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Socrates II

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Table of Contents

Socrates II Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers Table of Contents (final) Volume I Principles of Selection General Introduction on Socrates Introduction to volume I Part 1. The "Socratic Problem" Debra Nails, `Problems with Vlastos's Platonic Developmentalism', Ancient Philosophy 13, 1993, 273-291. Donald Morrison, `On the Alleged Historical Reliability of Plato's Apology', Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie 82, 2000, 235-265 Terry Penner, `The Historical Socrates and Plato's Early Dialogues: Some Philosophical Questions', in Julia Annas and Christopher Rowe (eds), New Perspectives on Plato, Modern and Ancient (Center for Hellenic Studies, 2002), pp. 189-212. Thomas Brickhouse and Nicholas Smith, `Apology for Socratic Studies', Polis 20, 2003, 108-127. William Prior, `Socrates Metaphysician', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 27, 2004, 1-14. David Wolfsdorf, `Interpreting Plato's Early Dialogues', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 27, 2004, 15-40. Catherine Osborne, `Socrates in the Platonic Dialogues', Philosophical Investigations 29, 2006, 1-21. Lloyd Gerson, `The Myth of Plato's Socratic Period', Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie 96, 2014, 403-430. Part 2. Socratic Irony Gregory Vlastos, `Socratic Irony', Classical Quarterly 37, 1987, 79-96. Paula Gottlieb, `The Complexity of Socratic Irony: A Note on Professor Vlastos' Account', Classical Quarterly 42, 1992, 278-279 Jill Gordon, `Against Vlastos on Complex Irony', Classical Quarterly 46, 1996, 131-137. Alexander Nehamas, `Socratic Irony: Character and Interlocutors', in The Art of Living (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1998), pp. 46-69. Iakovos Vasiliou, `Conditional Irony in the Socratic Dialogues', Classical Quarterly 49, 1999, 456-472. Melissa Lane, `The Evolution of Eironeia in Classical Greek Texts: Why Socratic Eironeia is Not Irony', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 31, 2006, 49-83. G. R. F. Ferrari, `Socratic Irony as Pretence', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 34, 2008, 1-33. Volume II: Issues Arising from the Trial of Socrates Introduction to volume II Part 3. The Trial of Socrates Josiah Ober, `Gadfly on Trial: Socrates as Citizen and Social Critic', in C. Blackwell (ed.), Demos: Classical Athenian Democracy, a publication of The Stoa: A Consortium for Electronic Publication in the Humanities [], 2003. Paul Cartledge, `The Trial of Socrates, 399 BCE', in Ancient Greek Political Thought in Practice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009) pp. 76-90 . Myles Burnyeat, `The Impiety of Socrates', Ancient Philosophy 17, 1997, 1-12. Anna L nnstr m, `Socrates' Moral Impiety and its Role at the Trial: A Reading of Euthyphro 6a', Polis 30, 2013, 30-48. 4. Socrates and Greek Religion Scott Calef, `Piety and the Unity of Virtue in Euthyphro 11e-14c', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 13, 1995, 1-26. Mark McPherran, `Piety, Justice and the Unity of Virtue', Journal of the History of Philosophy 38, 2000, 299-328. Oyvind Rabbas, `Piety as a Virtue in the Euthyphro', Ancient Philosophy 25, 2005, 291-318. Mark McPherran, `Socrates on Teleological and Moral Theology', Ancient Philosophy 14, 1994, 245-262. Part 5. Socrates and the Athenian State Mark Anderson, `Socrates as Hoplite', Ancient Philosophy 25, 2005, 273-289. Paul Woodruff, `Socrates on Political Courage', Ancient Philosophy 27, 2007, 289-302. The Crito Verity Harte, `Conflicting Values in Plato's Crito', Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie 81, 1999, 117-147. Thomas C. Brickhouse and Nicholas D. Smith, `Persuade or Obey', Harvard Review of Philosophy 19, 2013, 69-83. Micah Lott, `Because I Said So: Practical Authority in Plato's Crito', Polis: The Journal of Ancient Political Thought 32, 2015, 3-31. Part 6. Socrates and the Sophists Stephen Everson, `The Incoherence of Thrasymachus', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 16, 1998, 99-131. Devin Stauffer, `Socrates and Callicles: A Reading of Plato's Gorgias', The Review of