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Mammal Species of the World


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A landmark reference. By far the most authoritative and extensive compilation of the world's mammal species. -- Ronald Nowak, author, Walker's Mammals of the World, 4th, 5th, and 6th editions

Table of Contents

VOLUME 1List of ContributorsPrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroductionList of Museum AbbreviationsCHECKLIST OF MAMMAL SPECIES OF THE WORLD (CLASS MAMMALIA)Order Monotremata by Colin P. GrovesFamily TachyglossidaeFamily OrnithorhynchidaeOrder Didelphimorphia by Alfred L. GardnerFamily DidelphidaeSubfamily CaluromyinaeSubfamily DidelphinaeOrder Paucituberculata by Alfred L. GardnerFamily CaenolestidaeOrder Microbiotheria by Alfred L. GardnerFamily MicrobiotheriidaeOrder Notoryctemorphia by Colin P. GrovesFamily NotoryctidaeOrder Dasyuromorphia by Colin P. GrovesFamily ThylacinidaeFamily MyrmecobiidaeFamily DasyuridaeSubfamily DasyurinaeTribe DasyuriniTribe PhascogaliniSubfamily SminthopsinaeTribe SminthopsiniTribe PlanigaliniOrder Peramelemorphia by Colin P. GrovesFamily ThylacomyidaeFamily ChaeropodidaeFamily PeramelidaeSubfamily PeramelinaeSubfamily PeroryctinaeSubfamily EchymiperinaeOrder Diprotodontia by Colin P. GrovesSuborder VombatiformesFamily PhascolarctidaeFamily VombatidaeSuborder PhalangeriformesSuperfamily PhalangeroideaFamily BurramyidaeFamily PhalangeridaeSubfamily AiluropinaeSubfamily PhalangerinaeTribe PhalangeriniTribe TrichosuriniSuperfamily PetauroideaFamily PseudocheiridaeSubfamily HemibelideinaeSubfamily PseudocheirinaeSubfamily PseudochiropsinaeFamily PetauridaeFamily TarsipedidaeFamily AcrobatidaeSuborder MacropodiformesFamily HypsiprymnodontidaeFamily PotoroidaeFamily MacropodidaeSubfamily SthenurinaeSubfamily MacropodinaeOrder Afrosoricida by Gary N. Bronner and Paulina D. JenkinsSuborder TenrecomorphaFamily TenrecidaeSubfamily GeogalinaeSubfamily OryzorictinaeSubfamily PotamogalinaeSubfamily TenrecinaeSuborder ChrysochlorideaFamily ChrysochloridaeSubfamily ChrysochlorinaeSubfamily AmblysominaeOrder Macroscelidea by Duane A. SchlitterFamily MacroscelididaeOrder Tubulidentata by Duane A. SchlitterFamily OrycteropodidaeOrder Hyracoidea by Jeheskel ShoshaniFamily ProcaviidaeOrder Proboscidea by Jeheskel ShoshaniFamily ElephantidaeOrder Sirenia by Jeheskel ShoshaniFamily DugongidaeSubfamily DugonginaeSubfamily HydrodamalinaeFamily TrichechidaeOrder Cingulata by Alfred L. GardnerFamily DasypodidaeSubfamily DasypodinaeSubfamily EuphractinaeSubfamily TolypeutinaeOrder Pilosa by Alfred L. GardnerSuborder FolivoraFamily BradypodidaeFamily MegalonychidaeSuborder VermilinguaFamily CyclopedidaeFamily MyrmecophagidaeOrder Scandentia by Kristofer M. HelgenFamily TupaiidaeFamily PtilocercidaeOrder Dermoptera by Brian J. StaffordFamily CynocephalidaeOrder Primates by Colin P. GrovesSuborder StrepsirrhiniInfraorder LemuriformesSuperfamily CheirogaleoideaFamily CheirogaleidaeSuperfamily LemuroideaFamily LemuridaeFamily LepilemuridaeFamily IndriidaeInfraorder ChiromyiformesFamily DaubentoniidaeInfraorder LorisiformesFamily LorisidaeFamily GalagidaeSuborder HaplorrhiniInfraorder TarsiiformesFamily TarsiidaeInfraorder SimiiformesParvorder PlatyrrhiniFamily CebidaeSubfamily CallitrichinaeSubfamily CebinaeSubfamily SaimiriinaeFamily AotidaeFamily PitheciidaeSubfamily CallicebinaeSubfamily PitheciinaeFamily AtelidaeSubfamily AlouattinaeSubfamily AtelinaeParvorder CatarrhiniSuperfamily CercopithecoideaFamily CercopithecidaeSubfamily CercopithecinaeSubfamily ColobinaeSuperfamily HominoideaFamily HylobatidaeFamily HominidaeOrder Lagomorpha by Robert S. Hoffmann and Andrew T. SmithFamily OchotonidaeFamily ProlagidaeFamily LeporidaeOrder Erinaceomorpha by Rainer HuttererFamily ErinaceidaeSubfamily ErinaceinaeSubfamily GalericinaeOrder Soricomorpha by Rainer HuttererFamily NesophontidaeFamily SolenodontidaeFamily SoricidaeSubfamily CrocidurinaeSubfamily MyosoricinaeSubfamily SoricinaeTribe AnourosoriciniTribe BlarinelliniTribe BlarininiTribe NectogaliniTribe NotiosoriciniTribe SoriciniFamily TalpidaeSubfamily ScalopinaeTribe CondyluriniTribe ScalopiniSubfamily TalpinaeTribe DesmaniniTribe NeurotrichiniTribe ScaptonychiniTribe TalpiniTribe UrotrichiniSubfamily UropsilinaeOrder Chiroptera by Nancy B. SimmonsFamily PteropodidaeFamily RhinolophidaeFamily HipposideridaeFamily MegadermatidaeFamily RhinopomatidaeFamily CraseonycteridaeFamily EmballonuridaeSubfamily TaphozoinaeSubfamily EmballonurinaeFamily NycteridaeFamily MyzopodidaeFamily MystacinidaeFamily PhyllostomidaeSubfamily DesmodontinaeSubfamily