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Are there any items I can’t sell with Valet?

In general, Fishpond WorldFront does not accept: Bulky items heavier than 20kg or larger than 45x61x39cm, items in poor condition (damaged, torn, stained, broken, smelly, not working, missing accessories), books with missing pages or front covers, and empty DVD, CD, and record cases, items that require a license or code (subscriptions, some computer games & software), Items prohibited or restricted for sale on eBay, Items that are not accepted under carrier terms and conditions (including items that contain batteries), Items without barcodes, Clothes, shoes, and blankets, out-of-date magazines, guides and maps, VHS videos and cassettes, Second-hand electronics, and handmade carvings.

These items will be returned at your expense or donated to charity with your permission.

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