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Office 2013 on Demand


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Table of Contents

Introduction xxi 1 Getting Started with Office 1

Starting an Office Program 2 New!

Viewing an Office Program Window 3 New!

Using the Ribbon 4 New!

Choosing Commands 5 New!

Working with the Ribbon and Toolbars 6

Choosing Dialog Box Options 8

Using the Status Bar 9

Creating a Blank Office Document 10 New!

Creating a Document Using a Template 11 New!

Opening an Existing Office Document 12 New!

Converting an Existing Office Document 14 New!

Using Task and Window Panes 15

Arranging Windows 16 New!

Switching Views 18

Documenting Properties 19

Getting Help While You Work 20 New!

Saving an Office Document 22 New!

Saving an Office Document with Different Formats 24 New!

Saving an Office Document to Online Services 26 New!

Working with Accounts 27 New!

Checking Compatibility 28

Checking Accessibility 29

Recovering an Office Document 30

Closing a Document and Exiting Office 32 New! 2 Using Shared Office Tools 33

Editing Text 34

Copying and Moving Text 36

Finding and Replacing Text 38

Correcting Text Automatically 40

Inserting Information the Smart Way 42

Checking Spelling 44

Changing Proofing Options 45

Using Custom Dictionaries 46

Inserting Symbols 47

Finding the Right Words 48

Inserting Research Material 49

Translating Text to Another Language 50

Using Multiple Languages 51

Undoing and Redoing an Action 52

Zooming the View In and Out 53

Previewing a Document 54

Printing a Document 55

Working with Touch Screens 56 New! 3 Adding Art to Office Documents 57

Locating and Inserting an Online Picture 58 New!

Inserting a Picture 59

Inserting a Picture Screen Shot 60

Adding an Artistic Style to a Picture 61

Adding a Quick Style to a Picture 62

Applying a Shape to a Picture 63

Applying a Border to a Picture 64

Applying Picture Effects 65 New!

Modifying Picture Size 66 New!

Compressing a Picture 68

Correcting a Picture 69 New!

Recoloring a Picture 70

Cropping and Rotating a Picture 72

Removing a Picture Background 74

Creating WordArt Text 75

Formatting WordArt Text 76

Applying WordArt Text Effects 78

Modifying WordArt Text Position 79 New!

Creating SmartArt Graphics 80

Formatting a SmartArt Graphic 82

Modifying a SmartArt Graphic 84

Adding Pictures to a SmartArt Graphic 85

Creating an Organization Chart 86

Inserting and Creating a Chart 87 New!

Changing a Chart Layout and Style 88 New!

Changing Chart Elements 89 New!

Formatting Line and Bar Charts 90 New!

Editing Chart Data 91

Inserting Apps for Office Programs 92 New! 4 Adding Shapes to Office Documents 93

Drawing and Resizing Shapes 94

Adding Text to a Shape 96

Creating and Editing Freeforms 97

Adding a Quick Style to a Shape 98

Adding a Quick Style to Shape Text 99

Applying Color Fills 100 New!

Applying Picture or Texture Fills 102 New!

Applying Gradient Fills 103 New!

Applying Shape Effects 104 New!

Aligning and Distributing Objects 106

Aligning Objects to Gridlines and Guides 108

Changing Stacking Order 110

Rotating and Flipping Objects 111

Grouping and Merging Objects 112 New!

Selecting Objects Using the Selection Pane 114

5 Formatting Office Documents 115

Formatting Text 116

Changing Alignment 118

Using the Format Painter 120

Adding Custom Colors 121

Understanding Themes 122

Viewing and Applying a Theme 123 New!

Creating Theme Colors 124

Choosing Theme Fonts 126

Choosing Theme Effects 127

Creating a Custom Theme 128

Choosing a Custom Theme 129

Creating a Template 130

6 Creating a Document with Word 131

Viewing the Word Window 132

Opening and Editing PDF Documents 133 New!

Changing Document Views 134 New!