BrachyphyllinaeSubfamily PhyllonycterinaeSubfamily GlossophaginaeTribe GlossophaginiTribe LonchophylliniSubfamily PhyllostominaeSubfamily CarolliinaeSubfamily StenodermatinaeTribe SturniriniTribe StenodermatiniFamily MormoopidaeFamily NoctilionidaeFamily FuripteridaeFamily ThyropteridaeFamily NatalidaeFamily MolossidaeSubfamily TomopeatinaeSubfamily MolossinaeFamily VespertilionidaeSubfamily VespertilioninaeTribe EptesiciniTribe LasiuriniTribe NycticeiiniTribe NyctophiliniTribe PipistrelliniTribe PlecotiniTribe VespertilioniniSubfamily AntrozoinaeSubfamily MyotinaeSubfamily MiniopterinaeSubfamily MurininaeSubfamily KerivoulinaeOrder Pholidota by Duane A. SchlitterFamily ManidaeOrder Carnivora by W. Christopher WozencraftSuborder FeliformiaFamily FelidaeSubfamily FelinaeSubfamily PantherinaeFamily ViverridaeSubfamily ParadoxurinaeSubfamily HemigalinaeSubfamily PrionodontinaeSubfamily ViverrinaeFamily EupleridaeSubfamily EuplerinaeSubfamily GalidiinaeFamily NandiniidaeFamily HerpestidaeFamily HyaenidaeSuborder CaniformiaFamily CanidaeFamily UrsidaeFamily OtariidaeFamily OdobenidaeFamily PhocidaeFamily MustelidaeSubfamily LutrinaeSubfamily MustelinaeFamily MephitidaeFamily ProcyonidaeFamily AiluridaeOrder Perissodactyla by Peter GrubbFamily EquidaeFamily TapiridaeFamily RhinocerotidaeOrder Artiodactyla by Peter GrubbFamily SuidaeFamily TayassuidaeFamily HippopotamidaeFamily CamelidaeFamily TragulidaeFamily MoschidaeFamily CervidaeSubfamily CapreolinaeSubfamily CervinaeSubfamily HydropotinaeFamily AntilocapridaeFamily GiraffidaeFamily BovidaeSubfamily AepycerotinaeSubfamily AlcelaphinaeSubfamily AntilopinaeSubfamily BovinaeSubfamily CaprinaeSubfamily CephalophinaeSubfamily HippotraginaeSubfamily ReduncinaeOrder Cetacea by James G. Mead and Robert L. Brownell, Jr.Suborder MysticetiFamily BalaenidaeFamily BalaenopteridaeFamily EschrichtiidaeFamily NeobalaenidaeSuborder OdontocetiFamily DelphinidaeFamily MonodontidaeFamily PhocoenidaeFamily PhyseteridaeFamily PlatanistidaeFamily IniidaeFamily ZiphiidaeVOLUME 2List of Museum AbbreviationsCHECKLIST OF MAMMAL SPECIES OF THE WORLD (CLASS MAMMALIA)Order Rodentia by Michael D. Carleton and Guy G. MusserSuborder SciuromorphaFamily Aplodontiidae by Kristofer M. HelgenFamily Sciuridae by Richard W. Thorington, Jr. and Robert S. HoffmannSubfamily RatufinaeSubfamily SciurillinaeSubfamily SciurinaeTribe SciuriniTribe PteromyiniSubfamily CallosciurinaeSubfamily XerinaeTribe XeriniTribe ProtoxeriniTribe MarmotiniFamily Gliridae by Mary Ellen HoldenSubfamily GraphiurinaeSubfamily LeithiinaeSubfamily GlirinaeSuborder CastorimorphaFamily Castoridae by Kristofer M. HelgenFamily Heteromyidae by James L. PattonSubfamily DipodomyinaeSubfamily HeteromyinaeSubfamily PerognathinaeFamily Geomyidae by James L. PattonSuborder MyomorphaSuperfamily DipodoideaFamily Dipodidae by Mary Ellen Holden and Guy G. MusserSubfamily AllactaginaeSubfamily CardiocraniinaeSubfamily DipodinaeSubfamily EuchoreutinaeSubfamily SicistinaeSubfamily ZapodinaeSuperfamily Muroidea by Guy G. Musser and Michael D. CarletonFamily PlatacanthomyidaeFamily SpalacidaeSubfamily MyospalacinaeSubfamily RhizomyinaeSubfamily SpalacinaeSubfamily TachyoryctinaeFamily CalomyscidaeFamily NesomyidaeSubfamily CricetomyinaeSubfamily DelanymyinaeSubfamily DendromurinaeSubfamily MystromyinaeSubfamily NesomyinaeSubfamily PetromyscinaeFamily CricetidaeSubfamily ArvicolinaeSubfamily CricetinaeSubfamily LophiomyinaeSubfamily NeotominaeSubfamily SigmodontinaeSubfamily TylomyinaeFamily MuridaeSubfamily DeomyinaeSubfamily GerbillinaeSubfamily LeimacomyinaeSubfamily MurinaeSubfamily OtomyinaeSuborder AnomaluromorphaFamily Anomaluridae by Fritz DieterlenSubfamily AnomalurinaeSubfamily ZenkerellinaeFamily Pedetidae by Fritz DieterlenSuborder HystricomorphaInfraorder CtenodactylomorphiFamily Ctenodactylidae by Fritz DieterlenInfraorder Hystricognathi by Charles A. Woods and C. William KilpatrickFamily BathyergidaeSubfamily BathyerginaeSubfamily HeterocephalinaeFamily HystricidaeFamily PetromuridaeFamily ThryonomyidaeFamily ErethizontidaeSubfamily ChaetomyinaeSubfamily ErethizontinaeFamily ChinchillidaeFamily DinomyidaeFamily CaviidaeSubfamily CaviinaeSubfamily DolichotinaeSubfamily HydrochoerinaeFamily DasyproctidaeFamily CuniculidaeFamily CtenomyidaeFamily OctodontidaeFamily AbrocomidaeFamily EchimyidaeSubfamily DactylomyinaeSubfamily EchimyinaeSubfamily EumysopinaeSubfamily HeteropsomyinaeFamily MyocastoridaeFamily CapromyidaeSubfamily CapromyinaeSubfamily HexolobodontinaeSubfamily IsolobodontinaeSubfamily PlagiodontinaeFamily HeptaxodontidaeSubfamily ClidomyinaeSubfamily HeptaxodontinaeLiterature CitedIndex

