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The Legends in Consumer Behavior series captures the essence of the most important contributions made in the field of consumer behavior in the past several decades. It reproduces the seminal works of the legends in the field, which are supplemented by interviews of these legends as well as by the opinions of other scholars about their work. The series comprises various sets, each focusing on the multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the field. This second set in the series, consisting of 15 volumes, is a tribute to Morris B. Holbrook. Morris B. Holbrook, one of the most prolific contemporary consumer behavior and marketing scholars, is the recently retired W. T. Dillard Professor Emeritus of Marketing, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New York City. Holbrook received his Bachelor's Degree from Harvard College (English Literature) in 1965, his MBA from Columbia University in 1967, and his Ph.D. in Marketing from Columbia University in 1975. From 1975 to 2009, he taught courses at the Columbia Business School in areas such as sales management, marketing strategy, research methods, consumer behavior, and commercial communication in the culture of consumption. His research has covered a wide variety of topics in marketing, consumer behavior, and related areas with a special focus on issues concerning communication in general and aesthetics, semiotics, hermeneutics, art, entertainment, music, jazz, motion pictures, nostalgia, animal companions, and stereography in particular. The series is edited by Jagdish N. Sheth, who is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, U.S.A. He is Past President of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR), as well as of Division 23 (Consumer Psychology) of the American Psychological Association (APA). He is also a Fellow of APA. Professor Sheth is the co-author (with John A. Howard) of The Theory of Buyer Behavior, a classic in consumer behavior published in 1969. This set includes: Volume 1: Traditional Decision-Oriented Approaches: Attitude, Information-Processing, and Features-Perceptions-Affect Models Editor: Joel Huber Volume 2: "Radical" Experiential Views: The Consumption Experience and Customer Value Editor: Elizabeth C. Hirschman Volume 3: Emotions Editor: Meryl P. Gardner Volume 4: Esthetics and Tastes, Part I: Art and Entertainment Editor: Finola Kerrigan Volume 5: Esthetics and Tastes, Part II: Effects of Personality, Class, and Expertise Editor: Michela Addis Volume 6: Nostalgia and Age-Related Preferences Editor: Robert M. Schindler Volume 7: Quantitative Methods: MDS, MDA, CCA, and Beyond Editor: William L. Moore Volume 8: Qualitative Methods, Part I: Interpretive Approaches Editor: John O'Shaughnessy Volume 9: Qualitative Methods, Part II: Symbolic Consumer Behavior or Consumption Symbolism Editor: Alan Bradshaw Volume 10: Qualitative Methods, Part III: Subjective Personal Introspection Editor: Stephen J. Gould Volume 11: Marketing Applications: Branding, Communications, and Strategy Editor: Pierre Berthon Volume 12: Macromarketing Applications, Part I: Ethical Concerns, Social Issues, and Animal Companions Editor: Clifford J. Shultz, II Volume 13: Macromarketing Applications, Part II: Marketing versus Consumer Research Editor: Ronald Paul Hill Volume 14: Inspirational Applications, Part I: Marketing Education Editor: Herbert Jack Rotfeld Volume 15: Inspirational Applications, Part II: Scholarship and Creativity Editor: William L. Wilkie
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Table of Contents

Volume 1 :TRADITIONAL DECISION-ORIENTED APPROACHES: ATTITUDE INFORMATION-PROCESSING, AND FEATURES-PERCEPTIONS-AFFECT MODELSAttitude ModelsMulti-attribute Attitude Models: A Comparative Analysis - Morris B. Holbrook and James M. HulbertComparing Multiattribute Attitude Models by Optimal Scaling - Morris B. HolbrookBeyond Attitude Structure: Toward the Informational Determinants of Attitude - Morris B. HolbrookAssessing the Real-to-Artificial Generalizability of Multiattribute Attitude Models in Tests of New Product Designs - Morris B. Holbrook and William J. HavlenaInformation-Processing ModelsA Study of the Interface between Attitude Structure and Information Acquisition Using a Questionnaire-based Information-display Sheet - Morris B. Holbrook and Karl A. MaierAttitude Structure and Search: An Integrative Model of Importance-directed Information Processing - Morris B. Holbrook, David A. Velez and Gerard J. TabouretImportance, Elicitation Order, and Expectancy x Value - Michael J. Ryan and Morris B. HolbrookPerceptual VeridicalityPerceptual Veridicality in Esthetic Communication: A Model, General Procedure, and Illustration - Morris B. Holbrook and Stephen A. BertgesDetecting the Differences in Jazz: A Comparison of Methods for Assessing Perceptual Veridicality in Applied Aesthetics - Morris B. Holbrook and Joel HuberRefinements in Preference ModelsFeature Interactions in Consumer Judgments of Verbal versus Pictorial Presentations - Morris B. Holbrook and William L. MooreSituational Psychophysics and the Vending-Machine Problem - Joel Huber, Morris B. Holbrook and Susan SchiffmanEstimating Temporal Trends in Preferences Measured by Graded Paired Comparisons - Joel Huber and Morris B. HolbrookEffects of Competitive Context and of Additional Information on Price Sensitivity - Joel Huber, Morris B. Holbrook and Barbara KahnFeatures-Perceptions-Affect ModelsIntegrating Compositional and Decompositional Analyses to Represent the Intervening Role of Perceptions in Evaluative Judgments - Morris B. HolbrookEffects of Tempo and Situational Arousal on the Listener's Perceptual and Affective Responses to Music - Morris B. Holbrook and Punam AnandThe Effects of Situation, Sequence, and Features on Perceptual and Affective Responses to Product Designs: The Case of Aesthetic Consumption - Morris B. Holbrook and Punam AnandAffective Overtones and Halo EffectsSeparating Perceptual Dimensions from Affective Overtones: An Application to Consumer Aesthetics - Morris