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Marketing Challenges in a Turbulent Business Environment

Edited in collaboration with the Academy of Marketing Science, this book contains the full proceedings of the 2014 Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress held in Lima, Peru. The key challenge for marketers during the last two decades has been assuring high satisfaction and strong customer loyalty. Today, consumers' ever-changing desires, instantaneous communication through social media and mobile technology and an unstable global economic climate all come together to stir up market turbulence. This volume explores how traditional and modern marketing practices facilitate development of new and innovative products, help create increased product/service differentiation, ensure better service quality, and most of all, create value for stakeholders even in such a turbulent business environment. Showcasing cross-cultural research from academics, scholars and practitioners from around the world, this volume provides insight and strategies for various marketing issues in today's emerging markets. Founded in 1971, the Academy of Marketing Science is an international organization dedicated to promoting timely explorations of phenomena related to the science of marketing in theory, research, and practice. Among its services to members and the community at large, the Academy offers conferences, congresses and symposia that attract delegates from around the world. Presentations from these events are published in this Proceedings series, which offers a comprehensive archive of volumes reflecting the evolution of the field. Volumes deliver cutting-edge research and insights, complimenting the Academy's flagship journals, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) and AMS Review. Volumes are edited by leading scholars and practitioners across a wide range of subject areas in marketing science.
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Engineered Customer Referrals: Prevalence and Antecedents.- Norwegian Best Practice of Sustainable Business Models.- Cultural Transition and Socio-Cultural Taxonomy of Consumers in BRICS Countries.- Five-Stage Acculturation Process of Hispanic Consumers: Theory and Findings.- Fear Versus Efficacy: Evaluating Dual-Process Models with Workplace Safety Messages.- Basil Social Media in Higher Education: An Investigation into UG Marketing Education in the UK.- The Influence of Product Color on Perceived Weight and Consumer Preference.- Understanding Green Consumption: Is Perceived Consumer Effectiveness a Predictor of Green Behaviour?.- Drivers of Long-Term Savings from a Consumers' Behavioral Perspective: A Large-Scale Empirical Investigation.- A New Method for Bench marking Marketing Organizations with Inter-Connected Departments.- Assessing Sales Contest Effectiveness: The Role of Salesperson and Sales District Characteristics.- Building a Theoretical Model of Trust in Direct-to-Consumer Advertising.- Relational Capability in a Key Outsourced Supplier-Buyer Relationship.- "Can You Do Something About the Price?"-Exploring the Indian Deal, Store-Brand and Haggling-Prone Consumer.- Assessing the Impact of Corporate Reputation on Firms' Cost of Debt: An Empirical Study of German DAX 30 Companies.-Considerations When Marketing Scales from Developed Countries Are Utilised for Marketing Research in Emerging Markets.- Differential Effects of Supervisory Coaching and Leader Member Exchange on Salesperson's Behavior and Performance.- The Role of Service Provider Groups Stereotypes During Service Failures.- Performance Implications of the Interplay Between Sales Intra-Functional Flexibility, Customer Orientation and Role Ambiguity.- Orientation and Innovation in Dynamic Competitive Markets.- The Influence of Eleven P's of Internal Marketing on Brand Awareness: An Emerging Economy Perspective.- The Effect of Economic and Social Satisfaction on Partner Trust.- An Examination of the Effects of Scarcity and Discounting on Purchase Decision Regret.- Frontline Store Manager's Entrepreneurial Orientation for Merchandising and Service Role Performance: Scale Development and Validation.- Corporate Social Responsibility and Market Orientation in an Emerging Economy: Relationships and Outcomes.- Felix Multi-Brand Loyalty: Propositions and Insights from a Quantitative Study.- Felix Increasing Salesperson's Self-Efficacy and Performance Through Coaching: A Quantitative Study in Canada.- Building a Platform for Change: Identifying Salient Beliefs Surrounding Fruit and Vegetable Consumption.- Emerging Market Consumers: Latvian and Georgian Perceptions of Global Brands.- Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Online Advertising in a Social Network Context.- Customer Loyalty in U.S. Hispanic Markets.