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Women and Health

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Contributors. Preface. Women, Health, and Medicine: Why Women's Health? An Overview of Women and Health, M.B. Goldman & M.C. Hatch. Gender, Race and Class: From Epidemiologic Association to Etiologic Hypotheses, C.J. Rowland Hogue. The Role of Women in Health Care and Research: Section Editor: S.G. Haynes. Role of Advocacy Groups in Research on Women's Health, B. Seaman & S.F. Wood. State-of-the-Art Methods for Women's Health Research, S.G. Haynes & M.C. Hatch. Gender Issues in Women's Health Care, C.M. Clancy. Women's Health and Managed Care, K. Davis, K.S. Collins, and C. Schoen. Lesbian Health Research, J. Bradford and J.C. White. Sexual and Reproductive Health: Reproductive Health: Section Editors: G.S. Berkowitz and J.R. Daling. Puberty and Adolescent Pregnancy, T.O. Scholl. Menstruation and Menstrual Disorders: The Epidemiology of Menstruation and Menstrual Dysfunction, S.D. Harlow. Premenstrual Syndrome, J.F. Mortola. Women's Fecundability and Factors Affecting It, D.D. Baird and B.I. Strassman. Contraception, D. Shoupe and D.R. Mishell, Jr.. Induced Abortion, H.K. Atrash and A.F. Saftlas. Maternal Morbidity, M.A. Williams and R. Mittendorf. Labor and Delivery, W.D. Fraser and M.S. Kramer. Infertility, M.B. Goldman, S.A. Missmer, and R.L. Barbieri. Assisted Reproductive Technologies, D.A. Grainger and B.L. Tjaden. Endometriosis, V.L. Holt and J. Jenkins. Uterine Leiomyomata, S.M. Schwartz and L.M. Marshall. Hysterectomy, K. Dickerson and G.S. LaMaire. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Section Editor: N.S. Padian. Chlamydia, G. Burstein and A.M. Rompalo. Gonococcal Infection in Women, N.A. Hynes and A.M. Rompalo. Syphilis in Women, J.M. Marrazzo and C.L. Celum. Genital Herpes, A. Wald and J.M. Brown. Human Papilloma Virus Infection in Women, N. Jay and A.-B. Moscicki. Human Immunodeficiency Virus and AIDS in Women, M.L. Kamb and P.M. Wortley. Vaginal Infections, J.R. Schwebke. Urinary Tract Infection, B. Foxman. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, R. Ness and D. Brooks-Nelson. The Interrelationship of Reproductive Health and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, W. Cates, Jr., and N.S. Padian. International Women's Health: Section Editor: Z. Stein. Maternal Mortality and Morbidity , D. Maine and T. McGinn. Female Circumcision/Female Genital Mutilation, S. Izett and N. Toubia. Women and HIV/AIDS: A Global Perspective: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Challenges, Q.A. Karim and Z.A. Stein. Human Rights and Women's Health, L.P. Freedman. Occupational, Environmental, and Social Determinants of Health: Women at Work: Section Editor: S.H. Zahm. Employment Patterns and Health among U.S. Working Women, J. Walstedt. Multiple Roles and Complex Exposures: Hard-To-Pin Down Risks to Working Women, K. Messing. Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace, M.-L. Lindbohm and H. Taskinen. Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders: Is There a Gender Differential, and if So, What Does It Mean? L. Punnett and R. Herbert. Occupational Cancer, S.H. Zahm, M.H. Ward, and D.T. Silverman. Indoor Air Quality, M. Hodgson and E. Storey. Women's Occupational Health: International Perspectives, J.M. Stellman and A. Lucas. Social Determinants of Health: Section Editor: G. Sorensen. Violence Against Women, B.A. Miller and W.R. Downs. Socioeconomic Inequalities in Women's Health, N.E. Moss. Women, Stress, and Health, K. Williams and D. Umberson. Cigarette Smoking: Trends, Determinants, and Health Effects, C.G. Husten and A.M. Malarcher. Nutrition, Weight and Body Image, S.H. Parker. Alcohol Use and Abuse, M. Russell, M. Testa and S. Wilsnack. Environmental Exposures: Section Editor: E.K. Silbergeld. The Environment and Women's Health: An Overview, E.K. Silbergeld. Evidence for the Role of Environment in Women's Health: Geographical and Temporal Trends in Health Indicators, R.H. Allen. Environmental Exposures and Women's Reproductive Health, J.A. Flaws, F.I. Sharara, E.K. Silbergeld, and A.N. Hirshfield. Environmental Exposures and Cancer, E.V. Moy and D.C. Christiani. Chronic Disease: Autoimmune Disorders Section Editor: R. Ramsey-Goldman. Thyroid Diseases, P. Kopp. Rheumatoid Arthritis, C.E. Dugowson. Multiple Sclerosis, M.J. Olek and S.J. Khoury. Systemic Lupus Erthematosus, R. Ramsey-Goldman and S. Manzi. Asthma, M. Kimbell-Dunn, N. Pearce, and R. Beasley. Sjoegren's Syndrome, A.L. Parke. Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiovascular Risk in Women: Section Editor: R. Ness. Overview of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease, K.M. Newton, A.Z. LaCroix, and D.S.M. Buist. Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Disease in Women, R. Holubkov and S.E. Reis. Hormonal Milieu and Heart Disease, E. Meilahn. Emotions and Heart Disease, G. Weidner and H. Mueller. Cerebrovascular Disease in Women, R.L. Brey and S.J. Kittner. Venous Thromboembolism, L. Rosenberg. Diabetes in Women, P.A. Lotufo, M. Sabolsi, and J.E. Manson. Obesity, K.M. Flegal. Coronary Heart Disease, Lipid Metabolism, and Steroid Hormones in Women, R.W. Evans. Cancer: Section Editor: L.A. Brinton. Cancers in Women, S.S. Devesa. Breast Cancer Epidemiology,Treatment, and Prevention, G. Ursin, D.V. Spicer, and L. Bernstein. Inherited Genetic Susceptibility and Breast Cancer, B. Newman. Breast Cancer Screening, K. Kerlikowske. Ovarian Cancer, R. Troisi and P. Hartge. Endometrial Cancer, L.S. Cook and N.S. Weiss. Cervical Cancer, F.X. Bosch and N. Munoz. Cervical Cancer Screening, D. Solomon and M. Schiffman. Epidemiology of Lung Cancer in Women, A.H. Wu. Colon and Rectal Cancer in Women, E.A. Platz and E. Giovannucci. Cancer Prevention for Women, K. Glanz and T.M. Vogt. Mental Disorders: Section Editor: E.J. Bromet. Mental Illness in Women, M.V. Seeman. Gender and Mood Disorders, R.C. Kessler. Anxiety Disorders in Women, K.R. Merikangas and R.A. Pollock. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), N. Breslau. Eating Disorders, K.A. Halmi. Addictive Disorders, S.Y. Hill. Poorly Understood Conditions: Section Editor: K.B. Schmaling. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, T. Rea and D. Buchwald. Fibromyalgia, D.J. Hawley and F. Wolfe. Epidemiology of Headache in Women: Emphasis on Migraine, S.W. Hamelsky, W.F. Stewart, and R.B. Lipton. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, N.J. Talley and N. Koloski. Interstitial Cystitis, C.L. Parsons, M. Kamarei, and M. Monga. Temporomandibular Disorders, L. LeResche and M. Drangsholt. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, C.M. Baldwin, I.R. Bell, M. Fernadez, and G.E.R. Schwartz. Geriatric Health: Aging: Section Editor: J.M. Guralnik. Morbidity, Disability, and Mortality, S.G. Leveille and J.M. Guralnik. Menopause: Its Epidemiology, M.R. Sowers. The Risks and Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy - Weighing the Evidence, P.A. Wingo and A. McTiernan. Osteoporosis, J.A. Cauley and M.E. Danielson. Osteoarthritis and Other Musculoskeletal Diseases, M.C. Hochberg, J.C. Scott and M. Lethbridge-Cejku. Urinary Incontinence, N.H. Fultz and A.R. Herzog. Sensory Impairment, G.S. Rubin and K.J. Cruickshanks. Alzheimer's Disease, R. Mayeux and S. Gandy. Successful Aging, J.B. Unger and T.E. Seeman. Epilogue: J.L. Kelsey. Epidemiology Glossary. Index.