B. Holbrook and Joel HuberUsing a Structural Model of Halo Effect to Assess Perceptual Distortion due to Affective Overtones - Morris B. HolbrookLateralized PreferencesThe Formation of Affective Judgments: The Cognitive-Affective Model versus the Independence Hypothesis - Punam Anand, Morris B. Holbrook and Debra StephensThe Convergent Validity of Dichotic Listening and Hemispheric Priming as Methods for Studying Lateralized Differences in Affective Responses - Punam Anand and Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsReflections on the (Wonderful) Work of Morris Holbrook - Mark I. AlpertMorris the Renaissance Man - Barbara E. KahnCommentary - Traditional Decision-Oriented Approaches - James J. KellarisInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Joel HuberVolume 2: "RADICAL" EXPERIENTIAL VIEWS: THE CONSUMPTION EXPERIENCE AND CUSTOMER VALUEThe Consumption Experience - ConceptsThe Experiential Aspects of Consumption: Consumer Fantasies, Feelings, and Fun - Morris B. Holbrook and Elizabeth C. HirschmanHedonic Consumption: Emerging Concepts, Methods and Propositions - Elizabeth C. Hirschman and Morris B. HolbrookO, Consumer, How You've Changed: Some Radical Reflections on the Roots of Consumption - Morris B. HolbrookExpanding the Ontology and Methodology of Research on the Consumption Experience - Elizabeth C. Hirschman and Morris B. HolbrookThe Consumption Experience - ExtensionsActions and Reactions in the Consumption Experience: The Complementary Roles of Reasons and Emotions in Consumer Behavior - Morris B. Holbrook, John O'Shaughnessy and Stephen BellOn the Conceptual Link between Mass Customisation and Experiential Consumption: An Explosion of Subjectivity - Michela Addis and Morris B. HolbrookThe Consumption Experience - Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Sold: Part 1 - Morris B. HolbrookThe Consumption Experience - Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Sold: Part 2 - Morris B. HolbrookThe Consumption Experience - Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Sold: Part 3 - Morris B. HolbrookThe Consumption Experience - Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Sold: Part 4 - Morris B. HolbrookConsumers Just Wanna Have Fantasies, Feelings, and Fun!! - Morris B. HolbrookCustomer Value - ConceptsThe Nature of Customer Value: An Axiology of Services in the Consumption Experience - Morris B. HolbrookAxiology, Aesthetics, and Apparel: Some Reflections on the Old School Tie - Morris B. HolbrookIntroduction to Consumer Value and Conclusions - Morris B. HolbrookCustomer Value - ExtensionsThe Millennial Consumer in the Texts of Our Times: Experience and Entertainment - Morris B. HolbrookThe Millennial Consumer in the Texts of Our Times: Exhibitionism - Morris B. HolbrookThe Millennial Consumer in the Texts of Our Times: Evangelizing - Morris B. HolbrookROSEPEKICECIVECI versus CCV - The Resource-Operant, Skills-Exchanging, Performance-Experiencing, Knowledge-Informed, Competence-Enacting, Co-producer-Involved, Value-Emerging, Customer-Interactive View of Marketing versus the Concept of Customer Value: "I Can Get It for You Wholesale" - Morris B. HolbrookConsumption Experiences and Customer Value - Empirical StudiesQuality and Value in the Consumption Experience: Phaedrus Rides Again - Morris B. Holbrook and Kim P. CorfmanThe Conceptualisation and Measurement of Consumer Value in Services - Raquel Sanchez-Fernandez, M. Angeles Iniesta-Bonillo and Morris B. HolbrookThe Value of Value: Further Excursions on the Meaning and Role of Customer Value - Martina G. Gallarza, Irene Gil-Saura and Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsCommentary - "Radical" Experiential Views - Martina GallarzaMorris B. Holbrook: The Value of a Great Researcher and Friend - Raquel Sanchez FernandezMorris -The Experience - Bernd H. SchmittInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Elizabeth C. HirschmanVolume 3: EMOTIONSEmotions in the Consumption Experience - ConceptsThe Role of Emotion in the Consumption Experience: Actions and Reactions in Consumer Behavior - Morris B. HolbrookThe Role of Lyricism in Research on Consumer Emotions: Skylark, Have You Anything to Say to Me? - Morris B. HolbrookEmotions in the Consumption Experience - Empirical StudiesUsing versus Choosing: The Relationship of the Consumption Experience to Reasons for Purchasing - Morris B. Holbrook, Donald R. Lehmann and John O'ShaughnessyEmotion in the Consumption Experience: Toward a New Model of the Human Consumer - Morris B. HolbrookThe Varieties of Consumption Experience: Comparing Two Typologies of Emotion in Consumer Behavior - William J. Havlena and Morris B. HolbrookAssessing the Validity of Emotional Typologies - William J. Havlena, Morris B. Holbrook and Donald R. LehmannA Stochastic Three-Way Unfolding Model for Asymmetric Binary Data - Wayne S. DeSarbo, Donald R. Lehmann, Morris B. Holbrook, William J. Havlena and Sunil GuptaEmotions and Consumption over Time - Empirical StudiesPlay as a Consumption Experience: The Roles of Emotions, Performance, and Personality in the Enjoyment of Games - Morris B. Holbrook, Robert W. Chestnut, Terence A. Oliva and Eric A. GreenleafAn Approach to Investigating the Emotional Determinants of Consumption Durations: Why Do People Consume What They Consume for as Long as They Consume It? - Morris B. Holbrook and Meryl P. GardnerHow Motivation Moderates the Effects of Emotions on the Duration of Consumption - Morris B. Holbrook and Meryl P. GardnerIllustrating a Dynamic Model of the Mood-Updating Process in Consumer Behavior - Morris B. Holbrook and Meryl P. GardnerEmotions in Advertising - Concepts and TypologiesThe Role of Emotion in Advertising - Morris B. Holbrook and John O'ShaughnessyToward a Standardized Emotional Profile (SEP) Useful in Measuring Responses to the Nonverbal Components of Advertising - Morris B. Holbrook and Rajeev BatraThe Role of Emotion in Advertising Revisited: Testing a Typology of Emotional Responses - Morris B. Holbrook and Richard A. Westwood Developing a Typology of Affective Responses to Advertising - Rajeev Batra