- Is Knowledge Transfer Within MNCs Good for Subsidiary Performance? The Role of Subsidiary Capabilities and Innovative Culture.- What If I Make the Wrong Decision? The Role of Anticipated Regret in Switching Barrier Based Customer Retention.- Reconsidering Business-to-Business Relationships: Multi-Dimensionality and Traces Left Behind.- Contents The Moderating Effects of Self-Brand Concept and Reference Group on Consumer Innovativeness Toward Purchase Intention.- Advertising Directed at Children: An Empirical Study from Parents' Perspective on Television Advertising and Advergames.- How Dynamic Marketing Capabilities Affect Market Share Performance Output: An Innovative Brand Oriented Approach.- Export Decision-Making: Combining Planning and Improvisation to Enhance Performance.- Investor Associations Concerning Sustainability and the Impact of Misperceptions on SRI Decision-Making.- When Do Measured Attitudes Reflect Past Behavior?.- Positioning as Strategic Balance: The Case of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)-A Structured Abstract.- Why Has the Chinese Leadership Style Prevailed over Millenia? Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Leadership.- Learning to Improve New Product Outcomes.- Child Participation in Family Purchasing Process: Evidence from Lithuania.- Which Do I Prefer? A Theoretical Framework for Biculturals' Advertising Response Towards Hedonic and Utilitarian Products in Japan.- Deciphering the Brand Value Structure: New Measures and Business Insights.- Strategic Importance of Marketing Planning Capability: A Perspective from Saudi Arabia.- Contents Donate to Me: Applying the Servicescape Framework to an Online Donation Setting.- Presence or Absence of Unit Price Display and Its Influence on Snack Food Choices.- Global Use and Access of Social Networking Websites: A National Culture Perspective.- Talking with You-Not at You: How Brand Ambassadors Can Spark Consumer Brand Attachment?.- Materiality of Online Brand Community.- Thomas Exploring Consumer Acceptance and Engagement with "Smart Meters".- Multichannel Customer Journeys: Mapping the Effects of Zmot, Showrooming and Webrooming.- Adding Dynamics into Transaction Cost Economics: The Social Capital Approach.- Determinants of Customer Loyalty: Evidence from the Egyptian Mobile Market.- Specific Uncertainties in the Distribution of Products from Renewable Resources: Empirical Evidence from the German Forestry and Wood Cluster.- An Empirical Examination of Drivers Impacting Usage Intentions of Social Media Shopping.- An Improved Understanding of the Moderator Effects of Switching Costs Types on the Relationships Between Customer-Perceived Value, Trust, and Customer Loyalty.- Contents Shopper's Attitude and Demographics Influence on Store Patronage: A Comparison of Formal vs. Informal Food Retail Stores in India.- The Congruency Between the Container and the Content: Should We Texture Everything to Seduce the Consumer?.- Turning Brand Undesirables in Brand Heroes: Capitalising on Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport Sponsorship Alliances.- Company Initiated Communities of Fantasy and Brands as Relationship Builders.- An Empirical Examination of the Interrelationships Between Service Recovery Paradox and Its Key Antecedents and Outcomes.- Informational Empowerment: Cross-National Comparison of Internet Health Information Use and `Patient-Consumer' Behaviour.- Barriers to Access Consumer Finance and the Influence of Workforce Insecurity.- Market Resistance in Developing Nations: The Sustenance of Gaucho Consumer Culture in Brazil.- How United Nations Global Compact Impacts Business Performance: The Mediating Role of Quality of Life of Employees in Emerging Market.- Purchase a New Car: The Effect of Impulsiveness in the Brazilian Market.- Putting Visual Rhetoric into Context: Levels of Abstraction in the Analysis of Rhetorical Images in Print Advertising.- Contents Customer Empowerment, Top Management Team and Product Development: Success Paths in Turbulent Markets.- How Social Communities Create Value: The Dynamics of Surf as a Social Practice.- The Effects of Destination Personality on Tourist Satisfaction, Identification, and Behaviour.- How to Explain Infatuation with the Online Secondhand Market? An Analysis of Motivations and Perceived Risks.- Examining the Public's Desire to Punish Socially Stigmatized Service Workers in Crisis: Can Empathy Buffer Anger?.- Cross-National Emic Scale Development in Health Care Service Quality.- Geomarketing Mix Optimization Using a Fuzzy Spatial and Multiscale Segmentation.- Martine Pele Pridit Is a Useful Technique for Detecting Consumer Fraud When No Training Sample Is Available.- Innovative Materials Facilitating Resource Efficiency: Do Consumers Accept Eco-Friendly Materials?.- Managing Foreign Subsidiaries in Emerging Countries: Are They Different from Western Subsidiaries?.