Politics 64, 2002, 627-657. Franco Trivigno, `The Moral and Literary Character of Hippias in Plato's Hippias Major', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 50, 2016, 31-65. Volume III: Method and Epistemology Introduction to volume III Part 7. Introduction Robert Nozick, `Socratic Puzzles', Phronesis 40, 2, 1995, 143-155. Angela M. Smith, `Knowledge and Expertise in the Early Platonic Dialogues', Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie 80, 1998, 129-161) Paul Woodruff, `Socrates and the Irrational', in Nicholas D. Smith and Paul B. Woodruff (eds), Reason and Religion in Socratic Philosophy (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000), pp. 130-150. Part 8. Elenchus Don Adams, `Elenchos and Evidence', Ancient Philosophy 18, 1998, 287-308. Hugh Benson, `Problems with Socratic Method', in Gary Alan Scott (ed.), Does Socrates Have a Method? Rethinking the Elenchus in Plato's Dialogues and Beyond (University Park, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2002), pp. 101-113. Alejandro Santana, `Constructivism and the Problem of the Socratic Elenchos', Ancient Philosophy 27, 2007, 251-267. Part 9. Definition David Wolfsdorf, `Socrates' Pursuit of Definitions', Phronesis 48, 2003, 271-312. Michael N. Forster, `Socrates' Demand for Definitions', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 31, 2006, 1-47. Part 10. Induction Mark McPherran, `Socratic Epagoge and Socratic Induction', Journal of the History of Philosophy 45, 2007, 347-364. Part 11. Epistemology Iakovos Vasiliou, `Socratic Principles, Socratic Knowledge', Philosophical Inquiry: Philosophical Quarterly 21, 1999, 93-113. Michael N. Forster, `Socrates' Profession of Ignorance', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 32, 2007, 1-35. Gail Fine, `Does Socrates Claim to Know that he Knows Nothing?', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 35, 2008, 49-88. Scott J. Senn, `Ignorance or Irony in Plato's Socrates?: A Look Beyond Avowals and Disavowals of Knowledge', The Plato Journal 13, 2013, 77-108. 12. Deliberation Eugenio Benitez, `Deliberation and Moral Expertise in Plato's Crito', Apeiron 29, 1996, 21-47. Hugh Benson, `What Should Euthyphro Do?', History of Philosophy Quarterly 30, 2013, 115- 146. Volume IV: Socratic Moral Psychology Introduction to Volume IV Part 13. Reason and Emotion Terence Irwin, `The Protagoras', in Plato's Ethics', (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995), pp. 78-94. Terence Irwin, `Implications of the Gorgias', in Plato's Ethics', (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995), pp. 116-126. Daniel Devereux, `Socrates' Kantian Conception of Virtue', Journal of the History of Philosophy 33, 1995, 381-408. Terry Penner, `Socrates on the Strength of Knowledge: Protagoras 351B-357E', Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie 79, 1997, 117-149. Raphael Woolf, `Callicles and Socrates: Psychic (Dis)harmony in the Gorgias', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 18, 2000, 1-40. Heda Segvic, `No One Errs Willingly: The Meaning of Socratic Intellectualism', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 19, 2000, 1-45. Gabriela Roxana Carone, `Calculating Machines or Leaky Jars? The Moral Psychology of Plato's Gorgias', Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 26, 2004, 55-96. Rachel Singpurwalla, `Reasoning with the Irrational: Moral Psychology in the Protagoras', Ancient Philosophy 26, 2006, 243-258. Jessica Moss, `The Doctor and the Pastry Chef: Pleasure and Persuasion in Plato's Gorgias', Ancient Philosophy 17, 2007, 229-249. Thomas Brickhouse and Nicholas Smith, `Socrates on the Emotions', The Plato Journal 15, 2015, 9-28. Thomas Blackson, `Two Interpretations of Socratic Intellectualism', Ancient Philosophy 35, 2015, 23-39. Part 14. Happiness Gerasimos Santas, `Socratic Goods and Socratic Happiness', Apeiron 26, 1993, 26-52. Russell E. Jones, `Felix Socrates?', Philosophia (Athens) 43, 2013, 77-98. Nicholas D. Smith, `Socrates on the Human Condition', Ancient Philosophy 36, 1, 2016, 81-95.

About the Author

Willaim Prior is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Santa Clara University, California, USA

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