and Morris B. HolbrookEmotions and Responses to Advertising - Empirical StudiesAssessing the Role of Emotions as Mediators of Consumer Responses to Advertising - Morris B. Holbrook and Rajeev BatraA Three-Component Model of Attitude toward the Ad: Effects of the Zipping and Zapping of Television Commercials - T. J. Olney, Rajeev Batra and Morris B. HolbrookConsumer Responses to Advertising: The Effects of Ad Content, Emotions, and Attitude toward the Ad on Viewing Time - Thomas J. Olney, Morris B. Holbrook and Rajeev BatraPerspectives of Other ScholarsCommentary - Emotions - Rajeev BatraEmotions and Consumption Experiences: An Emotional Retrospective - William J. HavlenaCommentary - Emotions - T. J. OlneyInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Meryl P. GardnerVolume 4: ESTHETICS AND TASTES, PART I: ART AND ENTERTAINMENTConsumer Esthetics - Basic ConceptsSome Preliminary Notes on Research in Consumer Esthetics - Morris B. HolbrookSymbolic Consumer Behavior: An Introduction - Morris B. Holbrook and Elizabeth C. HirschmanIntroduction: The Esthetic Imperative in Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookProgress and Problems in Research on Consumer Esthetics - Morris B. HolbrookConcepts from the Philosophy and Psychology of ArtArtistic Creation, Artworks, and Aesthetic Appreciation: Some Philosophical Contributions to Nonprofit Marketing - Morris B. Holbrook and Robert B. ZirlinChasing the Wundt Curve: An Adventure in Consumer Esthetics - Punam Anand and Morris B. HolbrookThe Eye of the Beholder: Beauty as a Concept in Everyday Discourse and the Collective Photographic Essay - Morris B. HolbrookChallenging Conventions in Arts Marketing: Experiencing the Skull - Alan Bradshaw, Finola Kerrigan and Morris B. HolbrookEmpirical Studies of Real versus Artificial Esthetic ObjectsCue Configurality in Esthetic Responses - Morris B. Holbrook and William L. MooreThe Use of Real versus Artificial Stimuli in Research on Visual Esthetic Judgments - Joel Huber and Morris B. HolbrookOn the Importance of Using Real Products in Research on Merchandising Strategy - Morris B. HolbrookEmpirical Studies of Esthetic Responses over TimeThe Determinants of Esthetic Value and Growth - Joel Huber and Morris B. HolbrookA Dynamic Spatial Analysis of Changes in Aesthetic Responses - Morris B. Holbrook, Eric A. Greenleaf and Robert M. SchindlerEmpirical Studies of Movie AudiencesWhat's an Oscar Worth? An Empirical Estimation of the Effects of Nominations and Awards on Movie Distribution and Revenues - John C. Dodds and Morris B. HolbrookThe Role of Actors and Actresses in the Success of Films: How Much Is a Movie Star Worth? - W. Timothy Wallace, Alan Seigerman and Morris B. HolbrookModeling the Appeal of Movie Features to Demographic Segments of Theatrical Demand - Ignacio Redondo and Morris B. HolbrookConsumers' Identification and Beyond: Attraction, Reverence, and Escapism in the Evaluation of Films - Michela Addis and Morris B. HolbrookEmpirical Studies of Sports as EntertainmentMarket Success as a Criterion for Assessing Player Contributions in Sports Businesses via a Regression-based Approach Using Adjusted Performance Measures and Quasi-dummy Variables - Morris B. HolbrookAn Updating Model of Salary Adjustments in Major League Baseball: How Much Is a Home Run Worth? - Morris B. Holbrook and Clifford J. Shultz, IIPerspectives of Other ScholarsA Commentary on the Contributions of Morris Holbrook - Suman Basuroy and Aaron GleibermanPortrait of the Artist as a Young Cat: Holbrook, Aesthetics, and Marketing - Peter H. BlochAnalyzing Audiences, Framing Films, and Research Realities - Charles B. WeinbergInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Finola KerriganVolume 5: ESTHETICS AND TASTES, PART II: EFFECTS OF PERSONALITY, CLASS, AND EXPERTISEEffects of Personality on TastesPatterns, Personalities, and Complex Relationships in the Effects of Self on Mundane Everyday Consumption: These Are 495 of My Most and Least Favorite Things - Morris B. HolbrookA Reexamination of Self-Monitoring and Judgments of Furniture Designs - Morris B. Holbrook, Michael R. Solomon and Stephen BellCombining Esthetic and Social Value to Explain Preferences for Product Styles with the Incorporation of Personality and Ensemble Effects - Stephen S. Bell, Morris B. Holbrook and Michael R. SolomonRomanticism and Wanderlust: An Effect of Personality on Consumer Preferences - Morris B. Holbrook and Thomas J. OlneyEffects of Class on TastesThe Three Faces of Elitism: Postmodernism, Political Correctness, and Popular Culture - Morris B. HolbrookAn Empirical Approach to Representing Patterns of Consumer Tastes, Nostalgia, and Hierarchy in the Market for Cultural Products - Morris B. HolbrookMarket Clustering Goes Graphic: The Weiss Trilogy and a Proposed Extension - Morris B. HolbrookDeath of the Arts Snob? Americans Have Become Omnivorous Culture Buffs - Michael J. Weiss, Morris B. Holbrook and John HabichClass-related Distinctions in American Cultural Tastes - Morris B. Holbrook, Michael J. Weiss and John HabichDisentangling Effacement, Omnivore, and Distinction Effects on the Consumption of Cultural Activities: An Illustration - Morris B. Holbrook, Michael J. Weiss and John HabichCB as I See It: Class and Income Morris B. HolbrookEffects of Expertise on TastesUsing Connoisseurs to Predict Mass Tastes - Robert M. Schindler, Morris B. Holbrook and Eric A. GreenleafRereading the Encyclopedias of Jazz: Analyses of Data on the Tastes of Readers, Critics, and Musicians from 1955 to 1970 - Morris B. HolbrookAudience Judgments as the Potential Missing Link between Expert Judgments and Audience Appeal: An Illustration Based on Musical Recordings of "My Funny Valentine" - Morris B. Holbrook, Kathleen T. Lacher and Michael S. LaTourOn the Commercial Exaltation of Artistic Mediocrity: Books, Bread, Postmodern Statistics, Surprising Success Stories, and the Doomed Magnificence of Way Too Many Big Words - Morris B. HolbrookExpert Judgments versus Popular Tastes in the Case of Motion PicturesPopular Appeal versus Expert Judgments of Motion Pictures - Morris B. HolbrookThe Role of Ordinary Evaluations in the Market for Popular Culture: Do Consumers Have "Good Taste"? - Morris B. HolbrookTaste versus the Market: An Extension of Research on the Consumption of Popular Culture - Morris B. Holbrook and Michela AddisArt versus Commerce in the Movie Industry: A Two-Path Model of Motion-Picture Success - Morris B. Holbrook and Michela AddisPerspectives of Other ScholarsIntimations of Alterity: Meadows in the Mist and Music in the Night - Douglas BrownlieCommentary - Esthetics and Tastes, Part II - Mark C. GridleyConversations at the Green Peridot - Highlights and Lowlights: A Commentary on My Friend Morris Holbrook - Kathleen T. LacherInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Michela AddisVolume 6: NOSTALGIA AND AGE-RELATED PREFERENCESNostalgia - Concepts and SummariesEchoes of the Dear Departed Past: Some Work in Progress on Nostalgia - Morris B. Holbrook and Robert M. SchindlerOn the New Nostalgia: "These Foolish Things" and Echoes of the Dear Departed Past - Morris B. HolbrookNostalgia PronenessNostalgia and Consumption Preferences: Some Emerging Patterns of Consumer Tastes - Morris B. HolbrookNostalgia Proneness and Consumer Tastes - Morris B. HolbrookAge-Related Preference Peaks and Moderating EffectsSome Exploratory Findings on the Development of Musical Tastes - Morris B. Holbrook and Robert M. SchindlerWhat Do MBA's like? - Morris B. HolbrookCritical Periods in the Development of Men's and Women's Tastes in Personal Appearance - Robert M. Schindler and Morris B. HolbrookAge, Sex, and Attitude toward the Past as Predictors of Consumers' Aesthetic Tastes for Cultural Products - Morris B. Holbrook and Robert M. SchindlerMarket Segmentation Based on Age and Attitude toward the Past: Concepts, Methods, and Findings Concerning Nostalgic Influences on Customer Tastes - Morris B. Holbrook and Robert M. SchindlerNostalgia for Early Experience as a Determinant of Consumer Preferences - Robert M. Schindler and Morris B. HolbrookInterpretive Studies of Nostalgia"These Foolish Things, The Dear Departed Past," and the Songs of David Frishberg: A Commentary and Critique - Morris B. HolbrookCollectors and Collecting - Russell W. Belk, Melanie Wallendorf, John Sherry, Morris Holbrook, Scott RobertsCollecting in a Consumer Culture - Russell W. Belk, Melanie Wallendorf, John F. Sherry, Jr. and Morris B. HolbrookThe Retailing of Performance and the Performance of Service: The Gift of Generosity with a Grin and the Magic of Munificence with Mirth - Morris B. Holbrook(Book Review) Rocking the Ages: The Yankelovich Report on Generational Marketing by J. Walker Smith and Ann Clurman - Morris B. HolbrookBook Review: Marketing - The Retro Revolution by Stephen Brown - Morris B. HolbrookNostalgic Bonding: Exploring the Role of Nostalgia in the Consumption Experience - Morris B. Holbrook and Robert M. SchindlerTime Travels in Retrospace: Unpacking My Grandfather's Trunk - Some Introspective Recollections of Life on the Brule - Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsMorris Holbrook's Levels of Nostalgia: An Invitation to a Research Journey - Susan L. HolakPlay it Again Morris: On Pianos, the Past, and all that Jazz - Pauline MaclaranMissing Morris: Reminiscences, Retrospection, and Rigorous Research - Jonathan E. SchroederInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Robert M. SchindlerVolume 7: QUANTITATIVE METHODS: MDS, MDA, CCA, AND BEYONDEarly Works - Letter PerceptionNote on Validity of a Mechanical Measure of Inter-Letter Similarity - Morris B. HolbrookA Comparison of Methods for Measuring the Interletter Similarity between Capital Letters - Morris B. HolbrookEffect of Subjective Verbal Uncertainty on Perception of Typographical Errors in a Proofreading Task - Morris B. HolbrookEffect of Subjective Interletter Similarity, Perceived Word Similarity, and Contextual Variables on the Recognition of Letter Substitutions in a Proofreading Task - Morris B. HolbrookThe Role of Subjective Probability in Mediating the Relationship between Word Frequency and Recognition of Error - Morris B. HolbrookMDS, MDA, and CCA - Scaling and Spatial RepresentationsA Test of the Correspondence between Perceptual Spaces Based on Pairwise Similarity Judgments Collected With and Without the Inclusion of Explicit Ideal Objects - Morris B. Holbrook and Rebecca S. WilliamsUsing Attribute Ratings for Product Positioning: Some Distinctions among Compositional Approaches - Joel Huber and Morris B. HolbrookUsing Canonical Correlation to Construct Product Spaces for Objects with Known Feature Structures - Morris B. Holbrook and William L. MooreOn the Predictive Validity of Joint-Space Models in Consumer Evaluations of New Concepts - William L. Moore and Morris B. HolbrookConjoint Analysis of Objects with Environmentally Correlated Attributes: The Questionable Importance of Representative Design - William L. Moore and Morris B. HolbrookConstructing Joint Spaces from Pick-Any Data: A New Tool for Consumer Analysis - Morris B. Holbrook, William L. Moore and Russell S. WinerThe Pick-Any Procedure versus Multidimensionality-Scaled Correlations: An Empirical Comparison of Two Techniques for Forming Preference Spaces - Morris B. Holbrook and William L. MooreSituation-specific Ideal Points and Usage of Multiple Dissimilar Brands - Morris B. HolbrookApplications to the ArtsThe Spatial Representation of Responses toward Jazz: Applications of Consumer Esthetics to Mapping the Market for Music - Morris B. Holbrook and Joel HuberMarketing Strategy and the Structure of Aggregate, Segment-Specific, and Differential Preferences - Morris B. Holbrook and Douglas V. HollowayMapping the Market for Esthetic Products: The Case of Jazz Records - Morris B. HolbrookAssessing the Convergent Validity of Decompositional and Compositional Methods in the Case of Socially Sensitive Perceptions - Morris B. Holbrook and William L. MooreNonisomorphism, Shadow Features and Imputed Preferences - Morris B. Holbrook, William L. Moore, Gary N. Dodgen and William J. HavlenaApplications to Leisure ActivitiesRepresenting