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I am an author/publisher, how can I add my book to your site?

Australian Authors

To add a book to the Fishpond catalogue directly:

You can add a book to our catalogue using the Add a Product tool. Products added using this tool will appear in Fishpond's catalogue immediately.

Please note that your book will need an ISBN in order to use this tool.

To add a book to the Fishpond catalogue through Nielsen:

You will need to add your book to the Nielsen Bookdata database. Please email and include your book's ISBN. Please note that this only applies to books published in Australia.

Once it has been added to the Nielsen database, it will appear in the catalogue within 1-2 weeks.

To make your book available for purchase on Fishpond:

If your book is in our catalogue but showing as "Currently Unavailable New", it may be because none of our regular suppliers have stock on hand. For customer service, it is important for us to make sure that we are able to supply a book before it is sold to a customer.

For smaller publishers, there are a couple of ways to make the title available for purchase:

1. On the book's product page there is a button for "Sell Yours". Here you can list your own stock for sale. For more information, please visit the Sell Yours page.

2. The other option is to send us your items via Fishpond's Smartsell programme, and we will list them for you. You can read more about Smartsell here.

For larger suppliers (100+ unique titles), please contact us about listing your catalogue on Fishpond.

International Authors

For information on listing European and North American titles on, please contact us and state the country of publication of your book.

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