Reading a Document 136 New!

Navigating a Document 138

Setting Up the Page 139

Setting Up the Page Margins 140

Creating an Outline 142

Selecting Text 143

Checking Spelling and Grammar 144 New!

Inserting New Pages and Sections 146 New!

Adding Headers and Footers 148

Inserting Page Numbers and the Date and Time 150

Inserting or Embedding Online Video 152 New! 7 Formatting a Document with Word 153

Formatting Text for Emphasis 154 New!

Finding and Replacing Formatting 156

Changing Paragraph Alignment 158

Changing Line Spacing 159

Displaying Rulers 160

Setting Paragraph Tabs 161

Setting Paragraph Indents 162

Changing Character Spacing 164 New!

Applying a Quick Style 166 New!

Changing a Style Set 167 New!

Creating and Modifying Styles 168

Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists 170

Hiding Text 172

8 Enhancing a Document with Word 173

Adding Desktop Publishing Effects 174

Adding a Watermark 175

Adding Page Backgrounds 176

Arranging Text in Columns 178

Arranging and Aligning an Object 179 New!

Wrapping Text Around an Object 180 New!

Working with Text Boxes 182

Inserting Building Blocks Using Quick Parts 184

Creating a Table 186

Entering Text in a Table 187

Modifying a Table 188 New!

Adjusting Table Cells 190

Formatting a Table 192

Calculating a Value in a Table 194

Addressing Envelopes and Labels 195

Creating a Form Letter 196

Creating Labels 198

Inserting a Table of Contents 200

Creating an Index 201

Creating Captions 202

Creating a Table of Figures 203

Creating Footnotes or Endnotes 204

Creating a Bookmark 205

Inserting Cross References 206

Comparing and Merging Documents 207

Using Track Changing 208 New!

Adding a Cover Page 210

9 Creating a Worksheet with Excel 211

Viewing the Excel Window 212

Selecting Cells 213

Moving Around the Workbook 214 New!

Entering Labels on a Worksheet 216

Entering Values on a Worksheet 218

Entering Content Quickly with AutoFill 219

Inserting Content with Flash Fill 220 New!

Editing Cell Contents 221

Clearing Cell Contents 222

Inserting and Deleting Cell Contents 223

Selecting Rows, Columns, and Special Ranges 224

Selecting and Naming a Worksheet 226

Inserting and Deleting a Worksheet 227

Moving and Copying a Worksheet 228

Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets and Workbooks 230

Hiding and Unhiding a Column or Row 231

Inserting a Column or Row 232

Deleting a Column or Row 233

Adjusting Column Width and Row Height 234

Splitting a Worksheet into Panes 236

Freezing and Unfreezing a Column or Row 237

Showing and Hiding Workbook Elements 238

10 Building a Worksheet with Excel 239

Understanding Formulas 240

Understanding Cell Referencing 241

Creating a Simple Formula 242

Creating a Formula Using Formula AutoComplete 244

Editing a Formula 245

Naming Cells and Ranges 246

Entering Named Cells and Ranges 248

Managing Names 250

Simplifying a Formula with Ranges 252

Calculating Totals with AutoSum 253

Calculating Totals with Quick Analysis 254 New!

Correcting Formulas 255

Auditing a Worksheet 256

Creating Functions 257

Creating Functions Using the Library 258 New!

Calculating Multiple Results 259

Using Nested Functions 260

Using Text Functions 261

Using Lookup and Reference Functions 262

Summarizing Data Using Subtotals 264

Summarizing Data Using Functions 265

Converting Text to Columns 266

Creating a Table 267 New!

Formatting a Table 268 New!

Formatting Table Elements 269 New!

Creating Calculations in a Table 270

Removing Table Rows and Columns 271

Working with Tables 272

Sorting Data in a Table 274

Displaying Parts of a Table with AutoFilter 276

Using Slicers to Filter a Table 277 New!