Patterns of Association among Leisure Activities: A Comparison of Two Techniques - Morris B. HolbrookAllocating Discretionary Time: Complementarity among Activities - Morris B. Holbrook and Donald R. LehmannApplications to FashionMapping the Market for Fashion: Complementarity in Consumer Preferences - Morris B. Holbrook and Glenn DixonAims, Concepts, and Methods for the Representation of Individual Differences in Esthetic Responses to Design Features - Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsCommentary - Quantitative Methods - Donna L. HoffmanMultivariate Morris - Donald R. LehmannCommentary - Quantitative Methods - Russell S. WinerInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - William L. MooreVolume 8 : QUALITATIVE METHODS, PART I: INTERPRETIVE APPROACHESOverviews: Semiotics, Hermeneutics, and Interpretive ApproachesThe Study of Signs in Consumer Esthetics: An Egocentric Review - Morris B. HolbrookThe Dramatic Side of Consumer Research: The Semiology of Consumption Symbolism in the Arts - Morris B. HolbrookThe Positivistic and Interpretive Sides of Semiotic Research on Artistic Consumption: Hermes Speaks - Morris B. HolbrookHaving Fun with Qualitative Methods or Interpretive Approaches in Marketing and Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookForeword to Doing Research Projects in Marketing, Management and Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookThe Linguistic Turn in Marketing and Consumer ResearchSome Further Dimensions of Psycholinguistics, Imagery, and Consumer Response - Morris B. HolbrookUnderstanding Consumer Behaviour: The Linguistic Turn in Marketing Research - John O'Shaughnessy and Morris B. HolbrookOn the Scientific Status of Consumer Research and the Need for an Interpretive Approach to Studying Consumption Behavior - Morris B. Holbrook and John O'ShaughnessyApplications to AdvertisingGender and Genre in the Interpretation of Advertising Text - Barbara B. Stern and Morris B. HolbrookThe Paco Man and What Is Remembered: New Readings of a Hybrid Language - Morris B. Holbrook and Barbara B. SternApplications to LiteratureRomanticism and Sentimentality in Consumer Behavior: A Literary Approach to the Joys and Sorrows of Consumption - Morris B. HolbrookRomanticism, Introspection, and the Roots of Experiential Consumption: Morris the Epicurean - Morris B. HolbrookClosely Read Books - Marketing Literature, Consumption as Text, and the Leaves from our Lives: Slow, Slower, and Slowest - Morris B. HolbrookACR Fellows' Bookshelf - Morris B. HolbrookPsychoanalytic ApplicationThe Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Consumer Behavior: I Am an Animal - Morris B. HolbrookStereographyStereography in the Social Sciences: An Application Whose Time Has Come - Morris B. HolbrookStereographic Visual Displays and the Three-dimensional Communication of Findings in Marketing Research - Morris B. HolbrookThree-dimensional Stereographic Visual Displays in Marketing and Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookMarketing Applications of Three-dimensional Stereography - Morris B. HolbrookExplaining the Vividness, Clarity, and Realism of Three-dimensional Stereoscopy - Morris B. HolbrookProbing Explorations, Deep Displays, Virtual Reality, and Profound Insights: The Four Faces of Stereographic Three-dimensional Images in Marketing and Consumer Research - Morris B. Holbrook and Takeo KuwaharaPerspectives of Other ScholarsThe Prodigal Owl - Stephen BrownCommentary - Qualitative Methods, Part I - John DeightonJohn O'Shaughnessy Interviews Morris B. HolbrookInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - John O'ShaughnessyVolume 9 : QUALITATIVE METHODS, PART II: SYMBOLIC CONSUMER BEHAVIOR OR CONSUMPTION SYMBOLISMSymbolic Consumer Behavior in FilmsThe Semiology of Cinematic Consumption: Symbolic Consumer Behavior in Out of Africa - Morris B. Holbrook and Mark W. GraysonAn Interpretation: Gremlins as Metaphors for Materialism - Morris B. HolbrookSeven Routes to Facilitating the Semiological Interpretation of Consumption Symbolism and Marketing Imagery in Works of Art: Some Tips for Wildcats - Morris B. HolbrookPersonal Appearance and Consumption in Popular Culture: A Framework for Descriptive and Prescriptive Analysis - Morris B. Holbrook, Lauren G. Block and Gavan J. FitzsimonsConsuming the Vampire: Sex, Death, and Liminality - Elizabeth C. Hirschman and Morris B. HolbrookConsumption Symbolism in Plays, Television, and MusicConsumption Symbolism and Meaning in Works of Art: A Paradigmatic Case - Morris B. HolbrookThe Role of the Humanities in Consumer Research: Close Encounters and Coastal Disturbances - Morris B. Holbrook, Stephen Bell and Mark W. GraysonConsumption as Communication in the World of Mrs. Cage - Morris B. HolbrookEntries on "Game Shows" and "Game Show Hosts, Hostesses, and Producers" - Morris B. HolbrookEntries on `Bakr, (Chesney Henry) "Chet" , Brubeck, David Warren, Charles, Ray Robinson, Desmond, Paul and Frishberg, David L. - Morris B. HolbrookJazz-Related Symbolism in FilmsA Book-Review Essay on the Role of Ambi-diegetic Film Music in the Product Design of Hollywood Movies: Macromarketing in La-La-Land - Morris B. HolbrookAmbi-diegetic Music in the Movies: The Crosby Duets in High Society - Morris B. HolbrookThe Ambi-Diegesis of `My Funny Valentine' - Morris B. HolbrookMusic Meanings in Movies: The Case of the Crime-Plus-Jazz Genre - Morris B. HolbrookArt versus Commerce as a Macromarketing Theme in Three Films from the Young-Man-with-a-Horn Genre - Morris B. HolbrookReply to Bradshaw, McDonagh, and Marshall: Turn off the Bubble Machine - Morris B. HolbrookCinemusical Meanings in Motion Pictures: Commerce, Art, and Brando Loyalty ... or ... De Niro, My God, to Thee - Morris B. HolbrookAmbi-diegetic Music in Films as a Product-Design and -Placement Strategy: The Sweet Smell of Success - Morris B. HolbrookWhen Bad Things Happen to Great Musicians: The Role of Ambi-Diegetic Jazz in Three Tragedepictions of Artistic Genius on the Silver Screen - Morris B. HolbrookA Cinemusicaliterary Analysis of the American Dream as