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Here at fishpond we are a friendly bunch of hard working people who enjoy selling stuff online.  We have been selling great products via our Fishpond websites that extend all over the world for the last 14 years - So, you could say we know what we are doing!


Our online pool offers over 20 million products ranging from books and movies to toys, sports equipment and even kitchen gadgets.  


We source these products from around the globe and deliver them directly to you front door.  Our mission is to provide you access to products that you can’t easily find on other websites or maybe they don't deliver to you.  Oh, and did we mention at the best prices, including FREE delivery!


We are New Zealand owned company and have a team of around 110 Fishponders based in NZ, the UK and the US - every single one of us are deeply passionate about you having a great online shopping experience with us. is a Hitwise Award is a Hitwise Award Winner