Creating Groups and Outlines 278

Adding Data Validation to a Worksheet 279

Creating a Drop-Down List 280

11 Designing a Worksheet with Excel 281

Formatting Numbers 282

Applying and Creating Cell Styles 284

Applying Conditional Formatting 286 New!

Applying Specialized Conditional Formatting 288 New!

Creating Conditional Formatting 290

Managing Conditional Formatting 291

Creating Sparkline Formatting 292 New!

Controlling Text Flow 293

Formatting Tabs and Background 294 New!

Adding Borders to Cells 295

Setting Up the Page 296

Inserting Page Breaks 297

Adjusting Page Margins 298

Adding Headers and Footers 300

Customizing Worksheet Printing 302

Setting the Print Area 304

12 Creating a Presentation with PowerPoint 305

Viewing the PowerPoint Window 306

Browsing a Presentation 307

Understanding PowerPoint Views 308 New!

Creating New and Consistent Slides 310 New!

Working with Objects 312

Entering and Editing Text 314

Resizing Text While Typing 316

Changing Text Spacing 317

Inserting and Developing an Outline 318

Moving and Indenting Text 320

Modifying a Bulleted and Numbered List 322

Creating Text Columns 324

Organizing Slides into Sections 325

Rearranging Slides 326

Using Slides from Other Presentations 328

Making Your Presentation Look Consistent 329

Controlling Slide Appearance with Masters 330

Controlling a Slide Layout with Masters 332

Modifying Placeholders 334

Controlling a Slide Background with Masters 336

Adding a Background Style 337 New!

Inserting a Table 338

Modifying a Table 339

Adding a Quick Style to a Table 340

Formatting a Table 341

Creating a Text Box 342 New! 13 Delivering a Presentation with PowerPoint 343

Changing Slide Setup Options 344 New!

Adding Animation 345

Using Specialized Animations 346 New!

Coordinating Multiple Animations 348

Adding Slide Timings 350

Creating Slide Transitions 351

Inserting Videos and Audio 352 New!

Editing and Formatting Videos and Audio 354

Setting Video and Audio Play Options 356 New!

Recording a Narration 357

Setting Up a Slide Show 358 New!

Creating a Custom Slide Show 360

Starting a Slide Show 361 New!

Navigating a Slide Show 362 New!

Annotating a Slide Show 363 New!

Displaying a Slide Show in Presenter View 364 New!

Saving a Presentation as a Slide Show 365

Saving a Presentation as a Video 366

Packaging a Presentation on CD 367

Preparing Handouts 368

Preparing Speaker Notes 369

Adding a Footer and Header 370

Inserting the Date and Time 371

Inserting Slide Numbers 372

Previewing Slides 373

Printing a Presentation 374

14 Creating a Database with Access 375

Creating a Desktop Database 376 New!

Viewing the Access Window 378

Changing Database Display Options 379

Viewing Database Objects 380

Working with Database Objects 382

Planning Tables 384

Creating a Table by Entering Data 385

Creating an Application Part Using a Template 386

Creating a Table Using SharePoint 387

Working with a Table 388

Importing Data into Tables 390

Working with a Table in Design View 391

Working with Fields 392

Specifying Data Types and Field Properties 394

Changing Field Properties 395

Creating Input Masks 396

Creating a Lookup Field 397

Defining Table Relationships 398

Ensuring Referential Integrity 400

Backing Up and Repairing a Database 401

Packaging and Sharing a Database 402

15 Managing and Presenting Data with Access 403

Sorting Records 404

Filtering Out Records 405

Creating Complex Filters Using Forms 406

Understanding the Different Types of Queries 407

Creating a Query Using a Wizard 408

Creating a Query in Design View 410

Getting Information with a Query 411

Modifying a Query in Design View 412

Performing Calculations in Queries 413

Summarizing Values with a Crosstab Query 414

Creating a Parameter Query 416

Finding Duplicate Fields 417

Creating a Form 418

Working with a Form in Design View 420

Entering and Editing Data in a Form 421

Modifying a Form 422

Creating a Report 424

Modifying a Report in Design View 426

Performing Calculations in Reports 428

Formatting a Form or Report 430

Grouping and Sorting in Reports 432

Formatting a Datasheet 434

Changing the Page Setup 435

Previewing and Printing Information 436

16 Creating a Web App with Access 437

Creating a Web App 438 New!

