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What is the 'Ship to New Zealand' option?

When listing a sell yours item for the first time, you are given the option to 'Ship to New Zealand'. If you choose to ship to New Zealand, all of your listings will be available for sale on Fishpond's New Zealand site, Fishpond.co.nz as well as Fishpond.com.au.

The Fishpond.co.nz sale price will be automatically calculated based on your Fishpond.com.au sale price. This selling price will be increased by $12 to cover the cost of shipping to New Zealand.

(Fishpond.com.au Selling Price + NZ Shipping & Handling Reimbursement $12)*NZD Exchange Rate = Fishpond.co.nz Sale Price (NZD)

For example, if you list a product for $10 AUD on Fishpond.com.au, and the exchange rate at the time is 1.29, the sale price displayed on Fishpond.co.nz will be ($10 + $12)*1.29 = NZD$28.38.

If the item sells to a customer on Fishpond.co.nz, your payment will be the Fishpond.co.nz sale price less 10% commission.

(Fishpond.co.nz Sale Price in AUD less 10%) = Your Payment (AUD)

For example, if the item sells on Fishpond.co.nz for NZD$28.38 or $22.00 AUD, your payment in AUD will be $22 * 0.9 = $19.80

You can choose to turn off this option at anytime by editing your Seller Information.

Note: Please ensure you are aware of current Australia Post shipping rates before setting your pricing. If the handling fees are not sufficient to cover the actual cost of postage, adjust the selling price of your item to make up the difference.

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