- Assessment of a Web Comparative Behavioural Model with an Interdisciplinary and Complexity Approach.- Targeting Consumers at the Bop: What Implications?.- The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Contributions to Local Communities on Brand Identification, Corporate Reputation and Brand Loyalty.- What Marketing Strategy Matters? Examining a Contingency Model of the Relationship Between Marketing Performance Management and Business Unit Performance.- Pricing Capabilities: Drivers and Effects on Performance.- Triangulation Without Tears.- Uses and Gratifications of Social Networking Sites: Towards the Construction of a Measuring Instrument.- Consumer Schadenfreude: Deservingness of Product Ownership Impacts Affect Following Another's Product Failure.- A Snowball to Introduce Sustainability into Supply Chain.- A Typology of Barriers to Pro-Environmental Behaviors: Evidence from a Three-Country Study.- Artifacts of Corporate Identity in Emerging Business Relationships.- Key Performance Indicators for Measuring Employer Brand Success.- The Recommendation Bias: The Effects of Social Influence on Individual Rating Behavior.- The Influence of Parental Style on Consumer Socialization in Mother-Adolescent Dyads and Father-Adolescent Dyads.- Understanding Situated Learning in Stressful Service Experiences: A Cross-Cultural Perspective.- Contents To be or Not to be... does the level of Empathy Contribute to Successful Personal Selling ?.-Deriving Value from Advertising as a Consumable Product: Ideas and Evidence.- Social Media: Harming or Enhancing Your Employer Brand Attractiveness? An Empirical Investigation - In-Person and Out-Person Factors in Perception of Product Attributes.- Sustainability in Higher Education Institutions: Validation Process of Quantitative Instrument.- A Dyadic View on Buyers and Sellers Social Capital: Its Effect on Customized Treatments and Relationship Commitment.- The Importance of Being Earnest: The Authenticity of Reciprocity in Marketing Exchange Relationships.- The Pursuit of Loyalty in Grocery Stores: Differences by Retail Format.- The Mixture of Network Marketing Types in Emerging Markets: The Case of Swedish MNCs in China.- Sandberg Evaluations of a Destination Across Travel Contexts: Examining the Evoked Set.- Is It Better to Shop Together? Influence of Group Characteristics on Individual Buyer Utility in Mexico and the United States.- Exploiting Proactive Interaction to Improve Retail Experiences.- Contents The Effect of Market Structure on Pricing Behavior of Industrial Service Firms.- Firm Strategic Behavior Versus Consumer Behavior: An Explanation Through the Inoculation Theory.- When Employees' Retailers Create Value Against Competition from E-Commerce.- The Tribal Consumer: A Comparison of Traditional Maori and Modern-Day Tribal Social Systems.- Toward a Unified Brand Engagement Construct .- Quantity Surcharges for Consumers with Consumption Uncertainties.- Persuasive Design of Wellness Apps: Consumer Behavior Perspective.- The Five Creatures Lesson: How Students Learn to Relate Animals to Industry.- Multi-Latina's Leadership Role in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Effort in Latin America.- An Investigation of the Relationships Between Hispanic Retailers' Human and Social Capital, Migration and Gender.- Copycat or Distinctive? An Empirical Study of Consumers' Perception Towards Private Label.- Managerial Perspective of Social Media: Managing the Tension Between the Need for an Integrated Communications Approach and Consumers' Need for Personalization.- Endowment Effect in Latin America: Empirical Evidence and Implications.- Contents Brand Familiarity in Latin America: A New Three-Dimensional Conceptualization and Measure.- Perceptions of Country Image and Product Marketing: A Study of Wine Brands from Chile and Argentina.- Perceived Risks and Psychological Well-Being in Online Education: Implications for Grade Expectations and Future Enrollment.- Assessing Organizational Financial Health of Nonprofit Arts Organizations.- Experiences with Gamification: The MDE Framework.- Adding Personality to New Products with Fashion Co-branding.- Consumer Confusion Choosing Me-Too Snack Packages: An Experimental Study.- Acting on Boycott Intentions: A Vietnamese Perspective on the Role of Ethnocentrism, Animosity, and Regionality.- Building Brand Love Through Co-creation.- A Cross-National Study of Consumer Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Liking Brand Page.- South African Business Bank Customers' Product Utilisation and Likelihood to Recommend.- The Role of Affect in Luxury Brand Extension.- Purchase Intention of Socially Responsible Apparel Goods: Investigating Consumers Cross-Culturally.- Contents Towards a Model of Strategic Charity Rebranding Process: A Managerial Perspective.