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"As a School Librarian it is difficult to replace lost books (which continue to be popular), to provide books at the drop of a hat from staff who have been on courses and come back with "bright ideas", and to be able to give them feedback in a few hours is brilliant...We get the compliments about our service (which is really yours), but also the staff and students keep coming back - which continues to make us the information centre of the school. Furthermore to be able to to buy on line with the provision of an invoice is fantastic - the Accounts Dept love it, and there is no worry about the "school" credit card (if we had one !!)

Thank you for giving us a new option for purchasing school resources - you may well be the kiwi challenge to Amazon."

Rosalba Finerty, Marsden School

Enjoy the convenience of doing all your book purchasing from a supplier with a database that offers a selection of over one million books from publishers and distributors around the world. With Fishpond you will enjoy better prices allowing you to stretch your budget further, while discovering the convenience of buying at the click of a mouse!

Key features of Fishpond.com.au include:

  • A choice of over 1 million books in print including encyclopeadias, class sets and quick reads, many of which are not available through your existing suppliers.
  • A searchable database of over 1 million books in print
  • Streamlined purchasing from a single supplier
  • Fast delivery, usually within one week.
  • No minimum quantity requirements
  • Up to 40% discount off our list prices on books
  • Competitive quotes on bulk orders and class sets
  • Easy control through our intuitive account management interface
  • Clearly visible stock levels written on each product page
  • Access to our "Search Used" option for very good condition out of print books

Discount policy

Up to 40% discount applies to most book purchases made on behalf of your school or library by nominated personnel and does not cover purchase of computer accessories, clothing, software, CDs or DVDs.

Purchase order policy

Payment by purchase order is open only to purchases made by schools or libraries or their authorised purchasers. Subject to verification, you can buy books on credit, up to your prearranged limit with us. We also accept credit card, cheque and bank transfer.

Returns policy

Should a situation arise whereby you decide that the books received do not meet your expectations, you have 14 days in which to return the books for a full credit.

Getting Started

Simply sign up for your school account. In 24 to 48 hours, we will send you a confirmation email.

For further details please contact us.

School accounts enjoy the flexibility of paying by purchase order. Sign-up today!