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Tell me all about eBay Valet

Valet is a simple new way to sell on eBay.

eBay.com.au have partnered with Fishpond WorldFront, to sell your items for you on eBay.

Fishpond WorldFront will receive your items, assess them to determine their listing price, write your listing description, take quality photos of the item, respond to any questions from potential buyers and arrange for delivery of the items to buyers once they are sold.

Fishpond WorldFront’s terms and conditions will apply to your use of the Valet service.

Who can take part in the program?
Valet is currently open to people in Australia.

How do I get started?
Start by opening an account with Fishpond WorldFront.

Pack your items into a box, then book a courier pick-up through Fishpond WorldFront. Fishpond WorldFront will do the rest.

How do I send in my items by courier?
Request a pick up day through Fishpond WorldFront.

A courier will come to your home or work (you, a receptionist, concierge person or friend will need to be there). Couriers can pick up between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday - Friday.

A maximum of one box per person can be collected, we will only list one box of items at a time. Once all stock has sold, you can then arrange another collection. Make sure your items fit tightly into the boxes to reduce the possibility of damage.

Remember to include a piece of paper in each box with your name, email and mailing address.

How much does it cost to send my items?
It costs $24.95 for a courier to pick up a box (up to 20kg)

Postage costs are taken out of your first sales, so there is no upfront cost to you.

Is there a fee for using the Valet service?
There is no upfront cost of using the Valet service.

The Valet will deduct shipping costs and take a commission on items once they have sold.

Check How will I be paid for details.

What items can I sell?
You can use Valet to sell products with a barcode.

Popular items to sell include books, DVDs, CDs, and collectible toys. Some older books don’t have barcodes, so please check carefully before sending them Fishpond WorldFront. The barcode will generally be on the back cover or inside the front cover of the book.

Are there any items I can’t sell with Valet?
In general, Fishpond WorldFront does not accept: Bulky items heavier than 20kg or larger than 45x61x39cm, items in poor condition (damaged, torn, stained, broken, smelly, not working, missing accessories), books with missing pages or front covers, and empty DVD, CD, and record cases, items that require a license or code (subscriptions, some computer games & software), Items prohibited or restricted for sale on eBay, Items that are not accepted under carrier terms and conditions (including items that contain batteries), Items without barcodes, Clothes, shoes, and blankets, out-of-date magazines, guides and maps, VHS videos and cassettes, Second-hand electronics, and handmade carvings.

These items will be returned at your expense or donated to charity with your permission.

What happens if I send an item that cannot be listed?
If there are items within your box that aren’t accepted, Fishpond WorldFront will send you an email to let you know the goods have been rejected.

You can choose to either have Fishpond WorldFront donate those items to charity or have them sent back to you at your expense.

How does the Valet partner price products?
Fishpond WorldFront is a selling expert on eBay and will look at similar listed items, similar items recently sold on eBay, the current market price for new items and the condition your items are in, and then draw on their expertise in selling to price items appropriately.

How do I get my money?
You will receive an email notification when an item is sold. Fishpond WorldFront will send payment to your PayPal account or dedicated bank account.

You can see your sales and payment history on your Valet sales report.

How long does it Take?
Expert sellers at Fishpond WorldFront aim to have your items listed within five business days of receiving them.

Once they’re listed, you can log into your Fishpond WorldFront account and see them on your current listings page.

What happens if my items don't sell?
Fishpond WorldFront will re-evaluate and amend the asking price if needed until it is sold or until they may deem the item unsellable.

If Fishpond WorldFront deems the item as unsellable, they will notify you and you can choose to either donate the item to charity or get the item returned to you at your expense.

Can I request to get my items returned at any time?
Yes, you can get your items returned to you at any time before they are sold at your expense.

Who is selling my items?
eBay has partnered with Fishpond WorldFront who provide the Valet service to eBay users.

What condition should my item be in?
Your items must be in good condition, must be in working order and contain any and all accessories that are necessary to use the item.

Will the items be insured in the course of collection?
Yes, the items are insured as per the courier’s shipping insurance.

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