Represented by Biographical Jazz Comedepictions in the Golden Age of Hollywood Biopics: Blow, Horatio, Blow; O, Jakie, O; Go, Tommy, Go; No, Artie, No - Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsTo Morris: A M.A.V.E.R.I.C.K. and Much More - Marylouise CaldwellCommentary - Qualitative Methods, Part II - John W. SchoutenInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Alan BradshawVolume 10: QUALITATIVE METHODS, PART III: SUBJECTIVE PERSONAL INTROSPECTIONSubjective Personal Introspection (SPI) - The ACR TrilogyI'm Hip: An Autobiographical Account of Some Musical Consumption Experiences - Morris B. HolbrookAn Audiovisual Inventory of Some Fanatic Consumer Behavior: The 25-Cent Tour of a Jazz Collector's Home - Morris B. HolbrookSteps toward a Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Consumption: A Meta-Meta-Meta-Analysis of Some Issues Raised by the Consumer Behavior Odyssey - Morris B. HolbrookThe Consumer-Behavior OdysseyFrom the Log of a Consumer Researcher: Reflections on the Odyssey - Morris B. HolbrookThe Delivery and Consumption of Vacation Performances - Jeffrey F. Durgee, Morris B. Holbrook and John F. SherryThe Wives of Woodville - Woodville Jeffrey F. Durgee, Morris B. Holbrook and Melanie WallendorfIntrospective ApplicationsJust Junior, Dizzy, and Me on the Way to Our Gig - Morris B. HolbrookLoving and Hating New York: Some Reflections on the Big Apple - Morris B. HolbrookTupperware, Tommy Moore, Teddy Bear and Tipper Gore - Pete, Jamie, Stew, Oyster and Morrie's High School Reunion: Titillation and Titivation in Entelechic Entitulation - Morris B. HolbrookThe Photographic EssayCustomer Value and Autoethnography: Subjective Personal Introspection and the Meanings of a Photograph Collection - Morris B. HolbrookConsumption Experience, Customer Value, and Subjective Personal Introspection: An Illustrative Photographic Essay - Morris B. HolbrookPhoto Essays and the Mining of Minutiae in Consumer Research: 'bout the Time I Got to Phoenix - Morris B. HolbrookThe Stereographic Photo EssayBlizzard of 1996 - Morris B. HolbrookStereo 3D Representations in Postmodern Marketing Research - Morris B. HolbrookBreaking Camouflage: Stereography as the Cure for Confusion, Clutter, Crowding, and Complexity - Morris B. HolbrookWalking on the Edge: A Stereographic Photo Essay on the Verge of Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookCollective Stereographic Photo Essays: An Integrated Approach to Probing Consumption Experiences in Depth - Morris B. Holbrook and Takeo KuwaharaIlluminations, Impressions, and Ruminations on Romanticism: Some Magical Concepts and Mystical Comments from Morris the Catoptric on the Superiority of Stereoscopy in Visual Representations of Marketing and Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookJourney to Kroywen: An Ethnoscopic Auto-Auto-Auto-Driven Stereographic Photo Essay - Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsTo a Fellow Odyssean - Russell BelkMorris B. Holbrook, Subjective Personal Introspection, and the Hunger Games: A Young Researcher's Introspective Perspective - Markus WohlfeilCommentary - Qualitative Methods, Part III - Arch G. WoodsideInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Stephen J. GouldVolume 11: MARKETING APPLICATIONS - BRANDING, COMMUNICATIONS, AND STRATEGYBranding - Product ImageProduct Images: How Structured Rating Scales Facilitate Using a Projective Technique in Hypothesis Testing - Morris B. Holbrook and Neville C. HughesProduct Imagery and the Illusion of Reality: Some Insights from Consumer Esthetics - Morris B. HolbrookPerceptions of Western Products in Transforming Socialist Countries: The Moderating Role of Political Orientation - Nader T. Tavassoli, Lauren Goldberg Block, Bernd H. Schmitt and Morris B. HolbrookThe Use of Space-Travel and Rocket-Ship Imagery to Market Commercial Music: How Some Jazz Albums from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s Burned Brightly but Fizzled Fast - Morris B. Holbrook and Barbara SternBranding - Product MeaningsUnderstanding and Managing the Brand Space - Pierre Berthon, Morris B. Holbrook and James M. HulbertViewing Brands in Multiple Dimensions - Pierre Berthon, Morris B. Holbrook, James M. Hulbert and Leyland F. PittBranding - Brand EquityProduct Quality, Attributes, and Brand Name as Determinants of Price: The Case of Consumer Electronics - Morris B. HolbrookDoes an Absence of Brand Equity Generalize across Product Classes? - David C. Bello and Morris B. HolbrookBranding - Brand LoyaltyThe Chain of Effects from Brand Trust and Brand Affect to Brand Performance: The Role of Brand Loyalty - Arjun Chaudhuri and Morris B. HolbrookProduct-Class Effects on Brand Commitment and Brand Outcomes: The Role of Brand Trust and Brand Affect - Arjun Chaudhuri and Morris B. HolbrookCommunications - Organizational BuyingDecision-specific Conflict in Organizational Buyer Behavior - Michael J. Ryan and Morris B. HolbrookModeling Decision-specific Stress: Some Methodological Considerations - Morris B. Holbrook and Michael J. RyanCommunications - SellingInfluence Processes in Interpersonal Persuasion - Morris B. Holbrook and John O'ShaughnessySelling Processes and Buyer Behavior: Theoretical Implications of Recent Research - Noel Capon, Morris B. Holbrook and James M. HulbertCommunications - AdvertisingTwo Ways to Evaluate an Advertising Campaign - Morris B. HolbrookMore on Content Analysis in Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookForm versus Content in Predicting Starch Scores - Morris B. Holbrook and Donald R. LehmannThe Netvertising Image: Netvertising Image Communication Model (NICM) and Construct Definition - Barbara B. Stern, George M. Zinkhan and Morris B. HolbrookIllustrating a Systematic Approach to Selecting Motion Pictures for Product Placements and Tie-Ins - Ignacio Redondo and Morris B. HolbrookMarketing StrategyWhat Can U.S. Businesses Learn from Political Marketing - Nicholas O'Shaughnessy and Morris B. HolbrookBeyond Market Orientation: A Conceptualization of Market Evolution - Pierre Berthon, Morris B. Holbrook and James