses with or without who/that/which 94 Relative clauses (3): whose/whom/where 95 Relative clauses (4): extra information clauses 1 96 Relative clauses (5): extra information clauses 2 97 -ing and -ed clauses (the woman talking to Tom, the boy injured in the accident)

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