Adding Tables and Data to a Web App 440 New!

Viewing and Editing Data from a Web App 442 New!

Creating a View in a Web App 443 New!

Modifying a Web Apps 444 New!

Packaging a Web App 446 New! 17 Communicating with Outlook 447

Preparing for Outlook 448 New!

Using Outlook for the First Time 449

Viewing the Outlook Window 450 New!

Viewing Messages and Mailboxes 451 New!

Using the Folder Pane 452 New!

Viewing Items and Folders 453 New!

Creating a Contact 454 New!

Finding Contacts 456

Sorting Contacts 457

Creating and Addressing an E-Mail Message 458

Formatting Message Text 460

Attaching a File or Item to a Message 461

Using Stationery 462

Creating a Signature 463

Inserting Message Content 464

Sending Messages 465

Setting Message Delivery Options 466

Receiving and Reading Messages 468 New!

Flagging Messages 469 New!

Categorizing Messages By Color 470 New!

Deleting Messages 471 New!

Replying To and Forwarding a Message 472 New!

Finding and Filtering Messages 474

Organizing Messages in Folders 476 New!

Managing Messages with Rules 478

Managing Messages with Quick Steps 479

Using Search Folders 480

Working with a Message Conversation 481

Reducing Junk Messages 482

Archiving Messages 483

Cleaning Up Messages 484

Setting Outlook Options 485

Working with Outlook Data 486

Sending and Receiving Instant Messages 488 New! 18 Managing Information with Outlook 489

Viewing the Calendar 490

Customizing the Calendar 491 New!

Scheduling an Appointment and Event 492

Scheduling Meetings 494

Participating in Online Meetings 496 New!

Responding to Meeting Requests 498

Updating and Canceling Meeting Requests 500

Working with Calendars 501 New!

Viewing the Weather in Calendars 502 New!

Creating and Updating Tasks 503

Organizing Tasks 504

Assigning Tasks to Others 505

Monitoring Task Progress 506

Managing Tasks 507

Organizing Items by Categories 508

Customizing How You View Items 509

Creating and Modifying Notes 510

Previewing and Printing Items from Outlook 511

Connecting to a Social Network 512 New!

Publishing and Sharing Calendars 514 New!

Working with Site Mailboxes 514 New!

Adding and Viewing an RSS Feed 518

19 Creating a Publication with Publisher 519

Viewing the Publisher Window 520

Creating a New Publication 521

Creating a Blank Publication 522

Opening an Existing Publication 523 New!

Changing Your View 524

Working with Pages 525

Inserting and Editing Text 526

Inserting Content 528 New!

Controlling Pages Appearance with Masters 530

Applying Color 531

Checking Your Design 532

Setting Up the Page 533

Printing a Publication 534

Saving for Photo Printing 535 New!

Saving for Commercial Printing 536

20 Designing a Publication with Publisher 537

Setting Up Layout Guides 538

Viewing Elements and Tools 539

Working with Text 540 New!

Connecting Text Frames 542

Creating a Consistent Look 544

Creating Tables 546

Working with Shapes and Pictures 548 New!

Wrapping Text Around an Object 550

Layering Objects 552

Grouping Objects Together 553

Aligning with Precision 554

Rotating and Flipping Objects 556

21 Publishing Office Documents for the Web 557

Opening a Web Page 558

Previewing a Web Page 559

Creating a Hyperlink 560

Adding Hyperlinks to Slide Objects 562

Formatting a Cell Hyperlink 564

Changing Web Page Options 565

Saving a Web Page 566

Publishing a Web Page 568

Saving Slides as Web Graphics 569

Creating Refreshable Web Queries 570

Getting Data from Web Queries 571

Getting Documents from the Web 572

22 Protecting and Securing Office Documents 573

Inspecting Documents 574 New!

