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Help Desk - Refunds and Returns


Can I return an item I purchased on Fishpond.com.au?

Most items can be returned within 30 days of the item being delivered, provided it is in new, resalable condition. Items can be returned after the 30 day period in compliance with the relevant consumer legislation if the item is faulty or damaged.

We are unable to accept Perfumes, cosmetics CDs, DVDs, games or software as returns, unless the goods are faulty or factory sealed and unopened.

The coverage and duration of a Manufacturer's warranty may vary but usually it offers free repair or replacement for faults that develop with your product within a certain period of time. You may wish to contact the manufacturer direct or we are happy to assist with resolving this for you. For assistance contact us detailing your fault and we will get right onto it.

You can choose to have your refund paid out by credit card refund, bank transfer or Fishpond credit for your next purchase.

To return an item please use our online returns form.

Cancellation fees

If you cancel an item from your order, then we will provide a refund less shipping charges and a restocking fee of $5 minimum or 17% of the value paid for the product.

Returning Sell Yours items

For Sell Yours items listed by private sellers, please contact the seller directly should you be unhappy with your purchase. If you are then not satisfied with the seller's response please contact us with your order number and reason for this return and our Regulatory & Compliance team will investigate. Note that for all Sell Yours items, you are entitled to return it to the Seller for a full refund in accordance with the relevant consumer legislation if the item is faulty or damaged.

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