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What is your Better than StrawberryNETTM guarantee?

We guarantee that Fishpond.com.au is Better than StrawberryNETTM. If the cost of any single item that ships to Australia, plus standard shipping, is more expensive on Fishpond.com.au than StrawberryNETTM, we will credit your Fishpond account with the difference plus 10%.

Note: this guarantee is valid only for items that are destined for Australian addresses, and does not apply to daily specials. It is limited to one price match per identical item, per customer and for personal use only.

How to submit your claim:

1. Place your order at Fishpond.com.au.
2. Provide links to identical products from StrawberryNET and Fishpond.com.au. Note that the barcode and size of the products must match exactly.
3. Email us the links and also your Fishpond.com.au order number within two working days of placing your order (as prices can change).

The difference plus 10% will be automatically credited to your Fishpond account once your order has shipped. This offer is not for a refund to your credit card or bank account.

Note that this guarantee applies only to items that are fulfilled by StrawberryNetTMand that are available for sale on Fishpond.com.au (excluding Sell Yours)

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