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Pediatric Emergency Medicine

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New or Used: 2 copies from $154.99
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Table of Contents

Contributors Preface Section 1: CARDINAL PRESENTATIONS 1. Approach to the Child in the Emergency Department,Valerie McDougall Kestner 2. The Febrile or Septic Appearing Neonate, Robert A. Felter and Ron D. Waldrop 3.The Febrile- or Septic-Appearing Infant or Child, Ron D. Waldrop or Robert A. Felter 4. Respiratory Distress, Joanna Cohen and Kathleen M. Brown 5. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Apparent Life-Threatening Event, Collin S. Goto and Sing-Yi Feng 6. Altered Mental Status and Coma, Susan Fuchs 7. Seizures, Susan Fuchs 8. Chest Pain, Wendy C. Matsuno 9. Acute Abdominal Conditions, Jonathan Singer 10. Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Gastroenteritis, William R. Ahrens 11. Feeding Disorders, William R. Ahrens 12. Jaundice, Anjali Singh and William R. Ahrens 13. Crying Infant, Joan M. Mavrinac 14. Limping Child, Isabel A. Barata 15. Mild Head Injury to Children, Eustacia (Jo) Su 16. Approach to the Patient with Rash, Daniel McManus and Gregory Garra 17. Neck Masses, Raemma Paredes Luck and Robert W. Schafermeyer 18. Neonatal Emergencies, Jenice Forde-Baker 19. The Transplant Patient in the Emergency Department, Susan M. Scott and Neil Evans Section 2: SEDATION, ANALGESIA, AND IMAGING 20. Procedural Sedation and Analgesia, Amy L. Baxter 21. Pain Management, Amy L. Baxter 22. Imaging, Wendy C. Matsuno Section 3: RESUSCITATION 23. Airway Management, Loren G. Yamamoto 24. Respiratory Failure,Lynette L. Young 25. Shock, Jonathan Marr 26. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Alson Inaba 27. Neonatal Resuscitaiton,Paul J. Eakin Section 4: TRAUMA 28. Evaluation and Management of the Multiple-Trauma Patient,Michael Gerardi 29. Head Trauma, Kimberly S. Quayle 30. Pediatric Cervical Spine Injury, Julie C. Leonard and Jeffrey R. Leonard 31. Thoracic Trauma, Karen O'Connell, Wendy Ann Lucid, and Todd Brian Taylor 32. Abdominal Trauma, Shireen M. Atabaki, Wendy Ann Lucid, and Todd Brian Taylor 33. Genitourinary Trauma, Joyce C. Arpilleda 34. Maxillofacial Trauma,Joanna York and Stephen A. Colucciello 35. Orthopedic Injuries, Greg Canty 36. Pediatric Sports Injuries in the ED, Greg Canty 37. Injuries of the Upper Extremities, Jim R. Harley 38. Injuries of the Pelvis and Lower Extremities, Greg Canty 39. Soft Tissue Injury and Wound Repair, D. Matthew Sullivan Section 5: RESPIRATORY EMERGENCIES 40. Upper Airway Emergencies, Richard M. Cantor and Linnea Wittick 41. Asthma, Kathleen M. Brown 42. Bronchiolitis, Kathleen M. Brown 43. Pneumonia, Sharon Mace 44. Pertusis, Sharon Mace 45. Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Madeline Matar Joseph 46. Cystic Fibrosis, Sabah F. Iqbal, Dinesh K. Pillai, Kathleen M. Brown, and Bruce L. Klein Section 6: CARDIOVASCULAR EMERGENCIES 47. Congenital Heart Disease, Timothy Horeczko and Kelly D. Young 48. Congestive Heart Failure, Donna M. Moro-Sutherland, William C. Toepper, and Joilo Barbosa 49. Inflammatory and Infectious Heart Disease, William T. Tsai 50. Dysrhythmias in Children, Ghazala Q. Sharieff 51. Pediatric Hypertension, Emily C. MacNeill 52. Thromboembolic Disease, Lee S. Benjamin Section 7: NEUROLOGIC EMERGENCIES 53. Syncope, Susan Fuchs 54. Ataxia, Susan Fuchs 55. Weakness, Susan Fuchs 56. Headache, Susan Fuchs 57. Hydrocephalus,Susan Fuchs 58. Cerebral Palsy, Susan Fuchs 59. Cerebrovascular Syndromes, Susan Fuchs Section 8: INFECTIOUS EMERGENCIES 60. Influenza, Karen C. Hayani and Arthur L. Frank 61. Meningitis, Steven Lelyveld and Gary R. Strange 62. Toxic Shock Syndrome, Eiman Abdulrahman and Shabnam Jain 63. Kawasaki Disease, Anthony Cooley and Shabnam Jain 64. The Pediatric HIV Patient in the ED, John F. Marcinak 65. Tick-Borne Infections, Scott A. Heinrich 66. Common Parasitic Infestations, Steven Lelyveld and Gary R. Strange 67. Imported Disease/Diseases in the Traveling Child, Thomas L. Hurt 68. Bioterrorism--A Pediatric Perspective, Timothy B. Erickson Section 9: IMMUNOLOGIC EMERGENCIES 69. Common Allergic Presentations: Allergic Conjunctivitis/Rhinitis, William R. Ahrens 70. Anaphylaxis, E. Bradshaw Bunney Section 10: GASTROINTESTINAL EMERGENCIES 71. Abdominal Pain, Philip H. Ewing 72. Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Cristina M. Estrada 73. Gastroesophageal Reflux, Jamie N. Deis and Thomas J. Abramo 74. Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies, Philip H. Ewing 75. Liver and Gall Bladder Disease, Susan M. Scott and Ashley Kumar Section 11: ENDOCRINE EMERGENCIES 76. Disorders of Glucose Metabolism, Nicholas Furtado 77. Adrenal Insufficiency, Nicholas Furtado 78. Hyperthyroidism, Nicholas Furtado 79. Rickets, Carla Minutti 80. Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders, Susan A. Kecskes 81. Inborn Errors of Metabolism, George E. Hoganson Section 12: GENITOURINARY EMERGENCIES 82. Male Genitourinary Problems, John W. Williams 83. Urinary Tract Diseases, John W. Williams 84. Specific Renal Syndromes, Roger M. Barkin Section 13: DERMATOLOGIC EMERGENCIES 85. Petechiae and Purpura,Malee V. Smith and Robert A. Wiebe 86. Pruritic Rashes, Malee V. Shah and Robert A. Wiebe 87. Superficial Skin Infections, Malee V. Shah and Robert A. Wiebe 88. Exanthems, Robert A. Wiebe and Malee V. Shah 89. Infant Rashes, Robert A. Wiebe and Malee V. Shah Section 14: OTOLARYNGOLOGIC EMERGENCIES 90. Ear and Nose Emergencies, Evan J. Weiner 91. Emergencies of the Oral Cavity and Neck, Erica Katz and Gregory Garra Section 15: OPHTHALMOLOGIC EMERGENCIES 92. Eye Trauma, Jeremiah J. Johnson and Stephen A. Colucciello 93. Eye Emergencies in Childhood, Lauren P. Ortega, Katherine M. Konzen, and Ghazala Q. Sharieff Section 16: GYNECOLOGIC EMERGENCIES 94. The Adolescent Pregnant Patient, Pamela J. Okada, Adriana M. Rodriguez, and Jeanne S. Sheffield 95. Gynecologic Disorders of Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence, Maria Stephan 96. Vaginitis, Maria Stephan 97. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Maria Stephan 98. Dysmenorrhea and Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, Pamela J. Okada and Mercedes Uribe Section 17: HEMATOLOGIC AND ONCOLOGIC EMERGENCIES 99. Anemia, Audra L. McCreight 100. Sickle Cell Disease, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser 101. Bleeding Disorders, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser 102. Blood Component Therapy, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser 103. Oncologic Emergencies, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser Section 18: NONTRAUMATIC BONE AND JOINT DISORDERS 104. Infectious Musculoskeletal Disorders, Kemedy K. McQuillen 105. Inflammatory Muscoskeletal Disorders, Kemedy K. McQuillen 106. Nonmalignant Tumors of Bone, Kemedy K. McQuillen Section 19: TOXICOLOGIC EMERGENCIES 107. General Approach to the Poisoned Pediatric Patient, Timothy B. Erickson Part 1: Antipyretic Analgesics 108. Acetaminophen, Leon Gussow 109. Aspirin, Michele Zell-Kanter 110. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Michele Zell-Kanter Part 2: Household Chemicals 111. Toxic Alcohols, Timothy B. Erickson 112. Organophosphates and Carbamates, Leon Gussow 113. Caustics, Jenny J. Lu and Trevonne M. Thompson 114. Hydrocarbons, Trevonne M. Thompson 115. Rodenticides, Arthur Kubic, Anthony M. Burda, and Michael S. Wahl Part 3: Prescription Drugs 116. Cardiotoxins, Allan R. Mottram and Jerrold Leikin 117. Prescription Drugs: Antidepressants, Michael R. Christian 118. Neuroleptics, Timothy B. Erickson 119. Isoniazid Toxicity, Jenny J. Lu and Theodore Toerne 120. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Sean M. Bryant Part 4: Drugs of Abuse 121. Opioids, Timothy B. Erickson 122. Cocaine Toxicity, Michael R. Christian and Steven E. Aks 123. Phencyclidine & Ketamine, Matthew Valento 124. Amphetamines, James Rhee 125. Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, Jenny J. Lu and Timothy B. Erickson 126. Lead Poisoning, Mark B. Mycyk 127. Iron, Michael R. Christian and Steven E. Aks Part 5: Environmental Poisons 128. Cyanide Poisoning, Mark B. Mycyk 129. Mushroom Poisoning, Matthew Valento 130. Poisonous Plants, Ejaaz A. Kalimullah and Andrea G. Carlson 131. Lethal Toxins in Small Doses, Leon Gussow 132. Chemical Weapons: Nerve Agents and Vesicants, Leon Gussow Section 20: ENVIRONMENTAL EMERGENCIES 133. Human and Animal Bites, David A. Townes 134. Snake Envenomations, Timothy B. Erickson, Andrew Zinkel, and Valerie Dobiesz 135. Spider and Arthropod Bites, Timothy B. Erickson, Renee King, and Valerie Dobiesz 136. Marine Envenomations, Timothy B. Erickson, Armando Marquez, and Valerie Dobiesz 137. Drowning, Julie Martino and Mark Mackey 138. Burns, Kavitha P. Reddy 139. Electrical and Lightning Injuries, Mary Ann Cooper 140. Heat and Cold Illness, Heather M. Prendergast 141. High Altitude Illness, Janis P. Tupesis and Ira J. Blumen 142. Dysbaric Injuries, Ira J. Blumen and Lisa Rapoport 143. Radiation Emergencies,Ira J. Blumen, Eric Beck, and James Rhee Section 21: PSYCHOSOCIAL EMERGENCIES 144. Sexual Abuse, Sara L. Beers and Matthew Cox 145. Abuse and Neglect, Robert A. Wiebe, Matthew Cox, and Sara L. Beers 146. Psychiatric Emergencies, Catherine P. Moore 147. Death of a Child in the Emergency Department, William R. Ahrens Section 22: EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES AND MASS CASUALTY INCIDENTS 148. Pediatric Prehospital Care, Craig J. Huang and Maeve Sheehan 149. Interfacility Transport, Maeve Sheehan and Craig J. Huang 150. Mass Casualty Management, Janet Lin Section 23: MEDICOLEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES 151. Medico-Legal Considerations, William R. Ahrens 152. Ethical Considerations, Alan Johnson 153. Withholding or Terminating Resuscitation and Brain Death, Howard Hast Index

About the Author

Gary R. Strange, MD, FACEP Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL William R. Ahrens, MD, FAACP, FACEP Associate Professor, Clinical Emergency Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL Robert W. Schafermeyer, MD, FACEP, FAAP Chief and Associate Chair Department of Emergency Medicine Carolinas Medical Center Charlotte, NC Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics University of North Carolina School of Medicine Chapel Hill, NC Robert A. Wiebe, MD, FAAP, FACEP Clinical Professor, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, TX Heather M. Prendergast, MD, MPH, FACEP Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL Valerie A. Dobiesz, MD, MPH, FACEP Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and Education Director University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL


"This text has place on the reference shelf in the emergency department. It is worthwhile reading for any family physician who deals with pediatric emergencies, including residents on rotation." "I found the content an excellent combination of general background and specific details for clinical decision making....Tables are clear and useful...This text has place on the reference shelf in the emergency department. It is worthwhile reading for any family physician who deals with pediatric emergencies, including residents on rotation."--"Journal of the American Board of Family Practice,"

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