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Key Features * Comprehensive, in-depth review of all aspects of women's health * Highlights key women's health issues including osteoporosis, domestic violence, breast cancer, menopause, infertility, heart disease, and many others * Addresses international women's health issues from a human rights and cultural perspective * Presents the latest research and clinical findings from leaders in their respective fields * Highlights controversies in treatment modalities * Challenges the medical community to address the impact of gender on health * Expands our thinking about the perceptions of disease and disorders in women * Challenges current status quo in health care delivery


"The chapters are uniformly well researched and written, with extensive bibliographies and relevant Web sites. ...The book could serve well as the key text for a graduate or medical school course on women's health. It is also an excellent guide for planning and developing women's health curricula for medical students and residents in internal medicine, family medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology." -Anne W. Moulton, MD, Rhode Island Hospital, ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE (March 2001) "This book is an unparalleled and valuable compendium of data for anyone interested in women's health. The editors have done a superb job... the book is one of the most useful I have yet seen in the emerging field of women's health." -Marianne J. Legato, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (August 2000) "Every so often a book is published which simply must be on your bookshelf. The new edition of Women and Health is just such a book. is refreshing to see such an excellent integration of medicine, social science and basic research. ...a monumental achievement and is testimony to how far we have come in both our understanding and our sensitivities. It is wonderful to have so much information presented so authoritatively and to have the controversies and perspectives that are inherent to the field covered so eloquently. Certainly, this is a highly recommended text." -Jeanne Mager Stellman, Columbia University, in WOMEN & HEALTH (2000) "This first of its kind, easy-to-read, comprehensive text is an excellent contribution to the field of women's health and the epidemiologic literature." -DOODY'S PUBLISHING (2000) "Editors Goldman and Hatch offer an extremely well referenced, clearly organized, comprehensive, and manageable large handbook with research reviews that will also stimulate new ideas...A must purchase for all academic libraries." -- CHOICE (2000)

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