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Below are some of the popular features we're most proud of. We'll keep working hard to add to this list over time.

Product Finder

We can get you (almost) any product you want for the US or the UK. Have a look at here

Fishpond Product Finder - You want it, we'll get it


Tired of getting socks and undies or handsoap and potpourri - tell your friends and family what you really want with our interactive wishlist

Tell 'em what you really want this Christmas

Fishpond Smartsell

The most hassle free way of selling stuff online - Smartsell

Fishpond Smartsell Purchasing

You can even buy second hand items if you want e.g. Toys Smartsell

The new way to sell your stuff online

Sell Yours

Sell your old stuff on Fishpond. Just search for the item and click "Sell Yours". Then choose a price and condition and you're done. We'll handle everything else and just let you know where to send it when it sells.

Express Checkout

Once you've put your first order through, the site will remember your preferred shipping address and payment method to so there are fewer forms to fill in. This makes your shopping experience even easier.

Music Track Samples

We're the only store in Australia and New Zealand to include 30 second track samples on thousands of new and old CDs. With a track sample, you can listen to the CD before deciding whether to buy it, right from the comfort of your own home!

Movie Trailers

In 2007 added movies to its existing product range of books and music. Using crowdsourcing, DVD product pages were quickly populated with trailers that make the site more appealing to shoppers and also making it easier for them to make a purchase decision.


Using sophisticated algorithms, suggests other items a customer might be interested in purchasing based on their ordering and viewing history.