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This bestselling text has been significantly updated and uses a stimulating collection of previously unpublished sources and images. Written for the revised Stage 6 Modern History syllabus, it includes in-depth analysis of events and historical debates during the Weimar Republic, as well as the rise of the Nazi party, Nazism in power and Nazi foreign policy. Now available as an interactive NelsonNetBook, either as a supplement to the printed text or for standalone purchase.
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Table of Contents

SECTION 1 THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC 1919-1929 ONE WEIMAR GERMANY: THE EARLY YEARS 1918-1919 1.1 The defeat of Germany in World War I 1.2 The November Revolution of 1918-1919 1.3 The creation of the democratic Weimar Republic 1.4 Germany and the Treaty of Versailles TWO THE YEARS OF CHALLENGE 1920-1923 2.1 The threat from the right 2.2 Militarism: the army and the Weirmar Republic 2.3 1923- a difficult year THREE THE YEARS OF STABILITY 1924-1929 3.1 Economic and political stability, 1924-29 3.2 German Foreign Policy in the 1920s 3.3 Social and cultural life in the Weimar Republic to 1929 Higher School Certificate style questions SECTION 2 GERMANY 1929-1933:THE RISE OF THE NAZI PARTY AND THE FAILURE OF GERMAN DEMOCRACY FOUR ADOLF HITLER AND THE NAZIE PARTY 4.1 Adolf Hitler-his early life 4.2 The beginning of the Nazi Party 4.3 The Munich Beerhall Putsch, 1923 4.4 Rebuilding the Party, 1923-1929 FIVE THE FAILURE OF DEMOCRACY:THE NAZIS COME TO POWER 5.1 The Weimar Republic and the Great Depression 5.2 Hitler's path to power 1929-33 5.3 The failure of the democratic system 5.4 The failure of the Weimar Republic- Historical debate 5.5 Why did the Nazis SIX ESTABLISHING THE TOTALITARIAN STATE: GERMANY 1933-34 6.1 The concept of totalitarianism 6.2 The path to dictatorship 6.3 Creating the totalitarian state 6.4 Restless Storm-troopers: the Night of the Long Knives 6.5 Nazism as totalitarianism Higher School Certificate style questions SECTION 3 NAZISM IN POWER SEVEN LIFE IN NAZI GERMANY 7.1 Hitler's role in the Nazi state 7.2 Social life in the Third Reich 7.3 Cultural life in Nazi Germany 7.4 Economic life in Nazi Germany EIGHT PERSUASION AND PRESSURE 8.1 The role of propaganda in the Third Reich 8.2 Terror and repression 8.3 The army and the Nazi state 8.4 Opposition to Hitler NINE NAZI RACIAL POLICY:ANTI-SEMITISM, POLICY AND PRACTICE 9.1 Anti-Semitism 9.2 The pre-war treatment of the Jews 9.3 The Holocaust 9.4 The historiography SECTION 4 PERSONALITIES TEN LENI RIEFENSTAHL: 'THE MOST FAMOUS FEMALE FILM DIRECTOR IN THE WORLD' 10.1 Introduction 10.2 Background: Leni's early life and career 10.3 Rise to prominence: Leni at her artistic peak 10.4 The German film industry under the Nazis 10.5 The long twilight of Leni's career, 1945-2003 10.6 Judgment: Riefenstahl's technical ability 10.7 Judgement: Were Riefenstahl's major works Nazi propaganda? 10.8 Judgment: Was Riefenstahl a Nazi supporter? 10.9 Judgment: 'Hitler's favourite' 10.10 Judgment: Was Riefenstahl a feminist pioneer? 10.11 Judgement: Riefenstahl's use of prisoners 10.12 Conclusion: Has history been fair to Riefenstahl? Higher School Certificate style questions ELEVEN ALBERT SPEER:HITLER'S ARCHITECT 11.1 Introduction 11.2 Background: Speer's early life, 1905-30 11.3 Speer's architectural work, 1932-42 11.4 Herr Speer, the Armaments Minister, 1942-45 11.5 Evaluation of Speer's life and career 11.6 Conclusion: How have historians judged Albert Speer since 1945? Higher School Certificate style questions SECTION 5 NAZI FOREIGN POLICY TWELVE THE PATH TO WAR 12.1 Nazi foreign policy: aims and the influence of ideology 12.2 German foreign policy: strategies in action, 193338 12.3 Appeasement in action 12.4 1939: waiting for war 12.5 The origins of World War II: historical debate Higher School Certificate style questions SECTION 6 AFTERMATH THIRTEEN WAR AND DEFEAT 13.1 War and defeat 13.2 Aftermath

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