M. HulbertElegy on the Death of Marketing: Never Send to Know Why We Have Come to Bury Marketing but Ask What You Can Do for Your Country Churchyard - Morris B. Holbrook and James M. HulbertPerspectives of Other ScholarsThe Goodness of Morris B. Holbrook - Arjun ChaudhuriCommentary - Marketing Applications - Gita V. JoharOn Interpretive Courage: A Profoundly Pre-modern Paean to the Perceptive Postmodern Promise Posed by Morris Holbrook - Randall RothenbergInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Pierre BerthonVolume 12: MACROMARKETING APPLICATIONS, PART I - ETHICAL CONCERNS, SOCIAL ISSUES, AND ANIMAL COMPANIONSEthical ConcernsEthics in Consumer Research: An Overview and Prospectus - Morris B. HolbrookMarketing and the Tragedy of the Commons: A Synthesis, Commentary, and Analysis for Action - Clifford J. Shultz, II and Morris B. HolbrookEthical Consumption Experiences and Ethical Space - Elizabeth Cooper-Martin and Morris B. HolbrookSocial Issues - AdvertisingMirror, Mirror, on the Wall, What's Unfair in the Reflections on Advertising? - Morris B. HolbrookPermissible Puffery versus Actionable Warranty in Advertising and Salestalk: An Empirical Investigation - Alexander Simonson and Morris B. HolbrookSocial Issues - MacromarketingHigher Than the Bottom Line: Reflections on Some Recent Macromarketing Literature - Morris B. HolbrookEine Kleine Nachtmusik: Response to Professor Klein - Morris B. HolbrookLiving It Up in Twitchell's Branded Nation: Which Way to the Egress? - Morris B. HolbrookThe Paradoxical Relationships between Marketing and Vulnerability - Clifford J. Shultz, II and Morris B. HolbrookSocial Issues - Pop CultureTimes Square, Disneyphobia, HegeMickey, the Ricky Principle, and the Downside of the Entertainment Economy: It's Fun-Dumb-Mental - Morris B. HolbrookThe Millennial Consumer Enters the Age of Exhibitionism - A Book-Review Essay: Part 1 - Morris B. HolbrookThe Millennial Consumer Enters the Age of Exhibitionism - A Book-Review Essay: Part 2 - Morris B. HolbrookMust We Have Muzak Wherever We Go? A Critical Consideration of the Consumer Culture - Alan Bradshaw and Morris B. HolbrookSocial Issues - Compulsive and Self-Destructive Consumer BehaviorBook Review of April Lane Benson - I Shop, Therefore I Am: Compulsive Buying and the Search for Self (Oniomania, Ergo Sum: The Complete Guide to Compulsive Buying Disorders) - Morris B. HolbrookRemembering Chet: Theorizing the Mythology of the Self-Destructive Bohemian Artist as Self-Producer and Self-Consumer in the Market for Romanticism - Alan Bradshaw and Morris B. HolbrookAnimal CompanionsReflections on Rocky - Morris B. HolbrookFeline Consumption: Ethography, Felologies and Unobtrusive Participation in the Life of a Cat - Morris B. HolbrookThe Katarche of Catology in Research on Marketing: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Stereography, Subjective Personal Introspection, and Cat - Morris B. HolbrookA Collective Stereographic Photo Essay on Key Aspects of Animal Companionship: The Truth about Dogs and Cats - Morris B. Holbrook, Debra Lynn Stephens, Ellen Day, Sarah M. 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Some Pastoral Reflections on Bears, Baltimore, Baseball, and Resurrecting Consumer Research - Morris B. HolbrookWhat Is Consumer Research?Marketing ResearchBelk, Granzin, Bristor, and the Three Bears - Morris B. HolbrookWhat Is Marketing Research? - Morris B. HolbrookThe Place of Marketing Research on the Business-Research Continuum - Morris B. HolbrookMarketing BanauseaSome Notes on the Banausic Interrelationships among Marketing Academics and Practitioners - Morris B. HolbrookThe Four Faces of Commodification in the Development of Marketing Knowledge - Morris B. HolbrookOn Eschatology, Onanist Scatology, or Honest Catology? Cats Swinging, Scat Singing, and Cat Slinging as Riffs, Rifts, and Writs in a Catalytic Catechism for the Cataclysm - Morris B. HolbrookPursuing Happiness: American Consumers in the Twentieth Century Morris Holbrook (with Stanley Lebergott Book Review - An American in Praxis... The Authority of the Consumer - Morris B. Holbrook (with W.T. Dillard)From Trash to Fable to Triumph: The Ad(c)ulteration of the American Mind - Adcult USA-The Triumph of Advertising in American Culture - Morris B. Holbrook (with James B. Twitchell)Looking Back on Looking Backward: A Retrospective Review of Edward Bellamy's Macromarketing Classic - Morris B. HolbrookCommentary - Morris B. HolbrookWeaving Complexity and Business: Engaging the Soul at Work - Morris B. Holbrook (with Roger Lewin and Birute Regine)Further Thoughts on Marketing Versus Consumer Research - The AMA Task ForceDeveloping, Disseminating, and Utilizing Marketing Knowledge AMA Task Force on the Development of Marketing ThoughtAftermath of the Task Force: Dogmatism and Catastrophe in the Development of Marketing Thought - Morris B. HolbrookHolbrook's Reply to Pechmann: Prelude and Poem - Morris B. HolbrookComments on the Report of the AMA Task Force on the Development of Marketing Thought - Morris B. 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HulbertUniversities in the Marketplace: The Commercialization of Higher Education - Morris B. Holbrook (with Derek Bok)Students as Customers in the Business Model of the UniversityDoes Marketing Need Reform School? On the Misapplication of Marketing to the Education of Marketers - Morris B. HolbrookManufacturing Memorable Consumption Experiences from Ivy and Ivory: The Business Model, Customer Orientation, and Distortion of Academic Values in the Post-Millennial University - Morris B. HolbrookCatering to Consumers or Consuming the Caterers: A Bridge Too Far ... Way Too Far - Morris B. HolbrookBusiness-School RatingsGratitudes and Latitudes in M.B.A. Attitudes: Customer Orientation and the Business Week Poll - Morris B. HolbrookGratitude in Graduate MBA Attitudes: Re-Examining the Business Week Poll - Morris B. HolbrookObjective Characteristics, Subjective Evaluations, and Possible Distorting Biases in the Business-School Rankings: The Case of U.S. News & World Report - Morris B. HolbrookSocial