About the Author

Don E. Wilson is the curator of mammals and a senior scientist at the Smithsonian Institution. DeeAnn M. Reeder is an assistant professor of biology at Bucknell University.


A uniquely valuable compendium of taxonomic and distributional data on the world's living and historically extinct mammalian species. Contributors and editors alike deserve the thanks of all mammalogists for helping to forge the nomenclatural mesh that holds our science together. Journal of Mammalogy To refer to this work as a checklist undervalues it and does not give sufficient credit to the authors and editors for their meticulous efforts in its production. A valuable reference work and a vital tool, particularly for researchers. Journal of Natural History By far the most convenient source for finding the correct scientific name of any mammal and should be on the reference shelf of libraries striving to have useful science sections. Science Books and Films The editors and authors are to be congratulated for undertaking such an outstanding and authoritative work, and it should serve as a standard reference for mammalian species taxonomy for many years to come. Journal of Mammalian Evolution The third edition adds to its reputation as an outstanding and authorative work. National Museum of Natural History Weekly Update & Forecast Impressive and elegant work. -- G. R. Seamons Reference Reviews A must-have text for any professional mammalogist, and a useful and authoritative reference for scientists and students in other disciplines. Southeastern Naturalist A magnificent work important to anyone seriously interested in mammals. This work is essential for academic or special libraries supporting zoology or conservation and for large public libraries. American Reference Books Annual As were many of our colleagues, we were waiting for this revised edition since 2003... We can say that the wait was worth it. -- Sergio Solari and Robert J. Baker Journal of Mammalogy

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