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Raising Goats Naturally


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Outline I. Why Goats? a. My goat story i. Sidebar: Lactose intolerance (Can you drink goat milk?) b. Why produce your own? II. Planning Your Home Dairy a. Pastures i. Permanent fencing 1. Sidebar: What I learned from Bucky ii. Rotational grazing b. Housing i. Bedding ii. Winter c. Equipment d. Feeding your goats i. Pasture, browse, and hay ii. Grain iii. Minerals and other supplements 1. Sidebar: What I learned from Viola e. Veterinary care f. How many does? i. Breeds ii. Bucks g. Buying your goats i. Registered or not? 1. Show quality? ii. Where to buy your goats 1. Sale barn? 2. Classified ads 3. Breeders websites iii. What's in a pedigree 1. Understanding CH, *D, *M, and other stars and pluses iv. Testing for diseases prior to purchase 1. Buying from one herd or several? III. Managing Your Home Dairy a. Day-to-day life with goats i. Normal goat behavior 1. Normal pecking order 2. When to intervene ii. Goat anatomy (photograph with labels and explanations) iii. A healthy goat 1. Sidebar: What I learned from Bear iv. A sick goat v. Quarantining new goats 1. Sidebar: What I learned from Tom Selleck (the goat, not the actor) b. Parasite control i. Internal parasites ii. External parasites c. Contagious diseases d. Common illnesses e. Vaccines i. What I learned from Anne f. First aid g. Breeding h. Pregnancy i. Birthing i. Normal birth 1. Sidebar: What I learned from Girlfriend ii. Dealing with complications 1. Sidebar: What I learned from Snow White j. Raising kids i. Dam raised or bottle? 1. Sidebar: What I learned from Cicada ii. Horns or not? iii. Castrating males iv. Tattooing v. Weaning? vi. What to do with bucklings k. Starting to milk l. Managing milkers naturally m. Training a doe to milk n. Milking by hand o. Milking with a machine IV. Producing from Your Home Dairy a. Handling raw milk i. Pasteurization b. Fermented dairy products i. Buttermilk ii. Yogurt iii. Kefir c. Making cheese i. Equipment ii. Ingredients d. Cheese recipes i. Chevre ii. Queso blanco iii. Ricotta iv. Mozzarella v. Queso fresco vi. St. Maure vii. Cheddar viii. Gjetost e. Other dairy products i. Caramel coffee creamer ii. Cajeta f. Cooking with goat meat i. The affect of a goat's age on its meat ii. To castrate or not iii. How much meat to expect from a dairy goat iv. How to cook different cuts v. Recipes g. Making goat milk soap i. Equipment ii. Instructions iii. Recipes

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Co-op available Review mailing to solicit excerpts and feature articles to Dairy Goat Journal and United Caprine News, Mother Earth News,Grit, Hobby Farm, Urban Farm and Countryside Promotion through the authors own website and goat social network, Email campaign to organizations including American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society, Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association and the American Livestock Breed Conservancy Social media campaign on New Society's Facebook, Twitter and blog Promotion to blogs such as Chickens in the Road, Goats in the Garden and This Goat's Life. This book encourages natural practices, including having the does raise their own kids rather than following the factory-farm model of taking kids away from their dam to be raised on a bottle.

About the Author

Deborah Niemann is a homesteader, writer and self-sufficiency expert who presents extensively on skills for living a more self-reliant life. She has raised livestock for over 10 years and is the administrator of a popular online forum and social network focused on Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. She is the author of Homegrown and Handmade: A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living, and Ecothrifty: Cheaper, Greener Choices for a Happier, Healthier Life. Deborah and her family produce all of their own meat, eggs and dairy products, while an organic garden and orchard provide fruit and vegetables.


With endearing personal stories and layman's scientific explanations, Raising Goats Naturally lays an enjoyable and empowering foundation for goat-rearing success on the self-reliant farmstead. Deborah Niemann exemplifies the best spirit and action in homestead animal care. What a great contribution to self-reliance. -- Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm Deborah Niemann's book is an inspiring and useful guide for anyone thinking about raising goats. Her research is exhaustive and her personal stories give real depth and dimension to the experience, preparing the prospective goat owner not only for the technical challenges, but also for the rich emotional experience of sharing your life with a herd. ---Bryan Welch, Publisher & Editorial Director, Mother Earth News, GRIT Magazine, Mother Earth Living, and author, Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want Deborah Neimann has done it again! She has created another practical and educational book for beginners interested in trying something new. Raising Goats Naturally is an excellent starting point and guide for anyone about to dive into the world of goats. The book does a marvelous job in covering practical approaches to husbandry and how to avoid the pitfalls that novices often encounter. ---Jeannette Beranger, Research & Technical Programs Manager, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy In Raising Goats Naturally, Deborah Neimann cuts through the formulaic and often inflexible so-called "expert advice" and encourages us to get to know our animals and listen to what they tell us. Drawing on vast experience, Neimann offers an upbeat, authentic glimpse of what life with dairy goats is really like. This book is important because it brings animal husbandry back to the fore and delivers the goods in a highly integrated manner that's every bit as enjoyable to read as it is important for goatherds of all experience levels. ---Oscar H. "Hank" Will III, Editor-in-Chief, GRIT Magazine and author of Plowing with Pigs This lovely book offers a glimpse into an exceptionally thoughtful barnyard. As someone who has benefited from Deborah's goat wisdom for years, I'm delighted that she's compiled it into such a comprehensive guide. -- Margaret Hathaway, author of Living with Goats Anastacia Zittel , Anastacia Knits blog The book begins on explaining how to buy a goat, what to look for, what things to consider, the different breeds of goats. Niemann explains why raising a goat for a dairy animal is easier, simpler, and smarter than buying a dairy cow. There is a small section about fiber producing animals, but the bulk of the book is on the milk and meat products. Every aspect of care is discussed, from parasites, to housing / shelter, bedding, fencing, food, companionship (goats like to be with other goats, not just other animals), protecting from other animals, and so on. There's lots of photos to help you on your journey of goat ownership.

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