Issues in Marketing EducationMarketing Education as Bad Medicine for Society: The Gorilla Dances - Morris B. HolbrookMarketing Miseducation and the MBA Mind: Bullshit Happens - Morris B. HolbrookCompromise Is so ... Compromised: Goldilocks, Go Home - Morris B. HolbrookInspiring ThoughtsOn Reaching, Grasping, Flapping, and Flopping - Morris B. HolbrookA Tribute to John O'Shaughnessy on the Occasion of His Retirement - Morris B. HolbrookHoward, John A. - Morris B. HolbrookRemembrance: John A. Howard (1915-1999) - Morris B. HolbrookIn Memoriam- Barbara B. Stern - Morris B. HolbrookThe Ballad of H. Keith Hunt - Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsMorris the Crusader - James M. HulbertA Shot in the Dark - Arthur J. KoverMorris - A Marketing Legend - Robert N. StinerockInterview of Morris B. Holbrook - Herbert Jack RotfeldVolume 15: INSPIRATIONAL APPLICATIONS, PART II - SCHOLARSHIP AND CREATIVITYInspirational EssaysSome Words of Inspiration on Research, Religion, Bach, and Baseball (President's Column) - Morris B. HolbrookOn Hatching a Program of Consumer Research: An Elephant's Faithful 100% - Morris B. HolbrookSeven Pieces of Wisdom on Consumer Research from Sandy, Quarter, Tommy, Matthew, Paul, Dave, and Dolly: A Love Letter to ACR - Morris B. HolbrookSatiric CommentaryA Note on Sadomasochism in the Review Process: I Hate When That Happens - Morris B. HolbrookResearch Notes: Paper - Anand E. MushThe Influence of Anxiety: Ephebes, Epees, Posterity, and Preposterity in the World of Stephen Brown - Morris B. HolbrookIntellectual Structure - Citation AnalysisBook Review: Handbook of Consumer Behavior Edited by Thomas S. Robertson and Harold H. Kassarjian - Morris B. HolbrookThe Intellectual Structure of Consumer Research: A Bibliometric Study of Author Co-citations in the First 15 Years of the Journal of Consumer Research - Donna L. Hoffman and Morris B. HolbrookOn Marketing and Semiotics: What's Cooking in Denmark? - Morris B. HolbrookCreativityTheory Development Is a Jazz Solo: Bird Lives - Morris B. HolbrookBorders, Creativity, and the State of the Art at the Leading Edge - Morris B. HolbrookMarketing Across or Beyond, Without Or Among, and At or On the Borders: Some Literal, Littoral, and Literary Ideas Whose Times Definitely Have, Probably Have Not, and Maybe Might Have Come - Morris B. HolbrookThe Role of Myth in Creative Advertising Design: Theory, Process and Outcome Gita - Venkataramani Johar, Morris B. Holbrook and Barbara B. SternAdventures in Complexity: An Essay on Dynamic Open Complex Adaptive Systems, Butterfly Effects, Self-Organizing Order, Coevolution, the Ecological Perspective, Fitness Landscapes, Market Spaces, Emergent Beauty at the Edge of Chaos, and All That Jazz - Morris B. HolbrookBook Review - How Customers Think: Essential Insights Into the Mind of the Market by Gerald Zaltman - Morris B. HolbrookPlaying the Changes on the Jazz Metaphor: An Expanded Conceptualization of Music-, Management-, and Marketing-related Themes - Morris B. Holbrook"Do You Know ...?" The Jazz Repertoire in Action - Morris B. Holbrook (with Robert R. Faulkner and Howard S. Becker)EnvoiFarewell Address - Morris B. HolbrookPerspectives of Other ScholarsMachiavellian Reflections on Morris the Cat: Scholarship and Creativity - Phil HarrisMorris Holbrook: Ars Gratia Artis - Sidney J. LevySkylark - Brian WansinkWilliam L. Wilkie Interviews Morris B. Holbrook - William L. WilkieInterview of Morris B. Holbrook

About the Author

Jagdish N. Sheth, Ph.D., is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University, Goizueta Business School. He is known nationally and internationally for his scholarly contributions in consumer behavior, relationship marketing, competitive strategy, and geopolitical analysis. When he joined Emory's faculty in 1991, Professor Sheth had nearly 30 years of combined experience in marketing from the University of Southern California, the University of Illinois, Columbia University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Throughout his career, Professor Sheth has offered more than a thousand presentations in at least 20 countries. He has also provided consultancy for numerous companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His client list includes AT&T, BellSouth, Cox Communications, Delta, Ernst & Young, Ford, GE, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Nortel, Pillsbury, Sprint, Square D, 3M, Whirlpool, and others. Currently, Professor Sheth sits on the Board of Directors of several public companies including Norstan, Cryo Cell International, and Wipro Limited. Professor Sheth's accolades include "Outstanding Marketing Educator," an award presented by the Academy of Marketing Science, the "Outstanding Educator" award twice-presented by Sales and Marketing Executives International, and the P.D. Converse Award for his outstanding contributions to theory in marketing, presented by the American Marketing Association. Professor Sheth is the recipient of the two highest awards given by the American Marketing Association: the Richard D. Irwin Distinguished Marketing Educator Award and the Charles Coolidge Parlin Award. In 1996, Professor Sheth was selected as the Distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science. The following year, he was awarded the Distinguished Fellow award from the International Engineering Consortium. Professor Sheth is also a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (known as APA). In 2014, he was awarded the William Wilkie Award, Marketing for a Better World by the American Marketing Association. Professor Sheth has authored or coauthored hundreds of articles and books. In 2000, he and Andrew Sobel published the best seller, Clients for Life. In 2001, Value Space, which he coauthored with Banwari Mittal, was published. Professor Sheth's most popular book, The Rule of Three, was coauthored with Dr Rajendra Sisodia and published in 2002. He has since written notable publications: Tectonic Shift, Firms of Endearment, and The 4 A's of Marketing.

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