Protecting a Worksheet 576

Locking or Unlocking Worksheet Cells 578

Adding Security Encryption to a Document 579

Adding Password Protection to a Document 580

Adding a Digital Signature 582

Adding a Signature Line 584

Avoiding Harmful Attacks 586

Using the Trust Center 588 New!

Selecting Trusted Publishers and Locations 589

Setting Document Related Security Options 590

Setting App Catalog Security Options 592 New!

Setting Add-in Security Options 593

Setting ActiveX Security Options 594

Setting Macro Security Options 595

Changing Message Bar Security Options 596

Setting Privacy Options 597

Setting External Content Security Options 598

Working with Office Safe Modes 600

Marking a Document as Read-Only 602

23 Reviewing and Sharing Office Documents 603

Sharing Workbooks 604

Creating and Reading a Cell Comment 606

Editing and Deleting a Cell Comment 607

Adding Comments to a Presentation 608 New!

Tracking Workbook Changes 610

Comparing and Merging Presentations 612

Creating and Linking Notes 613

Sending a Document Using E-Mail 614

Sending a Document by Internet Fax 615

Sending a Document by Instant Message 616 New!

Creating a PDF Document 617

Creating a XPS Document 618

Sharing Information Between Programs 619

Exporting and Importing Data 620

Linking and Embedding Files 622

Consolidating Data in Excel 624

Linking Data in Excel 626

Getting Text Data in Excel 627

Connecting to Data in Excel 628

Getting Query Data from a Database 630

Getting Data from Access 632

Sharing with SkyDrive and SharePoint 634 New!

Saving or Opening on SkyDrive and SharePoint 636 New!

Syncing Documents on SharePoint 638 New!

Sharing Documents on SkyDrive 640 New!

Working Together with Online Documents 642 New!

Publishing Slides to an Online Library 644

Broadcasting an Online Presentation 646 New!

Giving a Presentation at an Online Meeting 647 New!

Posting to an Online Blog 648

24 Expanding Office Functionality 649

Viewing and Managing Add-ins 650

Loading and Unloading Add-ins 652

Enhancing a Document with VBA 654

Viewing the Visual Basic Editor 656

Setting Developer Options 657

Understanding How Macros Automate Your Work 658

Recording a Macro 659

Creating a Macro 660

Running a Macro 661

Controlling a Macro 662

Building a Macro 664

Adding a Digital Signature to a Macro Project 666

Assigning a Macro to a Toolbar 667

Saving a Document with Macros 668

Opening a Document with Macros 669

Inserting ActiveX Controls 670

Using ActiveX Controls 672

Setting ActiveX Control Properties 673

Adding VBA Code to an ActiveX Control 674

Playing a Movie Using an ActiveX Control 675

Changing the Document Information Panel 676

25 Working with Other Office Tools 677

Working with OneNote 678 New!

Viewing the InfoPath Designer Window 680

Working with InfoPath Designer 681

Viewing the InfoPath Filler Window 682

Working with InfoPath Filler 683

Communicating Online with Lync 684 New!

Working with Office Tools 686 New!

Maintaining and Repairing Office 688 New! New Features 689 New! Microsoft Office Specialist 697

Index 705

About the Author

Steve Johnson has written more than 80 books on a variety of computer software, including Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Flash Professional CS5, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007, Microsoft Office 2008 for the Macintosh, and Apple OS X Mountain Lion. In 1991, after working for Apple Computer and Microsoft, Steve founded Perspection, Inc., which writes and produces software training. When he is not staying up late writing, he enjoys coaching baseball, playing golf, gardening, and spending time with his wife, Holly, and three children, JP, Brett, and Hannah. Steve and his family live in Northern California, but can also be found visiting family all over the western United States.

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