- Effects of Ewom Campaigns with Rewards from the Perspectives of Givers and Receivers.- Differential Impact of Price Demands in B2B Relationships.- Social Networks and Online Advertising: Should Companies Promote Their Brand Fan Page or Their Brand Website?.- A Closer Look at the Effects of LMX and Emotional Exhaustion: Are Drained Salespeople More Deviant?.- Corporate Sponsorship Effects in Business-to-Business Markets.- The (Additional) Missing Link: The Role of Tailors as a Service Provider for Customization.- Unusual Product Differentiation: Strategic Use of Trivial Attribute and the Separate Evaluation Mode.- To Investigate Antecedents of International Tourists' Place Attachment and Its Relationships with Memories and Post-Behavioral Intentions: The Case of Seoul City.- Measuring the Self, the Social and the Task Oriented Side of Service Customers in Joint Co-Creation Experiences.- Exploring the Nature of Value and Well-Being Through an Internal Social Marketing Approach.- Salesperson Role Stress and Unethical Behavior.- Crisis Communication: Lowering Attributions to Restore Behavioral Intentions.- Contents The Relationship Between Personality and the Creativity of Frontline Employees: Evidence from Services.- Clustering Geo-markets Using Self-Organizing Maps: Application to Natural Disaster Planning and Recovery.- Building Customer Trust and Loyalty: Does Salesperson Empathy Matter?.- Consumer Ethnocentrism in Modern Armenia.- Marketing Towards Happiness in Peru.- Employer Branding: Preliminary Thinking on the Role of Corporate Sponsorship.- Accepted, Rejected, or Withdrawn: A Content Analysis of Reviewer Feedback and Some Advice for Marketing Educators.- The Role of NGOS in Business-To-Business Markets.- Here, There and Everywhere: The Polycentric Consumer.- The Role of Sales and Marketing in Innovation Implementation, an Empirical Analysis in Six South American Countries.- Can You Read the Sign? Consumers' Utilization of Water Use Information and Price as Sign Cues.- Growing Nonprofit Giving Via Peer-To-Peer Connections: Benefits and Potential Backlash.- Investigating the Impact of Individual Attitudinal and Organizational Variables on Green Behaviors and Commuting at the Workplace.- Contents Exploring the Use of Online Social Marketing Tools in Motivating Healthy Alcohol Consumption Patterns in Britain.- A Conceptual Model of Design Benefits and Brand Engagement: The Mediating Role of Emotions-Structured Abstract.- Profit and Opportunity Cost Outcomes of Sales Force Turnover and Recruiting Strategies Upon Various Performance Segments.- Demystifying Adaptive Selling: Exploring Salesperson Attributes and Service Behaviors.- How to Deal with Unpleasant Surprises During Service Provision?.- Theoretical Framework of Multichannel Strategy Success.- Self-determination Theory and the Influence of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation for the Value Co-creation Measurement: A Proposition for a Higher Education Service Quality Scale.- Consumer Complaining Behavior: An Ethnic Triangulation Perspective.- Understanding e-Word of Mouth at Chinese Social Networking Sites.- Antecedents of Patient-Centric Collaboration in the Emergency Department.- Relationship Quality as a Function of Luxury Car Brand Image and Personality.- Use of Facebook and the Formation and Maintenance of Social Capital: Evidence from Latin America.- Pedro Hidalgo and Pablo Farias Overpromotion and the Learned Intermediary Doctrine in Advertising of Medicine and Medical Devices in the United States.- Contents The Impact of Political, Economic, and Environmental Uncertainty on the Possible Futures of Consumption.- My Perfect Wedding: How Mexican Consumers' Decisions Are Influenced by Consumerism and Traditions.- From Evangelical Roots to Capitalist Returns: Market Formation from Community Beginnings.- Teleological Actions in Negative Service Encounters.

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Founded in 1971, the Academy of Marketing Science is an international organization dedicated to promoting timely explorations of phenomena related to the science of marketing in theory, research, and practice. Among its services to members and the community at large, the Academy offers conferences, congresses and symposia that attract delegates from around the world. Presentations from these events are published in this Proceedings series, which offers a comprehensive archive of volumes reflecting the evolution of the field. Volumes deliver cutting-edge research and insights, complimenting the Academy s flagship journals, "Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS)" and "AMS Review." Volumes are edited by leading scholars and practitioners across a wide range of subject areas in marketing science. "

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