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Everything you need to know
about Sell Yours.

Fishpond is an online marketplace, listing and selling new and used products from sellers all over the world. 'Sell Yours' products are those sold by sellers on Fishpond's websites. You still purchase the item through Fishpond, and we place the order on your behalf with the marketplace seller, but fulfilment and delivery is handled by seller directly.

Once you have made your order, the experience will be almost identical to ordering a product ordered from Fishpond directly. You may just receive a few more emails as we confirm the ordering and delivery stages for you.

If you do purchase a 'Sell Yours' product, you are welcome to communicate with the seller directly (you will find their contact details in the "Track My Order" section under your account).

Find out more about selling products on fishpond here.

What do Sell Yours product conditions mean?

Sell Yours LogoWhat does 'As New' mean?

Books: Looks like a new copy and may never have been read. Cover is undamaged with no marks, dents or tears. Spine has no creasing and there are no pages missing or creased, and the dust jacket is included and intact, if the book comes with a dust jacket. There will be no annotations, underlining, or highlighting in the text. It may contain a remainder mark (this will be a line from a permanent marker across the bottom edge or side of the book).

DVDs: Looks new. May never have been watched, or removed from shrink wrap. Cover should have no signs of wear and should not be broken, bent or cracked. Disc may have very slight marks that should not affect playback. Boxed sets should be in tact with no scratches or dents.

CDs: Looks new, may never have been listened to or removed from shrink wrap. Cover should have no signs of wear and should not be broken, bent or cracked. Disc should have no scratches or smudges.

Other products: Just like it sounds. A brand-new, unused, unopened item in its original packaging, with item intact.

What does 'Very Good' mean?

Books: This has been read, but is still in good condition; wear and tear should be minimal. There should be no obvious damage to the cover, and have an undamaged spine with no tears. Pages will be intact, with none missing and no mis-prints or creases, and should not be loose. Dust jacket may not be present. There will be no annotations, underlining, or highlighting in the text. Identifying marks inside will be minimal (this does not apply to author autograph). This may be covered in clear plastic seal eg Duraseal.

DVDs: Can have slight wear and tear to the case or box set eg some minor dents or scratches. May not have shrink wrap. May have some slight surface marks to disc, but these should not affect playback. No cracking to the case or breakages to the internal casing.

CDs: May not have shrink wrap. May have some slight scratches on plastic or Digipak but case will be intact and not otherwise damaged. No scratches on the disc and nothing affecting playback. May have a remainder mark on the barcode. May not have shrink wrap.

Other products: Item has been looked after well, limited use and remains in great condition.

What does 'Good' mean?

Books: This has been read, but is still clean and without stains. Some slight yellowing may be present on the pages, and this may be covered in clear plastic seal eg Duraseal. Cover should be without holes/tears, but may show signs of wear around the edges, and spine may be slightly creased. Dust jacket may not be present. Pages can include some annotations/margin notes and highlighting, but these should be minimal, and no pages should be missing. Some minor creasing, tears or mis-cut pages may be present. May be ex-libris and if so should be identified as such (ex-libris books may have library stickers attached).

DVDs: Some wear and tear on the case e.g. to the paper slip or curling to the plastic film cover. May have some exterior scratches, scuff marks/corner damage/minor dents to a box set. Can have minor surface marks on disc, however nothing affecting playback. Will not have slipcase or shrink wrap.

CDs: Nothing affecting playback. Will not have shrink wrap and may have remainder marks. Case will not be broken, however may be slightly scuffed or scratched.

Other products: The item shows wear consistent with use, remains in good condition and in working order. May be slightly marked or show signs of use.

What does 'Acceptable' mean?

Books: Obviously read or used. May have some stains and yellowing on pages; dust jacket will not be present or can have tears. Cover may be marked or damaged, spine may be creased, but should have no major tears. Should still be readable, however may contain loose pages or mis-prints (these should be minimal and identified). Can contain annotations and highlighting, however this should not obscure the text. Some very old editions or rare copies may be significantly worn at the edges but should be clearly identified as such.

DVDs: Nothing affecting playback. Case may not have shrink wrap or slipcase, and may have minor cracks and disc should still be secure in the case. Will still close securely. Digipaks may show wear and tear. Disc can have some surface marks. Box sets should hold together however may be worn or dented.

CDs: Nothing affecting playback, however surface may be marked. Case will not have shrink wrap and may not have slipcase. May have remainder marks and case may have minor cracks but should still be in tact.

Other products: Item is worn but is in working condition. Item may show visible signs of wear and contain markings of previous use.

Can I choose who I buy the product from?

Yes, you can. If the product is sold by multiple sellers - including Fishpond - there will be an option at the bottom of the product description to view all copies/versions of the product (E.g. "New or Used: 65 copies from $8.66"). Clicking on this link will take you to a full list of suppliers with the price and condition of the product they are offering. You can choose which copy/product you wish to purchase by clicking on the "Buy Now" button along side the option you wish to purchase.

Products can have different conditions, prices and delivery times depending on the seller. As the buyer, you can choose which product suits your needs. However, by default, we will allocate the lowest price if you select "Buy Now" from the product's main listing.

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Can I return a Sell Yours item?

Yes, you can. You can return it for a full refund for any reason within 30 days of the item being shipped. Items can be returned after the 30 day period in compliance with the relevant consumer legislation if the item is faulty or damaged.

Please contact the seller directly should you be unhappy with your purchase. If you are then not satisfied with the seller's response please contact us detailing your reason for return and our Regulatory & Compliance team will investigate.