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Learn about Sell Yours

The Sell Yours programme gives you the opportunity to list products that you own for sale on Selling your items is easy and listing is free.

There are two steps to listing your products for sale:

1. Search for the ISBN or barcode to find the product detail page. Note: The ISBN/UPC on the product page must match the item you wish to sell. If you are unable to locate the item, you can add a product to our catalogue.

2. Click the blue 'Sell Yours' button and enter details about the price, condition and your bank account number for payment.

Fishpond will calculate the GST required to ensure your prices are displayed GST inclusive. You should ensure your prices and delivery costs entered exclude GST.

We will collect payment from the buyer and take a commission of 10%. Once the product has been sold and paid for, you will be sent an email with the buyer's address for you to ship to.

We collect $5.00 ($12 if shipping to New Zealand) for handling on your behalf. If the handling fees are not sufficient to cover the actual cost of postage, adjust the selling price of your item to make up the difference.

A deposit will be made into your account 10 - 14 business days after the last shipment date. Your payment will be:

(Your Price + Shipping Cost) - 10% commission and - 10% GST = Your payment

You can update your bank account number by clicking the Edit Your Seller Information link in the 'Sell Yours Management' section of My Fishpond.

Note: This will update the bank account number on all of your existing listings.

All items must be sent within 2 working days of receiving the sold notification email. Only mark orders as sent when the package has actually gone for delivery to the customer and not before.

It is the seller's responsibility to provide the buyer with an invoice if required.

Fishpond does not act as agent for either party for Sell Yours transactions.

Please note we only accept books written in the English language at this time. We are not able to accept eBooks or ePublications of any kind for Sell Yours listings due to restrictions surrounding verification of digital content.

We understand that sellers like to be able to determine the pricing for their own products, but we reserve the right to remove seller's listings where we believe that their pricing is significantly above market prices or being set to defraud our customers. Generally this will include pricing which is more than 10% above recommended retail price.

Including the correct information to clear customs

When shipping a low value imported good or LVIG from outside Australia to a customer in Australia, you need to include the following on your customs documentation:

The ARN of the company that is responsible for calculating, collecting and remitting the GST - In this case, Fishpond Limited. The ARN that you have to include in the documents is 3000 1355 5762.

An item level GST-paid exemption code of PAID to identify that GST has been paid.

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